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    Well, looks like they have responded about shipping costs. Not the $1000 bug, but in general. People who have ordered physical goods' options, are apperently the following. Pay and recieve the goods. Or refuse the goods, still pay, then go through a refund process... This really is poor form. Posting this is how they are doing it and then closing the thread so people cannot reply directly is also poor form. As far as I could tell, there has been no estimate on these fees anywhere on the kickstarter itself, something I know for certain that EU law states has to be displayed clearly at purchase. Paying and fighting for a refund is not the way to conduct buisness either, and if anything, should offer a full refund. They are basically holding what people have paid for already at ransom and forcing them to pay the delivery. If they pay the delivery, they have spent more than they were told they would need to. If they turn down the goods, they only state you will refund the shipping costs, meaning the money they spent on the tier to get the goods will be lost. How do they think this is okay? This is not a headache this is fraud. I'm so glad all my stuff is digital so it will not affect me. But please sort this out for everyone else ASAP.
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    Temple is a gorgeous map but should be removed from rotation until they fix it.
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    I absolutely LOVE the hero building aspect that DD1 had going for it. These are some other things I would love to see in DDA 1. Being able to build DPS or Build focused heroes 2. "Set" bonuses with gear like in DD1 (like all leather or plate armor) 3. Being able to upgrade items by spending your gems rather then sacrificing your items to upgrade I don't know. I just liked these things. I add my support to what a lot of people are saying. I think that having just one type of currency makes load more sense.
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    Disclaimer: I only played DD1 not DD2. Therefor my list might be bias towards DD1. Have around 1100 hours in DD1 and I played it since it came out. Things I would like to see in DD:A Being able to upgrade your weapon like DD1. Where you can choose exactly how you want to play the game. Having a lot of achievements. I am talking about tons and tons of achievements. This is what keeps me in the game. If there is always achievements you can earn you feel like you're really going for that 100% completion. Maybe even add a %completion status to someone to see how much they have unlocked already. Survival. I'd love to do survival, even high rounds. This was an amazing feature in DD1. Great quality challenges. DD1 had great challenges but I would love to see even more challenges! I always loved playing those, with friends or alone. Things I wouldn't like to see in DD:A Micro-transactions (have already been confirmed that it wouldn't be in the game) Hackers, speaks for itself Less DD2 game changing aspects. I am not a fan of DD2, tried playing the game for the first time yesterday and I quit after around 30 minutes. It is just nothing for me, DD1 was almost a perfect game for its generation. The game can use some updates but some of the core features should stay the same in my opinion. PvP challenges, since DD1 is low populated now a days it is hard to find people in the same level/damage catagory like you are so PvP challenges could be really unfair.
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    please have less grinding than DD2. i want the dryad to be in DDA. i also cross platform play and saves. i also want trading so i can carry my friend through it that most likely won’t play the game or like the game as much as i do so it works out. i want skins for ever character and an equal amount for every character. not like 50 monk skins and like 3 of the rest. i want the freedom to upgrade any part of my weapon or tower like in the old dd1. i need to be sleeping so i will finish my list later
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    Hello. I pledged for DDA and got a free coppy of DD1 2012 Complete pack all DLCs. My question is does anyone know when i get the key for that game ? have a friend that wanna play it with me untill DDA is realised. Sorry english is not my main lanugage....
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    So obviously the earthshatter tower’s initial damage is perfect for longshot lanes thanks to its huge range. But what about the area damage from the shatterquake mod? Does this still count as an attack from distance? Or is it now actually a proximity attack? Does anyone know for certain? cheers
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    Hello all, how we doing? Well after a short break I'm back onto DD2 for abit and that means hanging out with my fav mob. Dark Assassins (DA) DA's are something that sounds cool but also stupidly annoying IF you need to do some hero action. I.E taking out the Draken Lord. I had a few issues earlier with taking him out as I kept getting DA. DA's could work in the game but not when Draken Lord is out.
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    Alright first of all this sucks. But since I'm from Germany I'm used to dealing with bullshit with shipping and all. I checked a couple of 3rd party services like Borderlinx and 30USD shipping seems to be the norm to get any size package to Germany so I can only blame Chromatic for not making it clear upfront that there will be shipping. The price itself is actually reasonable. 30bucks is not worth it for me to get a shirt and a poster although it would've been quite neat. For all of you who can live without the physical goods but don't want to deal with the refund and all just select USA as your country (also works on the last page where you enter the address). Shipping in the USA is free so you won't be charged any extra. To make life easier for everyone just put in something like "I don't want my physical goods" in all the fields (even Zip Code) and submit the address when promted that it cannot be verified. Worked for me just now. Maybe we will get a better solution for shipping at some point but I doubt it. What a shame
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    I just want the good old Dungeon Defenders.. I want it to feel like I'm back when I was 14 yo and having fun farming Morrago for this awesome stats on my sword.. Don't put all of those ascension and mods, maybe a prestige or evolution systeme?
