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    Hi I know there has been many players suffering from that. There is also vote how many people so we will know. So I did some testing today and here are results: 1. Its issue only on EU - when i switch to US i have no lags like that - i tried US east and US west same setup same map = and i got only little lags - still much smaller then in EU. 2. The detail level, any processing any setup i did , did not changed the lags - so not related to players details setup - i tried lowest, and turn off everything, i tried medium and high, post processing, different setup - no impact. 3. It seems that omega wave - does not have the big spikes there - only small , seems pretty ok for last wave. Even its not smooth as other maps. 4. It seems it changes each waves - sometimes lags are unplayable, sometimes its a little bit better. The less enemies on map - less laggy. 5. More players in group - more lags. I tried 2 players and 3 - both unplayable - solo is laggy but with 3 people is literally teleporting. 6. This issue is not related to hw of pc - i bought new pc 2 months ago - which surpass even recommended hw for DD2 and other maps are going very smoothly. 7. I tried also setup with different equipment - i removed hero with remnants tried different combinations - still the same. The result: Results are clear EU server has big lag issue even on solo games. It looks its related to server performance - as less players on server = less lags with same monsters. It does not even seems to be lane related - same lags with different lanes. What reduce the lags? If you have lags on onslaught lost temple 150+ - just switch to US and you will have less laggy game. That i tested only solo. Also i discovered that in the night when there are not many players in the session - I tested at 9:00 PM, 10PM, 11PM and 12PM the lags are much less, now at 0:17 AM its pretty ok. Also try to switch to US server play a map fast - loose, and try switch back to EU. This helped me too, not sure why maybe luck. I hope this will help you guys - Chromatic - i hope you will address this. Thanks
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    Now that you've clarified, I have agree with you now. I'd certainly would rather CG to create a new endgame experience that's completely different from Chaos, expanding lore and returning incursions to it's former glory. I personally feel that the ultimate playstyle of Chaos for DD2 has nearly been achieved with how Onslaught/mastery works now. I'd also have to agree with your point on OP's suggestion as even if we get to play C7 in the level of floor 150 etc, I'll still playing C7 with the same strategies and with more powerful enemies, I'll just be more hard-pressed to use the efficient strategy to counter them which makes no differences from regular C7. So...I think what's better and a spicier idea than an adjustable C7 would be to have C8 with ALL chaos enemies included which rewards double gold and mats! (Though If this actually gets into the game, I'd still want an endgame that's a new experience. Which then when you/I think more about it, I'd rather have the time and resource going to the new endgame experience than the aforementioned C8 haha.)
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    Not saying it would be bad for the game, just saying its a bit reduntant as you can get the same loot anyway. I am all for new content, but I think CG could do other things to spice up the game instead and be more rewarded for the time spendt. For instance to make incusrsions farmable at any difficulty and also have actual rewards.
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    Building on the story line of adventures, making incursions worthwhile, adding more map specific loot, and extending mastery challenges, would beef out the game without looking to further power creeps.
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    One good reqson - current way that DD games are made, you get the strongest towers and heroes by dedicating one hero to only that 1. So you may have however many defs are in the game as 1 hero each, plus DPS builds, plus any copies of defs you have setup a different way. Now that is not a vote for unlimited per se, but a vote for enough to cover the above. Now this is all because of how the game is setup. Better tower build systems can alleviate this issue as DD2 attempted to, but they have yet to strike gold on it. Thus we end up with huge hero counts, and we get mad because we can't reorg the hero order, which gets unmanageable after a while.
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    i hope you could switch heroes during waves
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    I think you guys misunderstand me. Im of course not talking about some limitation to how many heroes you can create, but how many are available for you to quick swap to during waves (F1-F4). I would like to be able to quick swap to more heroes than just 4 during building and waves.
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    iam a little bit mor simplistic i just want that all is not so confusing *ehm* DD2 *ehm* and i dont want microtransitions
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    Love these threads. Keep it up! So what I'm really hearing... is only Dark Assassin and Sharken waves... yesss. Got it.
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    During waves? I would hope you can't switch at ALL mid wave. During the build phase you should be able to switch as much as you want.
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    I liked all of Dryads defs a whole lot more before all of their targeting algorithms were changed. I'd love to see those reverted or further revamped. I don't need them as a meta, but s strong viable def at least. I never use Dryad anymore because of this 😥
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    I am fine with Unlimited hero slots or a large limited number but as long as we don't have the Hero Deck from DD2 - I disliked the ability to be any hero at any time. I don't know how many heroes they intend to add to DD:A however hopefully they keep the number of slots in balanced with the amount of heroes.
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