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    Yo defenders, for noobs like me, it would be great to consolidate the tips, tricks, and other diverse information on elemental combos here on the forums. (Apologies if this has been attempted elsewhere already - e.g. https://dungeondefenders2.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Elements). Elements (Effects) Water (Drenched): direct damage. Defense Sources: Water Servo (relic mod), Water Shard (C8 relic shard), Geyser (huntress), Angry Nimbus (dryad) Hero Sources: Water Chip [?] (weapon mod), Drenching Strikes (weapon shard). Fire: direct damage. Defense Sources: Fire Servo (relic mod), Defense-specific Shards (e.g. Burning Bolts), Flame Aura (monk), Fissures (lavamancer), Blaze Balloon (huntress), Flamethrower (apprentice) Hero Sources: Fire Chip (weapon mod), Burning Strikes (weapon shard), Piercing Shot (huntress ability). Earth: direct damage. Defense Sources: Earth Servo (relic mod), Earthshatter (apprentice) Hero Sources: Earth Chip (weapon mod), Seismic Slam (squire ability). Poison (Poisoned): DoT effect. Defense Sources: Poison Servo (relic mod), PDT (huntress). Hero Sources: Poison Chip (weapon mod), Dryad Melee (dryad). Storm: direct damage. Defense Sources: Storm Servo (relic mod), LSA (monk), Weapon Mfr with Shocking Revelation (ev2), Proton [?] (ev2), Angry Nimbus (dryad corrupt form). Hero Sources: Storm Chip (weapon mod), Thundering Strikes (weapon shard). Oil (Oiled): no damage, slows the enemy. Defense Sources: Oil Geyser (lavamancer), Slime Pit (dryad corrupt form) Hero Sources: Oil Chip (weapon mod), Oil Flask (huntress ability). Freeze (Frozen): no damage, stuns the enemy and increases earth damage taken by 10%. Defense Sources: Frostbite with Freeze Shard (apprentice), Glacier Shard (adept) Hero Sources: Drakenlord's Soul (weapon mod), Ice Needle (gunwitch ability). Physical [more a lack of element ...]: direct damage. Defense Sources: Cannonball (squire), Ballista (squire), Bees (dryad), Harpy (dryad), Skeleton Archer (abyss lord), Explosive Trap (huntress) Hero Sources: Primary/Secondary Attacks. Combos: (Effect) + Element Ignite: (Oiled) + Fire Puts a DoT burning effect that does very small amounts of damage. Also disables the Drakenlords shield. Shock: (Drenched) + Storm Stuns the enemy for a short time. Petrify: (Poisoned) + Earth Stuns the enemy for a short time and increases the damage it takes by 5% (all sources?). Also disables the Drakenlords shield (needs confirmation). Tips: PDT + Earthshatter works well for petrify, albeit less useful without taunts. Explosive Poison on PDT helps spread poison. Shatterquake on Earthshatter helps aoe Earth. Water Shard (C8) + Weapons Mfr (with Shocking Revelation) works well for Shock. Can also add Ramster with Water servo for ground lanes to provide (Drenched). Can also add Skyguard with Water servo for air lanes to provide (Drenched). PDT is very useful for countering Controlled Burn modifiers on Onslaught lanes. Skyguard with Water servo is very useful for countering Controlled Burn modifiers on Onslaught lanes. The shock combo also helps. You generally want to avoid the Ignite combo, as the fire DoT is worse than the Oil slow. Please lemme know if there're any mistakes or add your tips!
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    This thread will be what my full thoughts and feedback (and also suggestions) about the new and returning weapons from the Defender-Centric update. I wanted to make this sooner, but got kinda busy. So yeah, let's get to it! Well, collecting the weapons was sorta nice, I'm glad that some of the legacy weapons are returning. However, the way it's distributed and executed is kinda... Disappointing in some way to me as a weapons collector. Personally, I find most of the new weapons not looking very legendary. Tomes like The Dictionary, The Notepad, The Plumber, or Featherweight etc looks like they belong in lower tiers like powerful or sturdy. The Protean, Prestigious, Seaworthy, and Drakenfrost weapons were amazing, most of what comes next aside from the returning legacy weapons was a major downgrade there. The next factor would be the tier gating of weapons looking more epic the higher the tier is isn't really much either. I'll admit that the third tier looks quite good, but as for the second and first, there's hardly any difference. Also with higher tiers also giving weapons from the previous tiers, you can hardly even see the difference which I'll have to say, it isn't quite fun. The third factor of my disappointment was that I was hoping that some of the legacy weapons be saved for futures content however, they just went in to the gifts. And the fourth factor was that "Mananode's" gifts were literally the texture same as Winterfest's Whimsical Presents. I was expecting that the gifts would look "Ancient-y" However, I can't blame that as most of the manpower went into DDA but that's still a letdown. So, I have a suggestion and also two alternate routes of my suggestion, I'll get right to it - The main part of the suggestion would be reclassify these weapons, which should be alright as there's the evolve system- The Notepad - Sturdy (As it pales in comparison with the Necronomicon) The Dictionary - Powerful (As it pales in comparison with the Necronomicon) Featherweight - Sturdy The Plumber - Powerful Golden Gargoyle - Mythical Dragon's Gaze - Mythical (That bow looks more like a plexus-fied version of the Dragon's Visage which is dope. However, it pales in comparison with Protean and Prestigious for example. And since the plexus costumes is mythical in rarity, it's also fitting that this bow is too.) Dream Protector - Stay Legendary (But I would remove the locked oil chip, frankly, the sword would look way better without that.) As for the rest of the weapons here's the first alternate route after the above suggestion - (1) Here's how I would re-categorize the gift tiers with most