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    I'm glad you stayed true to your word that the last patch had no nerfs, and saved them for this patch which nerfed several strategies straight into the ground.
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    So a recurring problem I've had with DD1 and E is a progression wall. I'll beat the SP campaign on Insane and start doing Survival to gear up for Nightmare. Beating the later levels of the main game on Survival Insane really doesn't get you prepped for Nightmare at all. So I move on to the bonus levels. The difficulty starts to spike by an insane amount and loot drops just don't seem to improve. Even just unlocking survival on the large maps is daunting. So when the bonus maps aren't doing it for me I try the DLC maps. Same problem. I can do the first one but the next? Nope! No hope. So bonus maps and DLC maps aren't giving me what I need to improve my characters... challenges maybe? Nope. This has caused me to leave the game several times now. I keep coming back because it's an AMAZING game but it's just not always obvious how to continue progressing. The only way I've been able to improve my chances on some nightmare survival maps is by playing Helms Deep mod which drops high quality loot but that feel like cheating to me because it's an easy and short map. I don't know what the solution to this problem is and I'm not saying to get rid of the grind or lower difficulty. Just having better idea of what I need to strive for next would be nice.
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    I agree she needs a buff after this hard nerf. How do you even beat Onslaught on higher floors now without her Planteras Blessing? And why remove it anyways when they just add poison servos? Makes no sense to me... Took me hours to get my Planteras Blessing to level 9. All that is gone now. Why nerfing her again after nearly no one plays her anymore? Why not fix her hornets nests instead of doing this? This just supports the current meta. MFR+Flame Aura... Did I miss anything?
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    Crushing damage nerf, when CG really doesn't want people to climb
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    First sentence basicaly said "If you dont like it then dont play", which with the size of what will eventually be the community, that is bad advertising. Second sentence has already been addressed in DD2 once and I bet they go with that because more players have hated it more than anything. In DD2 we used to have to grind shards in lower tiers to play higher tiers. With the timer being, "Play lower difficulties to get your build right then play higher difficulties". Since people already hate it, I doubt that's going to be a good answer to the question. Overall, I think there is a possibility to have both no timers through a natural playthrough and a mode with timers for the challenge, as they have stated on their streams already. This topic has already been discussed vastly already on the forums by the players and addressed by CG themselves. They have also brought up hero swapping during build/combat phase since they will be moving away from Forge interaction and will have inventories accessible anywhere which will change how DD1 would play at a base level and timers are still at a higher level of the game. Lastly, we have to remember that DD1 is getting quite old as far as games go. Things will need to be changed and revamped to match what current generation games do to bring in a current generation gamer. If you only bow to the older devoted gamers then your playerbase will be much smaller and much less sustainable. This isn't going to be a DD1 remaster, it's going to be DDA using elements of DD1 and DD2 to what is hopefully going to be a better game than both.
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    I've seen some posts where people talk about "Build Timer", there are people who like it and other people who don't like it and say they should remove it. I personally don't like it but I think it would be better to enable an option similar to "Hardcore mode" but with "Build Timer", those who want build timer activate it and get better loot and more experience because they add more difficulty (similar to Hardcore Mode) and those who don't want build timer don't activate it. In this way everyone will be happy =).
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    DEFENDERS! We just pushed out a hotfix for PC and PlayStation 4, and Xbox One! This hotfix is aimed and squishing some bugs, bringing poison mods into alignment, and adding something new! Let’s get into it. Elemental Combos The Poison Chip, and it’s combination with Earth damage to create petrify, is an awesome addition to the game. Though we performed rigorous testing, we found that there were instances where this combo was overriding every other setup in terms of usage, and providing way too much CC and power. Some of the issues were with other Mods. We changed these Mods to prevent these broken interactions: Ballista Bite is now Burning Bolts Poison damage turned into fire damage. Venomous Viper is now Fiery Fangs Poison damage turned into fire damage. Plantera’s Blessing is now Fireblossom Blessing Poison damage turned into fire damage. We completely understand that these mods were fun and awesome to interact with as poison, and we didn’t want to just alter a combination, leaving less choice, and that be it. So to provided even MORE options than before, we added a POISON SERVO as a possible Mod. Previously it was only as a Chip for weapons, limiting your combinations on towers to take advantage of Petrify. Our goal is to make things as fun as possible, so while we’re sorry that it may affect your current builds, we wanted to try and make up for it by providing a Mod that gives more flexibility than before! Bug Fixes Fixed an issue with returning players getting stuck while loading into the game. The following Mods have had elemental attunements assigned to them Shocking Revelation (Lightning) Lingering Hellfire (Fire) Adjusted freezes to increase earth damage by 10% when shattered instead of scaling from enemy level and HP. Petrified enemies now take 5% more damage while petrified, taunt mechanic removed. Fixed an issue where Grave Infection was not doing damage, and now does only poison damage. Fixed an issue where Dragon’s Gaze was not able to equip shards. Adjusted Spider’s Kiss to deal poison damage. Fixed a couple bugs that caused enemy health to go negative. SOCIAL DEFENDERS To get reliable updates on what’s to come, be sure to check out our social platforms for the latest juiciest beans to be spilled: Twitter Facebook Discord Twitch The entire team has had a blast making this content, we cannot wait for all of you to get your hands on our next update. Stay tuned for more info soon! For Etheria! The Dungeon Defenders II Team
