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    Temple is a gorgeous map but should be removed from rotation until they fix it.
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    Hello. I pledged for DDA and got a free coppy of DD1 2012 Complete pack all DLCs. My question is does anyone know when i get the key for that game ? have a friend that wanna play it with me untill DDA is realised. Sorry english is not my main lanugage....
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    So obviously the earthshatter tower’s initial damage is perfect for longshot lanes thanks to its huge range. But what about the area damage from the shatterquake mod? Does this still count as an attack from distance? Or is it now actually a proximity attack? Does anyone know for certain? cheers
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    Hello all, how we doing? Well after a short break I'm back onto DD2 for abit and that means hanging out with my fav mob. Dark Assassins (DA) DA's are something that sounds cool but also stupidly annoying IF you need to do some hero action. I.E taking out the Draken Lord. I had a few issues earlier with taking him out as I kept getting DA. DA's could work in the game but not when Draken Lord is out.
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    Gold wise: Not really, 1m - 2m gold per AP is kinda a must if you have no gild shards (if u plan to get gild shards prior to AP, u gota think abt the time part, and I don't think that's worth it personally) Time wise: Not really faster way w/o the "2x speed" option lol. Getting familiar with maps and placement of defenses can contribute a bit in efficiency. I can give you a rough time sheet for reference. AP 1 - 10: 2 hrs each AP 11-14: 3 hrs each AP 15-22: 4 hrs each AP 23-27: 4-5 hrs each AP 27+ : 5-7 hrs each Edit: One small trick I was doing during AP to save gold, was to upgrade shards 80-90% the way up instead of 100%. Last couple updates generally cost more. It's not a lot, but does add up little by little slowly.
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    Join public groups to get carried (at least partway) Use the Discord LFG channel to search for people climbing the same floors and team up Create a spreadsheet of mats/resources you will need and spend time farming / purchasing them beforehand to create a cache. GRIND BABY, GRIND!
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    don't talk to me or my son ever again
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    long time ago I already gave a random idea on how to achieve something similar: :)
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    What hours regearing? He suggested a dps reduction and removal of enemy scaling in Onslaught. That does nothing to setups except you build up a single blockade type defenses and keep going. You make it sound like he asked for specific defenses to be nerfed and not all defenses. Now I may not agree with the numbers proposed I do think one of the biggest problems with DD2 atm has been the never ending increase of damage output, I haven't even reached my full ascension yet and my FA are literally 8-10 times stronger than they were before Protean Shift not counting anti mods or controller or any other mod that super boosts output by a percentage. We went from 400-450k dps FA to what is now possible 4m dps at tier 1 before percentage based mods are considered. This is a problem called power creep and it needs to be addressed, which has only been made worse by the next problem, total control that never ending CC has given players. In my honest opinion, if players feel like their hard work is wasted when devs try to balance things out then they were the ones looking for the easy way out of any possible work or effort to beat the game. This game has never been easier to play, all it is now is a time sink. Whoever has the most time gets the furthest but it doesnt mean they are any better than the next person. Its honestly a very sad state of the game, right now its no better than Cookie Clicker, just click and you win.
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    Another option people have considered is Earthshatters with Shatterquake and Poison/Tenacity Proton Beams. It has the added benefit to slow Headstrong things. I'm just going to use Water Elemental when the wheels fall off.
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    My only disappointment was not a single gunbroom or canister. But saying that is still crazy as I have no intention of giving up the absolute zero for a long time. ;)
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    Just going to add, while I'm ok with three map floor at one point, I didn't really like it either as that makes AP a slow torturous, no life looking grind. Funny thing is, it was great for def pack grinding though.
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    I remember back then before Isle of Dread (I'm not sure whether are you before that) - During Power of the Ancients and Protean Shift Expansions Era, three maps equals one Onslaught floor (aka three maps done in one sitting and every third map from 60 was the lost temple). The angel flair was at 65, old doom was at 95 and final form was at 114. So with that map/floor measurement, it was quite an endeavor to reach 114 for those averages player. That was my goal of reaching 114 the whole time and it took me nearly three months to get there. Also back then (mostly POTA era) with that measurement too, it is already a wow thing (maybe?) to see one with 95 and 114 flair. Now I have to agree, that old doom and final form flairs doesn't really mean anything currently. If there is a new flair set to obtain at floor 250, 500. You bet I'll push!