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    Gold wise: Not really, 1m - 2m gold per AP is kinda a must if you have no gild shards (if u plan to get gild shards prior to AP, u gota think abt the time part, and I don't think that's worth it personally) Time wise: Not really faster way w/o the "2x speed" option lol. Getting familiar with maps and placement of defenses can contribute a bit in efficiency. I can give you a rough time sheet for reference. AP 1 - 10: 2 hrs each AP 11-14: 3 hrs each AP 15-22: 4 hrs each AP 23-27: 4-5 hrs each AP 27+ : 5-7 hrs each Edit: One small trick I was doing during AP to save gold, was to upgrade shards 80-90% the way up instead of 100%. Last couple updates generally cost more. It's not a lot, but does add up little by little slowly.
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    Join public groups to get carried (at least partway) Use the Discord LFG channel to search for people climbing the same floors and team up Create a spreadsheet of mats/resources you will need and spend time farming / purchasing them beforehand to create a cache. GRIND BABY, GRIND!
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    don't talk to me or my son ever again
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    This could indeed be my problem with the dd2 multiplayer. DD1 did feel more like true multiplayer and i think i prefer the loot per map available for all players :)
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    long time ago I already gave a random idea on how to achieve something similar: :)
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    what i want: dd1 map overview, it was easy to see what was coming from where and where everything was. Loot system from dd1 but a little more modern. i want strong weapons to have different stats. 1 drops with more damage and the next one might drop with better projectile spread. i love that you have to grind for a certain weapon but dont make it to hard. Make the player grind really hard for the perfect version of the weapon. i liked the fact that you had to choose one character for the whole wave in dd1. You had to make a decision, take a strong dps but if something is damaged it takes really long to repair or take a balanced character that does but decently well, i feel like having 4 characters all the time also hurts team play. In dd1 it was super fun to play with friends and all focus on your character of choice, although that is of course still a thing you could do in dd2 it felt different. I WANT MY TOWERS TO BE INSANE. In dd1 progressing armor was so much fun because you could see improvement. getting extra tower speed made your tower shoot faster. Sometimes a lot faster. it was super fun to grind for laser harpoons and ongoing deadly strikers or huge monk auras. These visible improvements made the game super fun and i missed those a lot in dd2. i didn't feel like i was getting stronger like i was in dd1. dd1 pets, they were a little more fun in my opinion. i want a long story, more maps to go through to get to the end. This way the character progression could be a little smoother as well. The transition from main story to harder maps was sometimes a bit off. dd1 like challenges. less things to be confused about then dd2. i played the game a lot in the beginning but took a break, when i came back i just deleted all my characters because the game was so full of things that the only way for me to get back in was to start over. unlimited characters. in dd1 i could make a new character whenever to start over with a friend without having to delete something i worked on for a while or paying extra. BRING BACK AUTO SELL LIKE DD1 pvp was super fun. in tower wars spawning waves of spiders and djinns on friends and hearing them panic on discord make me so happy. things i disliked : shards in dd2 were a lot of the time completely useless and it wasn't fun to grind a single shard 20 times because all your characters needed these four shards because they were the best. the squire walking forward while hitting in dd2. weird progression in dd2, there were like 5 game modes and after coming back i had no idea what to do or when to do it. inventory management, in dd1. discussion with myself: im not sure if want instanced loot. i kind of liked having to fight for the loot. While i was playing with friends it was a lot of fun to share loot and give a certain armor piece to a friend because they needed it a little more or keeping it from them and selling it to them for other stuff. it made multiplayer more multiplayer. i missed the old characters and the feel a lot in dd2, but because i quit dd2 a while i go im probably missing a lot of good features from dd2. but the thing i want most are the insane towers and way to fast characters. i was so much fun to grind for it .im super confident dda will be super fun and i cant wait for i to come out so i cant play through another campaign with friends and like my ass of every time a goblins runs into my friends and kills them.
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    I'm not a fan of straight up genderswaps, I'd rather see an entirely new character. How about an Amazon that wields two handed spears?