of above weapons reclassified - Mananode's Amazing Gift - This tier awards party-ish and goofy (but still legendary looking) weapons. Mananode's Spoils of War - This tier awards dark and enemy-based weapons. Mananode's Ancient Offering - This tier awards prestigious, ancient and elemental styled weapons. (Which is why I'd suggest putting in ManaAxe and Fury of the Angel too) And also to avoid the RNG problem (partially), each type present do not give a weapon from the previous tier but instead, higher floors victory chest has a chance to drop either type of presents. Of course the guaranteed schedules stays the same. (2) As for the second alternate route of the suggestion which I actually prefer more. It still follows most of first alternate route but the current gift system will only be temporary and will change to what below as/ if more content arrives... Onslaught only awards Mananode's Ancient Offering. Amazing Gifts can only be obtained though the Dragonfall Carnival Spoils of War can only be obtainable through a new gamemode or difficulty that's not chaos (Nightmare and Annihilation for example if they actually arrive). The goal of this was to try to make the weapon drop table as thematic as possible instead of being completely random and unthematic. So yeah, that's my thoughts, feedback and suggestions regarding the gifts and weapons of The Defender-Centric update. I'm not expecting the suggestions to be a reality but it would be awesome if it is. As a weapons collector, the irregularities does quite bother me, I have to admit. This recent update is still awesome, I'm still looking forward to messing with the vendors but it's just this part of the update that just doesn't feel right. Cheers then!
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    Hi i just did one really fun and nice test of DD2 balance. Please be patient and read until the end - definitely worth it - sorry for long one:) enjoy I am veteran player - playing since alpha of this game. I am ascension 2345, AP 23, Have all heroes and all shards also all mods. After last 23rd reset i wanted to challenge myself and see the DD2 in true not meta state so i have decided to test this: - I wanted to play from new player perspective who does not have any hero and is completely new to game. I had advatage to know all content. - Use only 4 basic heroes - apprentice, monk, squire, huntress. - Use only 20/20/20 = 80 in total ascension power points - to max defense rate, def crit chance, 6 points in def crit dmg. The first tree went to HP 20 points. - Now the real fun part - NO AURAS, NO NODES, no hypershards, no mods except random drops, no shards - like defense rate, destruction, deadly strikes. - No high gear - so i literally used randoms mods random drops. - Play dps apprentice - everything to ability power. Exception is cs 5 where you need to switch to max health. The results will probably surprise you. C1 1x random map - quite easy all my gear was reset so campaign like defenses used - blaze baloons (only shard there is phoenix non upgraded), arcane barriers, one earthshatter( no shards) per lane C2 1x random map - challenging already did it probably on 3rd try - as you starting with c1 gear+ still some campaign its hard to deal with cyborgs) - i got lucky and get piercer servo to my balistas. Defenses used - arcane bariers (no shards), 1x per lane earthshatter, rest balistas C3 1x random map - quite challeging - gear stays on c1,c2 level. Defenses used - arcane bariers, 1x earthshatter per lane, blaze baloons (phoenix shard only) - tried different setup this one seemed to work well as most of projectile towers does literally zero dmg even pdt C4 1x random map - very very challeging - most of gear now on c3 level - even that lady orcs just smashed me - all rojectiles are basically countered by shields and vanguards even with piercer the pdt is not enough. Defenses used - baloons, arcane bariers, gaysers, explosive mines, earth shatters. I tried cc the lady orcs with gaysers i get pretty success took me only 11 tries on 1st wave:) which allowed me to go to 2nd wave - where i got really lucky legendary relic with defense rate that allowed me to win c4. C5 - 1x random map - nighmare - This was literally hell:) i felt like nighmare difficulty in DD1 to me:) just try it:) I did 1st wave for 1 hour and 30 minutes:) thent i farmed 2nd wave for another 1 hour to get c5 relics and some HP gear. After i reached 200k HP - with all HP gear i was able to survive until wave 4 - where roller + random gao came and that was just pure hell:) After another hour of trying i could not get through it. My pdt did 334k dmg which is not bad at all with zero shards. Anyway unable to progress i put ONE SHARD. ONE ONLY OP SHARD - DEFENSE RATE - my dps on pdt was suddnely TRIPLED to 993k. DEFENSE rate is literally - game changing shard. for 1000 medals you can go from not possible map to pretty much AFK:) insane. Defenses used - arcane bariers, pdts, one shatter, 2x gayser to stun assasins. That was the end of my journey for now:) Anyway with that i wanted to show Chromatic games - how balance should come in place - blaze baloons, explosive mines, gayser traps, arcane barrier - this is awesome defenses they just need a little more strength. What defense i discovered is totally useless with this setup is apprentice - flame thrower - i was not able to finish even c2 with it:) very very weak tower. Weakest of all i tested. Please try to take also some challege like this -and share here the result - i would be massively interested if anyone will do c5 with same setup as me with 0 shards. If i got lucky and did not get roller on wave 4 with geo i would probably succeed - maybe i will try. If you read this whole congratulations - I am excited to see your results from challenges like thi s. My favourite man Mr Juicebags - @Juicebags if you could do same setup and go stream this - that would be amazing - I challenge you to try.