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    Yeah, they do look quite good indeed (well most of them). That's kinda why I'd also like them to be grouped as such - Fun Party weapons! And even better if they came from a fun party like Dragonfall Carnival. As they seem out of place with "visually legendary" weapons like Spider's Fangs, Jurassic Revenge or even Harbinger's Voidreaver. But now that I've added the new weapons to the Sword, Magic Staff, Bow and Shield Section of the wiki, they actually look not too bad there. They looks pretty fine with the other weapons. Though I'm still irked with the pillow being legendary....
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    now we're getting to the real issue. I too agree wholeheartedly with this. The journey to get to the point that is fun is itself not optimized for a large variety of the playerbase (IMO). It's also possibly a hard problem to solve.
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    Hello hailminion, My mental health is poor, I have OCD, anxiety, depression among other things. My ability to concentrate, to remember and to do things efficiently are weakened because of my mental health. I don't know whether your comment was aimed at me or just in general but please consider that you are going to meet people from different walks of life both on the internet and in online games. What most people see as easy and elementary, a certain percentage of people are going to find difficult/stressful/lowers self confidence. Having said all this, I wish you well and hopefully we can discuss things DD2 related.
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    To be most efficient, you want to stack Anti servos together, as they stack multiplicatively. Example: max Anti-melee: 60% dmg increase max Anti-chaos: 60% dmg increase Additive: 1 + (0.6 + 0.6) = 2.2 := 120% dmg increase Multiplicative: 1 * 1.6 * 1.6 = 2.56 := 156% dmg increase versus max Power server: + ~8k DP := 8 / 60* = 0.133... := ~14%** dmg increase * discounting Ancient Powers or Talent Cap increase, overall relic defense is ~52k whilst using Destruction shard - I'm using 60k as a random higher baseline. ** I have a strong feeling that this number is too low and I've messed up my calculation somehow. But I'm fairly certain that even if it's wrong, the overall conclusion is still accurate. Additionally, for any defense that can be affected by a disable (Cybork / Frost Orc), a 10/10 tenacity becomes extremely useful. Alternatively, you can also utilize the Automation Hypershard (from the final hypershard reward in Mastery mode) to have the same effect as a 10/10 tenacity on a c8 mod/relic (disable protection is 'only' 95% on a 10/10 c7 mod/relic).
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    I too think about the sadness around losing walls from chaos 6 on-wards. But then I attribute that more towards walls themselves than looking to nerfing the hell out of everything else just to make a single defence viable. Afterall, there are a ton of defences that are underused or not used at all because they're just bad. I'm only on floor 235 and find myself doing plenty of action to support my defences, not that anything but Barbarian or HD Monk do much, poor poor AP heroes :(
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    This game is beyond broken in its current state with little to no communication on fixes that are coming.I’ve invested a lot of time & money into this game since alpha & I would deter any new player from trying dungeon defenders 2. The game is a cauldron of bugs & unplayable lag with no communication regarding fixes. The development team is most likely too focused on Dungeon Defenders Awakened to care or support this game any longer. There are better games out there that don’t leave the player feeling neglected and abandoned. The end game of onslaught is in complete disarray, especially Lost Temple (floor 814 on lost temple https://m.imgur.com/a/QDZp9T9 )The recent hotfixes have been questionable as well & have upset the vast majority of the player base, meanwhile neglecting the myriad of bugs that have been around for months and still leaving onslaught/lost temple in a broken mess. It’s unfortunate to see the dungeon defenders franchise continue to plummet after their success with the first dungeon defenders, I hold an affinity for the tower defense genre & really do hope chromatic games can pull off Dungeon Defenders Awakened. But after seeing how they’re leaving dungeon defenders 2 & the questionable decisions, I’ve pulled my Kickstarter backing for DDA & have begun to lose faith in this franchise. As a beloved fan, I’ll be wishing chromatic games the best of luck & hopeful they’ll be willing to learn from their mistakes
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