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    I feel there is something disproportionate about my lack of butthurt over the obvious and long time coming nerfs given the extent people are complaining. I like @Jaws_420 idea to not lose the gear that has the mod on it. I'm looking forward to more awesome combos; keep them coming chromedome! (plis can we have the super promised @Elandrian explosion combo that you said we'd absolutely 100% definitely get)
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    I tweaked the topic title- Though the content of the post was fine, the topic title was pretty rude.
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    I think an easy solution to many of the mod woes would be for CG to enable moving mods off gear without losing the base item. Then those 10 water chips can be moved to a second WM and get your stun combo back. I don't mind the nerfs because i have not had a chance to see how effective poison chips are yet. We are focusing on the negative and not looking at what we gained. 2 WMs, one with earth, one with poison - could be a nice combo...or a earth WM with a PDT firing into it. Lots of petrify possibilities to explore.
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    The crux of this hot nerf is the lack of heads up. As disappointed as I am in losing taunt, petrify is still superior to stun: enemies take more damage while effectively stunned, mass area petrify is no longer a bad thing as we don't have taunt, and flying mobs over water / death drop will die instantly.
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    Guys shocking revelation + water mod is still working as before, even though you aren't allowed to make a new relic with that combo. Please fix this ASAP. I hate having powerful defenses.
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