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    What hours regearing? He suggested a dps reduction and removal of enemy scaling in Onslaught. That does nothing to setups except you build up a single blockade type defenses and keep going. You make it sound like he asked for specific defenses to be nerfed and not all defenses. Now I may not agree with the numbers proposed I do think one of the biggest problems with DD2 atm has been the never ending increase of damage output, I haven't even reached my full ascension yet and my FA are literally 8-10 times stronger than they were before Protean Shift not counting anti mods or controller or any other mod that super boosts output by a percentage. We went from 400-450k dps FA to what is now possible 4m dps at tier 1 before percentage based mods are considered. This is a problem called power creep and it needs to be addressed, which has only been made worse by the next problem, total control that never ending CC has given players. In my honest opinion, if players feel like their hard work is wasted when devs try to balance things out then they were the ones looking for the easy way out of any possible work or effort to beat the game. This game has never been easier to play, all it is now is a time sink. Whoever has the most time gets the furthest but it doesnt mean they are any better than the next person. Its honestly a very sad state of the game, right now its no better than Cookie Clicker, just click and you win.
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    Another option people have considered is Earthshatters with Shatterquake and Poison/Tenacity Proton Beams. It has the added benefit to slow Headstrong things. I'm just going to use Water Elemental when the wheels fall off.
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    When I took the survey there was a specific question for what name I wanted to be displayed. I don't think it has any tie in to discord name
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    Cant say im really happy 8(.. i was really hoping for 4XL or Larger... and the Extra postage fee of $45 Aud i could have probably just downloaded the design here and printed one off at the right size.. 8( hope the poster is at least pretty good
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    My only disappointment was not a single gunbroom or canister. But saying that is still crazy as I have no intention of giving up the absolute zero for a long time. ;)
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    Exactly. The t-shirt (and credit name) is a reward for the 40$ tier from 30$. That mean if I refuse the t-shirt, my reward from the 40$ tier is only my name in the credit AND I will have to wait for a refund on the shipping fee. Refund that will probably take another month if not more. So in my 75$ pledge, I lost the 10$ for the t-shirt but still have to pay for it. Want me to pay then how about you refund the shipping, the t-shirt (and the poster) ?
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    I felt the limit on active heroes in DDII was okay, being able to quickly switch to another hero during combat without having to visit a forge was an improvement but wasn't game breaking because the selection was limited, it made sense to me. I feel making this unlimited would be a bit busted TBH. This system in DD2 struck a solid balance IMO while DD2 was/is riddled with problems, this really wasn't one.
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    Read it once, all I'm seeing are excellent ideas and so much fun. Read it twice, I think I'm seeing 50 potential bugs there from CG. LOL
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    Just going to add, while I'm ok with three map floor at one point, I didn't really like it either as that makes AP a slow torturous, no life looking grind. Funny thing is, it was great for def pack grinding though.
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    I remember back then before Isle of Dread (I'm not sure whether are you before that) - During Power of the Ancients and Protean Shift Expansions Era, three maps equals one Onslaught floor (aka three maps done in one sitting and every third map from 60 was the lost temple). The angel flair was at 65, old doom was at 95 and final form was at 114. So with that map/floor measurement, it was quite an endeavor to reach 114 for those averages player. That was my goal of reaching 114 the whole time and it took me nearly three months to get there. Also back then (mostly POTA era) with that measurement too, it is already a wow thing (maybe?) to see one with 95 and 114 flair. Now I have to agree, that old doom and final form flairs doesn't really mean anything currently. If there is a new flair set to obtain at floor 250, 500. You bet I'll push!
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    Yeah, they do look quite good indeed (well most of them). That's kinda why I'd also like them to be grouped as such - Fun Party weapons! And even better if they came from a fun party like Dragonfall Carnival. As they seem out of place with "visually legendary" weapons like Spider's Fangs, Jurassic Revenge or even Harbinger's Voidreaver. But now that I've added the new weapons to the Sword, Magic Staff, Bow and Shield Section of the wiki, they actually look not too bad there. They looks pretty fine with the other weapons. Though I'm still irked with the pillow being legendary....
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    now we're getting to the real issue. I too agree wholeheartedly with this. The journey to get to the point that is fun is itself not optimized for a large variety of the playerbase (IMO). It's also possibly a hard problem to solve.
