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    She won't be part of the base game, but she's definitely someone we want to add down the road! :D
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    The Dryad came from the Terraria portal so....she'd still be in the realm of Terraria during the time of DD1. And based on her NPC quotes in Terraria, she's 500 years old which means she'll probably looked the same back then. On the other hand, it's be interesting to see her going through another portal again :)
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    I'm sorry to hear you're not doing well. I'm thankful you recognize caring for yourself is a top priority and you are already making the changes necessary to get to where you need to be. Always here if you need to chat or vent. Life will throw a curve ball sometimes, stay strong and you'll see it straighten out. Posting my wants in the same post feels wrong somehow. Going to miss you man. Make sure to save some extra stuff when DD calls again whenever that may be in your life. 1. Arm Guard of Lightning - I would not be a collector if I passed up the opportunity to own these. 2. Ult++ Chain Builder Chest - just sold this to you for the highest I'v ever seen ++ go since I came back to this game. Our conversations about the piece date back.. for weeks coinciding with your interest. I hope to return this to you someday. 3. Greater Magicite of Wind - Greenzod, say no more. https://steamcommunity.com/id/Garzhod/ We'll defend your dungeon in your absence, /o
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    Hi. You are correct you can move from totem to medallion. I presume shocking revelations is already on the relic? Problem is the recent patch stops you from putting shocking revelations and another elemental, such as water, together on the same relic. The patch notes were sneaky in the description. If you already have the two together you can keep them, for the time being.
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    ok je suis pas le seul à avoir eu ce problème lol, moi je trouve ça correct de se faire rembourser les 30euros et de ne pas avoir un t-shirt tout pourrie et une affiche moche :) par contre ne pas répondre aux gens pendant 2 semaines c'est super moche mais bon. aller courage les gars bisous
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    I think 2 minutes is reasonable (I'd argue 90 seconds max); it is beyond the time any mob should have died or made it past defences to a core. Also I concur with removing high rollers; they're a grievance not a challenge. Headstrong assassins are the reason barb is so common - I've taken to just RE rolling any headstrong flier even at my piddly floor.
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    maybe a different hero can come through the portal from terarria, that shouldnt ruin the cannon. Also wonder what other heroes will sneak in who shouldnt belong in the timeline since they did say "things are not as the heroes remember".
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    First is good that you are taking time to what is most important yourself, remember buddy you never alone in this type of situations. family and friends are always a good medicine and relieve to any situation. will miss you and DD community will always be here for you to have fun once more. ID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Alvarado31/ 1. Greater Magicite of Wind 2.The Calvary 3,Death Wish Good bye and best of luck cowboy.
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    Where'd you hear this from? Not to be a ball buster but afaik, this is the DD2 we are going to get. Unless Chromatic put out a recent statement stating they plan to release more content to this game, this is the DD2 we are going to keep. Hope you're content with the current state & upheld promises.
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    The only thing the current alt heroes contribute to is DPS setups. Between the 2 we got, only one out of the 8 defenses is new, and that 1 tower is a complete bust. They add nothing to tower building, which is the heart of this game. Their skills also lack much originality. The DPS only heroes also outshine them by far in damage, so really they are there to break up the monotony of DPS builds or are appeasing a specific play style for someone. To me, it's a wasted effort that could have been just as easily captured with a flair set instead. Reduced effort (as comparred to net new towers) could have easily given us some variation, especially with elements, like a poison aura instead of flame, or lightning tower in place of flame or one that shoots fireballs instead of a flame. No new towers to dream up if you at least give variations to the current defs you cannot get anywhere else. How about an Initiate aura with no elements, so you can mod it? That would be fun. Instead of a boost aura, how about a reduced enemy damage aura? I live for towers in the game. I regularly use Lavamancer and Mystics (more than 1). The more options, the better IMO. That's why the alt heroes were so disappointing to me. With 2 non-dps specific heroes, our builds increased zero (sans that sad AA tower we do not speak of). So if Countess and Ranger have the same skills and defs - I'd rather not have them and waste any dev time on that task. DD2 is long overdue for a new tower set.