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    Flamethrower is massive shit man, if any tower in game needs serious buff - its that one. Higher range, higher dps at least 50 percent or not usable.
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    I have been using the poison Wm as it blankets Poison much faster and better then PDT for larger groups on CB Lanes and CB flyer lanes. I don't use it all the time and normal reset set up is PDT , EarthShatter and Earth Viper with Split vipers. It can hold down pretty much any lane including HS. I just use Earth Toss on EarthShatter and Explosive poison on PDT. I also add Fissures with Embermount ( i know but it works Lol ) as required for frosty lanes. I have done 2 full resets with this set up and just using dropped c7 un-upgraded relics. Drakenkeep I have automation and put that on the Poison Wm and use Vipers and a few Fissures. I only have to keep 2 or 3 Torches lit. ( fissures embermount keeps burning) and no I never have an issue with more then 10 mobs as things die faster then that.
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    Did you switch from windows to linux? Contact chromatic and do not log into that account at all before they say it is ok, unless you already did overwrite the savefiles bunch of times by playing the game on ranked again. But. Know this. You can go from linux to windows, but not from windows to linux.
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    Hey, I hope these would be some use to you. We're limited on the Xbox with turning off interfaces etc.. and we cant even turn our own camera view. Anyway, Here ya go!
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    Done this before but : TOWERS flamethrower range blaze balloon trigger radius Sgt and hailstorm (they're terrible at killing flyers yet it is their only role) buff beam cost and defense health SHARDS Press Your Luck and Panic Fire
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    Let's bring in some poison combo! Great, Grave Infection broke. (reported and commented on the issue on update day) April Hotfix, all poison-related mods deal proper damage now! Great, are you sur???, cuz Grave Infection still broken (reported and commented again) May Hotfix, Grave Infection deals damage now! GREAT, ARE U SURE! cuz it still broken and does 1's and 2's...... (reporting and commenting right now again........)
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    There's just too many to list! For starters, the Jackpot shard is a good example.. Useless. And stuff like Quake is barely just a cosmetic. It would be much more interesting if every single shard/mod had a meaningful effect. Otherwise they may as well not exist.
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    As much as it is, but as I said in a previous post: This is what happens when something unintended is devised and people find out and get addicted to it's use. The moment I saw that all Water damage can now Drench, I knew the combo was going to be meta and everyone was going to do whatever it took to get both ASAP. There is still a multitude of ways to spread Petrification and Shock and I have already mentioned 3 of them, 4 if you factor in Earthshatter with max rate and Earth Toss. All that has changed is the amount of DU we must divert in order to inflict said ailments. I myself am upset this happened the way it did (basically cold turkey), but I will just adapt to it and move on as many of us will.
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    I never really considered Dryad to be Overpowered much so that she was very limited with her defenses being centered around placing a Tree(wall) just to make her defense operate. That alone was enough for me to justify how strong or meta she was. Case and point, after the nerf, she's no longer used other than to create variety in the lower levels of gameplay. Even psychologically, more often than not, once people hear or see the word nerf, the character is shortly abandoned, RIP. For me personally, the game died in my heart once she was nerfed and I was never the same. She was and still is my favorite hero in the game but I've never been able to mentally recover :( If CG just left her as is and allowed the game to evolve with mods/shards, etc things might have been different ??? Forever broken ...
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    Look if you have nothing to look forward how bout helping me out at onslaught 49 that’ll be something and appreciated
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    The problem of this game goes not directly about flairs but about the system.. The connectivity (lag) at least for some, the unballance between defenses as a whole (compare skel archer against lsa for ex), the lack of different threaten enemies like something that are naturally immune to stun like there is with slow or better suppport enemies, incentive with some advantage by utilizing more defenses (cost reduction by building for the 1st time for ex) and lower the grind to lv up all the things that need..The big one being pristine clusters with ch8 max and resets. If had a lot of this adressed would be one of the best ftp games imo. Would be good if flairs and also trophies for console users being unlocked but i dont think that would make a lot of people work out a lot for push to floor 900 or so in this current state.
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    The only ones that are worthless are untraced. Nobody will buy them. Actual traced rainmakers are still easily in the 150 to 200 CV range. This is what I was mentioning in my last post about cubes, everyone wants a piece of your pie.
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    Yes it does as well . but only had one of the 3 quests that rerolled . I had a question asking to go do ancient ruins,then it reroll alone and I had win 3 games ... Then my Weekly who still don't work :'( I'm sad
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    Are you selling the horse for in game currency this time?
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