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    Hello hailminion, My mental health is poor, I have OCD, anxiety, depression among other things. My ability to concentrate, to remember and to do things efficiently are weakened because of my mental health. I don't know whether your comment was aimed at me or just in general but please consider that you are going to meet people from different walks of life both on the internet and in online games. What most people see as easy and elementary, a certain percentage of people are going to find difficult/stressful/lowers self confidence. Having said all this, I wish you well and hopefully we can discuss things DD2 related.
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    To be most efficient, you want to stack Anti servos together, as they stack multiplicatively. Example: max Anti-melee: 60% dmg increase max Anti-chaos: 60% dmg increase Additive: 1 + (0.6 + 0.6) = 2.2 := 120% dmg increase Multiplicative: 1 * 1.6 * 1.6 = 2.56 := 156% dmg increase versus max Power server: + ~8k DP := 8 / 60* = 0.133... := ~14%** dmg increase * discounting Ancient Powers or Talent Cap increase, overall relic defense is ~52k whilst using Destruction shard - I'm using 60k as a random higher baseline. ** I have a strong feeling that this number is too low and I've messed up my calculation somehow. But I'm fairly certain that even if it's wrong, the overall conclusion is still accurate. Additionally, for any defense that can be affected by a disable (Cybork / Frost Orc), a 10/10 tenacity becomes extremely useful. Alternatively, you can also utilize the Automation Hypershard (from the final hypershard reward in Mastery mode) to have the same effect as a 10/10 tenacity on a c8 mod/relic (disable protection is 'only' 95% on a 10/10 c7 mod/relic).
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    I too think about the sadness around losing walls from chaos 6 on-wards. But then I attribute that more towards walls themselves than looking to nerfing the hell out of everything else just to make a single defence viable. Afterall, there are a ton of defences that are underused or not used at all because they're just bad. I'm only on floor 235 and find myself doing plenty of action to support my defences, not that anything but Barbarian or HD Monk do much, poor poor AP heroes :(
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    The hero deck system was designed to promote group play by reducing the ability of any one player to do everything. That limitation was eventually eliminated and the hero deck became simply a quick-access system rather than a restriction. So I don't see them going back to that, especially when DD1 didn't have anything like that.
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    I vote for infinite hero slots. Build whatever you want, no artificial limitations. Don't forget that this will be more like 1 than 2. In 1 you could create as many heros as you could fit on your computer.
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    This will probably make everyone hate me, but I don't want hero swapping in the game during the waves. I loved the whole aspect of you have x amount of time to setup your defences. Now you use this hero for that wave. Maybe I'm a masochist but I loved that challenge. I spent easily, easily 5k+ hours on console. and numerous more on PC. But the only way I can explain this is I find the game gets way easier if you can just swap heroes at any time you want. I want personally for it to be back to DD1 way or to add a challange mode of sorts that limits you. I know many won't feel the same because everyone has their own play styles. But surley I'm not the only one? Also the music keep that locked down from DD1 was fantastic. Also 2.0 as much optimisation for PC as you can I never use to be able to run it on my PC so I always had to play console and when finally switched felt like playing catch up. Edit: I forgot to say, maybe I only played it this way but going through the campaign starting on a low dofficulty and then reworking your way through a harder difficulty in the campaign order was a good sense of difficulty progression imo
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    My fellow defenders of the distant past were the absolute grinders. What I would like to see in DD:A is an RNG that motivates the player to chase perfection in ways that keeps the map playable again and again. The RNG I enjoyed the most was from the original Dungeon Defenders. During this time, Apprentice fans were farming daily for the "must have" staff and pet from a punishing new map Ramparts and it's corresponding challenge map Death From Above (8yrs. ago). Perfection not only measured in stats, but size as well. For your consideration my fellow Apprentice fans, this will bring back fond memories of your past.
