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    I have a few suggestions I will feel will help end game. First the issues. Bosses are still getting stuck in doors, maps are sometimes not letting you start even after everyone confirms start, the menu is still super glitchy after each wave and constantly moves your pointer around, and dryads bees still do not attack some bosses or undead enemies. Now to touch basis with quality of life. I would love the ability to see things on towers from the menu screen such as elemental marker, dps, range and other effects. Also when will we be able to gild hypershards? It appears you have it coded but haven't given us a way to do it. Also I believe power pylon and health pylon should count as buffs and should affect servos regarding buffs. Also these shards should be able to work on the monks boost aura to increase players use of an otherwise useless tower endgame. Also the introduction of new incursions and a power test to skip levels in onslaught would be helpful also. Last thing I'd like to see is additional secondary gear like the Squires shield or the barbarians second weapon. Why not give the monk a banner, or the dryad roots? Just food for thought. One of the biggest updates in my opinion is increasing synergy and adding more descriptions to the already existing items we have. To increase replay and maintain people's interest you must help them understand how to flow into a stronger force. Also rerolling secondary traits on gear and relics would be awesome too so we can reach perfection by another means this grinding and praying we didnt accidently sell a perfect stat item or put some kind of icon on weapons and relics with perfect stats and give us a warning when we try to sell it. Thank you for your time.
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    The crux of this hot nerf is the lack of heads up. As disappointed as I am in losing taunt, petrify is still superior to stun: enemies take more damage while effectively stunned, mass area petrify is no longer a bad thing as we don't have taunt, and flying mobs over water / death drop will die instantly.
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