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    I realise with the current development of DDA getting the countess and ranger may not happen for DD2. We were told many times they were looking to complete the gender swap heroes when we asked about new heroes for DD2, but nothing happened. The implemented change after change with no sign of either the Countess or the Ranger, did they really have no time to create them? Is there any chance at all that these 2 heroes which were promised to us being brought in or have the devs completely abandoned them? I am not looking for completely new heroes, but we were told we would get the gender swaps of the main 4 heroes around 2 years ago and I would like them to uphold their promise.
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    Defenders, We’ve been receiving and pouring over the feedback about the additional shipping fee that our international backers are having to cover in order to receive physical goods at various tiers. Last week we outlined what the options available were, which we put up as soon as possible while we investigated everything going on. The options provided are still the options we have, but we wanted to provide more background info as to why this happened. Our goal at Chromatic is to be as transparent as possible, and this is an opportunity for us to do so. Originally when we created our Kickstarter campaign, in our setup we were told that shipping fees are included in the information collection stage (surveys). The guidance we had received from the fulfillment company we were going to use insisted that this was the best practice, because based on the success of the Kickstarter, shipping rates could vary because of the bulk of the order, and we’d be charging customers unfairly. We ended up not going with our original fulfillment company, as the prices were incredibly steep and included a higher shipping fee added, something we learned a little too late into the process. During our Kickstarter campaign, we had to then pivot and get setup with BackerKit very quickly. We ended up working with a local company to do fulfillment and decided to soften the blow of having to pay for international shipping by eating a portion of the shipping cost. This is why US shipping is free, and international shipping is at $30. It is much higher than that, but the more we start to cover, the entire order for us starts going into the negative. This means our options would be to cancel certain orders, or provide an opportunity to still get the goods ordered. We went with the latter, and provided two options in a post we listed last week. The options provided here are still the options that we have available to us, with an additional one as well. However, we want to try and make things right to the best of our ability. So here’s what we’re going to do in addition: For any international backer that pays the shipping fee, we are also going to provide a redeem code for 3300 Gems in Dungeon Defenders II. We are going to provide a redeem code for 1100 Gems in Dungeon Defenders II for international backers who pay the shipping fee and then put in a ticket to have the shipping fee refunded, to compensate for the fact that you are not getting a t-shirt/poster (depending on your tier). Downgrade your pledge below the $40 (USD) pledge tier that does not have any physical goods. You would miss out on any higher pledge digital bonuses, but this would give BackerKit credit, allowing you to use any excess funds to be spent toward other goods (such as an additional copy for a friend or another platform to play with cross-saves). This would not require any additional shipping fees as there are not any physical goods to receive. Refund the entire pledge. For any option that requires a downgrade or refund, please contact preorder@chromatic.games . We want to make sure that our supporters are taken care of and happy, without making others feel left out. This is what we want to do to help make an unfortunate situation into a better one. We’ll offer clarity where we can, and to keep things concise, we’ll be moving any further discussions on the topic to this thread so that it’s easier for information to be disseminated. We’re currently manually working through all the support tickets that we’ve received ourselves instead of BackerKit support, as we want to make sure that every bit of support is appropriately handled, so it might take a little longer, but we believe we'll have a better outcome as a result. Moving forward, we’ll do our best to avoid things of this nature. We’re still working hard, and will have some amazing stuff to show for DD:A over the next couple of months. For Etheria! Chromatic Games
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    What I'm most hopeful for: Accessing the forge from anywhere - Every map that requires diverse tower construction forces you to sprint around the whole map at least four times. e.g Temple of Water, I'd have to begin as EV and place buff beams and grab chests along the way, make it back to the forge and repeat the process with Adept, Initiate, Huntress, and Demoness. Having access to the forge from the esc menu (or character hotkey) will make this process less tedious and slightly faster, as well as accessing items and such for those who want to equip a pet with better stats that don't offer a movement speed increase. Looting system from DD1, but with a minor change - Grinding in DD1 is fun, but obtaining an Ult/+/++ piece that is missing a core stat stings real bad. I believe that Hero damage, Tower damage, and resistances should be core stats that can not be unrolled or lost because it rolled a 0. Lightning Tower and Deadly Striker Tower properly nerfed - DDE nerfed these two towers and the nerf was way too harsh. Lightning Towers can only affect a few enemies for a few seconds with awful range, and Deadly Striker Towers can not damage the boss. The right way to nerf these towers is by simply decreasing the damage effectiveness on the Lightning Towers overtime scaled on duration, decreasing the firing rate on Deadly Striker Towers with the addition of setting target priority, or increasing defense unit cost from 9 to 10. Event items that are not overpowered - If you plan on doing event items, don't do it the way the CDT did in DD1. Although the events were fun, the item rewards are incredibly powerful. Too powerful. Make event item's a souvenir for participating that isn't more powerful than Supreme or Ultimate grade. As long as you can grind a better version or variant of the event item, there will be no problems. No splitscreen advantage for grinding loot - If you didn't grind with splitscreen enabled you are effectively limiting yourself from receiving more map rewards. This is an issue because you have to choose between grinding gear four-times faster, or playing with friends. A solution to this is by rewards the account used to play the game four-times the loot than normal, instead of rewarding 1 x each hero on the map. So, if you were to play with friends on a four player map, everyone will receive four items instead of one, and if you played with split screen you will still only get four items because it's not based on how many heroes are in the map, and it will be fair for everyone playing with you locally. This can be done because it's been done in DD1 with the Crystalline Dimension. No matter how many characters you bring, your account will only be rewarded with one Crystalline weapon. Endless option for Survival mode, or just Endless mode - More often than usual, I don't play survival mode to complete it, I play it to grind map drops. Sometimes, having the option to play longer is far more better and less tedious than having to reach the wave limit and rebuild. If you can go beyond the wave limit, loot should not get any better. Loot should be capped at the original wave limit, but mobs should continue to increasingly become more powerful so it warrants a place on the leaderboards for furthest wave reached. EXP - Grinding EXP in DD1 was a pain, and it's worse in DDE. DD2 did it right with the deck system, but only having four heroes at a time will suck for DD:A. I think EXP should be shared with every hero you have made thus far. Bye.