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    What I'm most hopeful for: Accessing the forge from anywhere - Every map that requires diverse tower construction forces you to sprint around the whole map at least four times. e.g Temple of Water, I'd have to begin as EV and place buff beams and grab chests along the way, make it back to the forge and repeat the process with Adept, Initiate, Huntress, and Demoness. Having access to the forge from the esc menu (or character hotkey) will make this process less tedious and slightly faster, as well as accessing items and such for those who want to equip a pet with better stats that don't offer a movement speed increase. Looting system from DD1, but with a minor change - Grinding in DD1 is fun, but obtaining an Ult/+/++ piece that is missing a core stat stings real bad. I believe that Hero damage, Tower damage, and resistances should be core stats that can not be unrolled or lost because it rolled a 0. Lightning Tower and Deadly Striker Tower properly nerfed - DDE nerfed these two towers and the nerf was way too harsh. Lightning Towers can only affect a few enemies for a few seconds with awful range, and Deadly Striker Towers can not damage the boss. The right way to nerf these towers is by simply decreasing the damage effectiveness on the Lightning Towers overtime scaled on duration, decreasing the firing rate on Deadly Striker Towers with the addition of setting target priority, or increasing defense unit cost from 9 to 10. Event items that are not overpowered - If you plan on doing event items, don't do it the way the CDT did in DD1. Although the events were fun, the item rewards are incredibly powerful. Too powerful. Make event item's a souvenir for participating that isn't more powerful than Supreme or Ultimate grade. As long as you can grind a better version or variant of the event item, there will be no problems. No splitscreen advantage for grinding loot - If you didn't grind with splitscreen enabled you are effectively limiting yourself from receiving more map rewards. This is an issue because you have to choose between grinding gear four-times faster, or playing with friends. A solution to this is by rewards the account used to play the game four-times the loot than normal, instead of rewarding 1 x each hero on the map. So, if you were to play with friends on a four player map, everyone will receive four items instead of one, and if you played with split screen you will still only get four items because it's not based on how many heroes are in the map, and it will be fair for everyone playing with you locally. This can be done because it's been done in DD1 with the Crystalline Dimension. No matter how many characters you bring, your account will only be rewarded with one Crystalline weapon. Endless option for Survival mode, or just Endless mode - More often than usual, I don't play survival mode to complete it, I play it to grind map drops. Sometimes, having the option to play longer is far more better and less tedious than having to reach the wave limit and rebuild. If you can go beyond the wave limit, loot should not get any better. Loot should be capped at the original wave limit, but mobs should continue to increasingly become more powerful so it warrants a place on the leaderboards for furthest wave reached. EXP - Grinding EXP in DD1 was a pain, and it's worse in DDE. DD2 did it right with the deck system, but only having four heroes at a time will suck for DD:A. I think EXP should be shared with every hero you have made thus far. Bye.
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    I just want the good old Dungeon Defenders.. I want it to feel like I'm back when I was 14 yo and having fun farming Morrago for this awesome stats on my sword.. Don't put all of those ascension and mods, maybe a prestige or evolution systeme?
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    Hello everyone, I'm not well IRL (i have some health problems, struggled with depression for years and it's getting worse). So, i decided to stop play DD because my real life problems really need more of my attention. That's why i'm making this giveaway. To participate, just post ANY screenshot of DD (for example, your char) and say goodbye to me, along with your top three items from the list below and your steam profile. I will choose the winners on may 24th at 9:00pm est (one prize per person, maybe two or more for some ppl) and raffle the remaining items. Sorry for any problems i caused in the past. List of items: Events (all traced): Greater Magicite of Wind Greater Magicite of Wind Mask of the Legends New Patch Celebration Mask of the Legends Celebracers Maelstrom Gaia's Last Gift Marid Waterfall Arm Guard of Lightning Ball Blaster Cinnamon + Ginger The Cavalry Ocean Death Wish Ploutonion The RainMaker Salem Black Magick Regular items: https://imgur.com/a/EXcscfM ult++ ab1 mail helmet ult++ builder mail boots ult++ builder mail chest ult++ builder mail gloves ult++ dps chain helmet ult++ dps plate boots ult++ ember crescent ult++ builder chain chest ult++ builder chain helmet ult++ builder leather gloves ult++ builder leather helmet ult++ builder plate chest ult++ upper pristine boots WINNERS: Garzhod won Arm Guard of Lightning and Greater Magicite of Wind Ace p. won Death Wish FriendlyTrees won The Cavalry Dangermoose125 won Gaia's Last Gift and Waterfall Goftthemaster won Ult++ builder plate chest Snez won Celebracers Mx won Ball Blaster and Marid Escev won Ult++ builder chain chest Lightning won Ult++ builder leather gloves John won Ult++ builder mail boots Chris won The RainMaker, Mask of the Legends and Ploutonion Billy won New Patch Celebration Surebuddy won Ult++ dps chain helmet Acepoe won Ult++ ember crescent Ubermench won Ult++ builder chain helmet, Ult++ upper pristine boots and Ult++ ab1 mail helmet Nasteboy won Ocean PhoenixExcalibur2 won Mask of the Legends Bryndomonium won Ult++ dps plate boots Bonny won Greater Magicite of Wind Poropro won Ult++ builder mail gloves and Ult++ builder mail chest Randomguy won Cinnamon + Ginger Sam won Salem Mysterious won Maelstrom Jaymuz won Black Magick Sybreed won Ult++ builder leather helmet
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    https://discord.gg/dd2 :)
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