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    Things that I would like to see in DD:A... (1) Please add the map view from DD1 that displays the lane schedules (or a better version of it!); ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (2) Secret rooms are always fun...more of those please (maybe let them be customizable and let us show them off?) Also, since its displayed in this picture, BULLET RELOAD PLEASE. Even though it basically did nothing it was just so satisfying to see the character reload bullets; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (3) Could we get a single NPC that does what all of the following NPCs were able to do, (obviously in a way that is applicable to how DD:A is ultimately designed); ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (4) I would be nice to see an overhaul of the loot system that combines gating based on how far into the game you get (such as how it was done in DD1) with some sort of magic find type of system that lets us farm more efficiently. One way to do it would be to combine the daily quest system from DD2 and modifier/consumable system such as that in DD:E to increase(or decrease!) the quality/types/amounts of items that drop as well as adding it as a possible stat on equipment (samples of the aforementioned systems are displayed below); ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (5) A system of mana that doesn't require us to swap characters, similar to how it was implemented in DD2 - I don't have a preference as to whether defense mana and ability mana are split, but mana dropping as a building resource and as currency was a great system (6) Add Defense Unit cost as a stat so that we can have more towers (with some sort of stat trade-off of course) - Being able to make odd builds is something that I enjoy. Having the option of designing a viable build utilizing a lot of weaker towers just seems like it would be more fun then just having a few strong ones (7) The ability to save builds for when we repeatedly farm maps and to an automatic upgrade feature that accompanies it - I know that some people like the build phase, but I'm not one of them. I find it to be much more fun designing a build once, then testing it and making the occasional change. Also, it would make the grind for items feel better, and generally save a whole lot of time when farming items - If we ever get the ability to save builds, it would be great if we could also have them automatically upgrade in a specific order - Its lots of fun progressing, but having to replay the same maps hundreds of times while doing something that you don't enjoy (such as rebuilding the same tower setups over and over again) makes playing the game a lot less appealing (8) Short map duration or the option to make waves go faster (such as a 3x speed feature) - I understand that its a farming game, but some sort (9) A much clearer method of gear progression (10) Pets and/or item modifications that significantly change how towers work - In the earlier days of DD2, it was a lot of fun being able to turn a flame tower into a flamethrower or a cannonball tower into one that shoots a rolling cannonball. Having more of that but implemented for all towers would be great. Also, being able to change elemental affinity for any tower would be nice (especially if we get elemental combos again) (11) Please allow us to use the mouse wheel to scroll though heroes when building (and possibly set which heroes and what order we can scroll through them in) (12) I would love to see an infinite mode, such s the original onslaught from DD2, come back but with better difficulty and loot scaling (13) turn the maximum number of targets that tower can hit into a stat that can appear on equipment (14) an auto sort and sell feature - After dealing with the inventory nightmare that exists in DD2, it would be great to be able to just designate certain quality or certain stats on items and just have the game automatically sell items that match those designations - Also, some way to disable any "are you sure that you want to sell that" warning when selling an entire bag/inventory of useless items ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Things that I absolutely cant stand don't want to see in DD:A; (1) Controlled burn or other mechanics that make enemies completely immune to damage (2) Enemies that can automatically attack the hero, with no way to build our towers, or kill it with a hero, before it gets to the hero (3) Hard caps on tower stats that prevent the stats on items from increasing (4) Useless barricades towers, such as what happened to barricades in DD2 (this would be a great place to insert joke about U.S. politics, but ill restrain myself...for now) (5) Upgrade material items (yes, I'm talking about DD2 plain motes and the like) - It takes long enough to farm items, just let us use mana (or whatever standard currency DD:A uses) to upgrade them (6) Features or modes that can ONLY be used, or take full effect, if you are playing with other people - Such as how ancient power only had a full effect when multiple players were in the same map
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    Personally I’d like a total artistic redesign of DD1 with DD2 assets. The models and graphics were charming when they came out but they have aged... poorly. Plus think of how much cooler the Demon Lord, the Goblin Mech and the Ancient Dragon will look in the new style! Better weapon designs. Even the vendor trash in 2 had neat designs. Less weapon size variation. I personally didn’t enjoy the whole “ this sword could either be the size of a pocket knife or a building deal. Keep the batshit tower stats. I seriously missed having laser cannon ballista and auras the size of the map. Dont bring back the stat loss for swapping characters. That was just annoying. Dont bring back the time limits for build phase in Nightmare. They brought challenge, sure, but it wasn’t FUN challenge. Fewer stats overall. This is just me but I hated having to raise stats just to upgrade at a decent clip. For the love of all that is holy, let the trash we leave behind auto sell again!
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    All DDA needs to do is take DD1... copy and paste and then add a few more quality of life features. The farming in DD1 was amazing IMO... the randomness etc was great! I remember running through the campaign with friends and we had some of the best times ever! Progression was slow but i liked this, it meant your average joe putting 12 hours into the game wouldn't reach end game. I hit over 1k hours and still some maps are a challenge! Also want to ensure challenges cant be abused like DD1.. i dont need to say which one.... DDA just needs to help people understand how to progress properly, but keep the loot random like DD1... none of this DD2 crap. We also want to be able to find tran/sup/ult gear again and stick our points where we want them! i could make this post 6 pages long... but i just dont have a spare 4 hours to type it all up :D
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    Just cross play/save btw Xbox, PS4, PC and Switch.