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    I had to go dig up my notes on Dryad changes. It used to be that 1 hornet per hive could attack the same enemy, but after shift - 3 hornets max (from save hive even) can attack 1 enemy.
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    Probably if you're primarily interested in DDA items or DD1 collection, I guess it could be under DDA? But if your primarily interested in DD2 backer cosmetics, it's most likely safe to make it in DD2 subforum! At least that's how I see it.
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    Aside from the heroes, I am really hoping for at least an actual endgame mode/difficulty to finish up DD2's lore, the return of Dragonfall Carnival and the two maps that's on artstation. (Barbarian and Western themed map.) Really? Where'd you heard that? Just curious there...
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    Definitely would love for the Gender Swaps to be completed too and and the first two to be reworked regardless of balancing or whatnot. And would really wish Man and Machine would pop up too! He's looks dope.
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    Yes please! However, if they have the same skills and more importantly - towers, than I'd rather these 2 come out as skins/flair instead. It's a waste of a hero slot if they being nothing new, or usable (looking at you Adept) to the table IMO.
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    It would be nice to have 2 extra heroes to complete the 4 main heroes. But to be honest I have no idea what's next for DD2 besides quality of life changes?
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    I tried it last night. but for some reason my FA/Fissure/Oil Geyser didn't target the torches at all.... What platforms r u on @Little Magic Hat @Zimmermann ? Oiling the torch and rely on FA/fissure, or fully rely on oil geyser+FA/fissure didn't work for me on Xbox.
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    3 hornets right now can still attack the same a single target, no?
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    Well, that is still better than being stuck with a "useless" perfect mods. But....on the other hand the value a 10/10 posed might be way higher that a reroll token considering how much they are needed to achieve a 10/10. And to some a 10/10 might be rare to them too. But again it's still better that being stuck with one that probably will never be used. :)
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    Another question. Don't you think you should post this on the Kickstarter itself, for those who are unaware what to do and are not members here? You need to be clearer and converse more when it comes to issues like this. There are people out their not filling in their surveys as they don't know what to do about the shipping. That is your primary communication point as that is where your backers start.
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    130, spearmint, poolskim, vamps on chain chest
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    ok, time to get serious again! 205cv on chain chest
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    I think High Roller lanes are unfair to the concept of DD2. A boss made to break up AFK behavior shouldn't be sent in clusters. It almost demands you to DPS support the lane, and takes away much of the 'tower def' of the game. If this is something in the game, than there should be a hard counter tower against it, which there is not. Instead you either place CBs or Ballistas backwards to shoot them, or finds ways to delay the lane so you can DPS it last. Sure it's different and breaks up the monotony, but not in a way i find enjoyable. Plus, rocket range on rollers really should be drastically reduced to only that lane, and not map-wide, along with huge nerfs to the dmg they do. It's a very unfair setup, much like HS assassin lanes.
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    130, spearmint, poolskim on chain chest
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    130 + spearmint on chain chest
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    Bees are very good single target defense. I'd build em for bosses personally. Anti-Melee; Anti-Miniboss; Def Rate Mass Destruction; Destruction; Vamp
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    Time to get serious! 100cv on chain chest 25cv on mail chest
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    glacier on chain chest
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    30cv on the chain chest
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    We're working on it now, when it's ready.
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    I honestly think the Burning mods should be based on what your Defense Power of the source is and it should count as an ignite effect.
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    Yeah but a Burning Strikes shard eliminates the need for that setup. One shot with BS on and its lit. No need to oil it manually and then have a def ignite it as well. Now if def were able to oil it without you...now that would be interesting...
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    I am willing to wager a part of the reason DD2 rewards were chosen was because they could be delivered in the present, and not down the line in Oct in a game without an easy equivalent. Still, the option to chose would be a good compromise at this point. Special flair or pet? VIP room? Idk... I play DD2 so i am a bad judge at the equivalent exchange cuz I'd love gems.
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