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    Wath I want from DDA: -More or less same statscaling than in dd1, give me 0.05s balistashots where u see only a stream of destruction ;D -maby add on top of that shards but not the flat more damage / range shards more gimic shards like sploody harpoon ect. -If possible the old music has to return!!! -the herodeck from dd2 is a nice bonus makes leveling your squadd far easyer Wath I DON´T want from DDA: -The return of hardcounters like cyborgs venguards or koboltz, there should be no limits based on enemys wath u can or can not build (Bosses with sweetspots like in dd1 are ok as long as they are real bosses and no enemys that appear randomly during normal waves)
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    Edited post:: I have never played DD2, but have spent a lot of time playing DD1. My references will be different from most posts because I only have DD1 to reference. Do want: *large selection of heroes and customization to them *Reforging of armor. Similar to how world of warcraft once allowed allocation of stats on an item to be changed at a conversion rate i.e. get rid of hero cast rate and add that stat to hero damage at a 25% conversion rate or whatever seems balanced (not to exceed the typical cap ) OR simply resetting your armor to its original state to completely change how it was upgraded in the first place. Just an idea! *Events items similar to the recent ones in DD1 where its either on the low end of the "high quality" definition or very niche. *character specific settings, such as whether or not accessories are displayed, and maybe even different mouse sensitivities for different heroes *cross platform would help keep the community large. I think this should be made a higher priority, personally Don't want: *unusable rare item drops (such as a great DPS piece that rolls with only 3 of 4 resistances, or a weapon that is based around projectiles, rolling without additional projectile stat) *Rainmaker V2.0 or really any type of hyper-meta EDIT: *Looks like the DD2 players talk about inability to upgrade weapons/characters. I would like to see the option to customize stats similar to DD1 *I think it’s a fair request to ask that mr squire continue to forget his pants on occasion (keep funny or silly costume ideas) *The more I think about it, it would be amazing to have the ability to completely revert a piece of armor to it's original drop and upgrade in a different way. I'm not sure how practical or possible that is, but it sounds awesome, in my opinion.
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    I believe they probably mean an Auction house you can put items in and not be online so people can buy them at any time.. the Auction house itself would be a game function that is always available ;)
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    Better Character Design, DD1 character design is Old and AWFUL IMO.
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    I consider this my top priority as well. Game should have decent quests and more achievements / trophies to get. DD1 achievements were ok but got them all within the first 250hr gameplay
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    1 - Massive story 2 - Game modes game modes game modes, sure story is cool but give us play modes that we can just hop into and play. 3 - A meaningful grind “In DD2 we grind for motes, tokens and shards = boring, In DDA give us a grind that’s rewarding, say like armor sets like Word of Warcraft tier armor set with a 2 piece and 4 piece set bonus and weapon sets. Let the things like motes, tokens and shards come to the player naturally. Add new tier sets every 6 months or so? 4 – bring in rewarding play, set in points in the game that are very hard to get past but then reward that player with something that fits the challenge 5 – If you do anything like ancient power and onslaught, make them go together so that an ancient power reset will make you godlike, but onslaught always is a challenge still
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    I just want the old heroes back better balance and a game thats still like dd1.
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    Here's my hopes for DD2: Less RNG on hopeful loot drops and more RNG on the perfect drop of a specific item. DD1 did this fairly well, but having a place to go for a sweet gun and farming that for the best stats would at least give some hope. DD2 has recently added some items like this. Expanded gear/hero customization. While I like DD1, I do feel that passives and shards on DD2 added far more options when customizing a hero. Summoner from DD1. The Abyss Lord is ok, but nowhere close. Achievement based collectibles, like pets and tavern customization items. It was always fun to show off accomplishments to friends and this is missing in DD2. More linear progression than DD1. Anyone who has tried the Nightmare transition for the first time without outside help knows what I'm talking about. Skins, skins and more skins. Loved that a lot of these were achievement based as well. Pets, pets and more pets. Pets in DD1 actually meant something. They were varied, had interesting mechanics, and gave a variety of stats. In DD2 they are basically an extra ability and nothing more. Individualized loot. DD2 has the right idea. This makes public games more enjoyable. Have to add one more: For the love of all this is Dungeon Defenders, please stick to one currency in game. Having Wyvern Tokens, Gold, Defender Medals, Chaos Shards, Carnival Tickets, etc. is just too much.
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    Love these threads. Keep it up! So what I'm really hearing... is only Dark Assassin and Sharken waves... yesss. Got it.
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