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    This thread will be what my full thoughts and feedback (and also suggestions) about the new and returning weapons from the Defender-Centric update. I wanted to make this sooner, but got kinda busy. So yeah, let's get to it! Well, collecting the weapons was sorta nice, I'm glad that some of the legacy weapons are returning. However, the way it's distributed and executed is kinda... Disappointing in some way to me as a weapons collector. Personally, I find most of the new weapons not looking very legendary. Tomes like The Dictionary, The Notepad, The Plumber, or Featherweight etc looks like they belong in lower tiers like powerful or sturdy. The Protean, Prestigious, Seaworthy, and Drakenfrost weapons were amazing, most of what comes next aside from the returning legacy weapons was a major downgrade there. The next factor would be the tier gating of weapons looking more epic the higher the tier is isn't really much either. I'll admit that the third tier looks quite good, but as for the second and first, there's hardly any difference. Also with higher tiers also giving weapons from the previous tiers, you can hardly even see the difference which I'll have to say, it isn't quite fun. The third factor of my disappointment was that I was hoping that some of the legacy weapons be saved for futures content however, they just went in to the gifts. And the fourth factor was that "Mananode's" gifts were literally the texture same as Winterfest's Whimsical Presents. I was expecting that the gifts would look "Ancient-y" However, I can't blame that as most of the manpower went into DDA but that's still a letdown. So, I have a suggestion and also two alternate routes of my suggestion, I'll get right to it - The main part of the suggestion would be reclassify these weapons, which should be alright as there's the evolve system- The Notepad - Sturdy (As it pales in comparison with the Necronomicon) The Dictionary - Powerful (As it pales in comparison with the Necronomicon) Featherweight - Sturdy The Plumber - Powerful Golden Gargoyle - Mythical Dragon's Gaze - Mythical (That bow looks more like a plexus-fied version of the Dragon's Visage which is dope. However, it pales in comparison with Protean and Prestigious for example. And since the plexus costumes is mythical in rarity, it's also fitting that this bow is too.) Dream Protector - Stay Legendary (But I would remove the locked oil chip, frankly, the sword would look way better without that.) As for the rest of the weapons here's the first alternate route after the above suggestion - (1) Here's how I would re-categorize the gift tiers with most of above weapons reclassified - Mananode's Amazing Gift - This tier awards party-ish and goofy (but still legendary looking) weapons. Mananode's Spoils of War - This tier awards dark and enemy-based weapons. Mananode's Ancient Offering - This tier awards prestigious, ancient and elemental styled weapons. (Which is why I'd suggest putting in ManaAxe and Fury of the Angel too) And also to avoid the RNG problem (partially), each type present do not give a weapon from the previous tier but instead, higher floors victory chest has a chance to drop either type of presents. Of course the guaranteed schedules stays the same. (2) As for the second alternate route of the suggestion which I actually prefer more. It still follows most of first alternate route but the current gift system will only be temporary and will change to what below as/ if more content arrives... Onslaught only awards Mananode's Ancient Offering. Amazing Gifts can only be obtained though the Dragonfall Carnival Spoils of War can only be obtainable through a new gamemode or difficulty that's not chaos (Nightmare and Annihilation for example if they actually arrive). The goal of this was to try to make the weapon drop table as thematic as possible instead of being completely random and unthematic. So yeah, that's my thoughts, feedback and suggestions regarding the gifts and weapons of The Defender-Centric update. I'm not expecting the suggestions to be a reality but it would be awesome if it is. As a weapons collector, the irregularities does quite bother me, I have to admit. This recent update is still awesome, I'm still looking forward to messing with the vendors but it's just this part of the update that just doesn't feel right. Cheers then!
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    What's there anymore on Onslaught? aka, the only game mode left supposedly to be challenging (end game content?) When the update hit, I had a bit of hope that mayb this time, onslaught can be slightly more rewarding as we climb higher. Mayb some more incentive to encourage us to reach our maximum potential. But no, we still get the exact same stuff if we just play 85 - 88 over and over, compared with people at 900. I more and more can now sympathize many I know who quit. Last night was the fist time, since I started DD2, that I started to feel a bit tired. I had a semi-clear goal before my AP; a goal for the AP logo I desired; a goal for the Min Asc I wanted. Now, idk anymore. We got many cool stuff as we progressed in early stage challanges, one-and-only Hyper Shards, Defender Medals, special flairs from different modes. After all that, now I'm ready to test my potential, but what's there anymore? Gold? do expedition, don't even have winning streak in onslaught with less gold, with much harder difficulty; Mats? expedition; c8 amp/shard? cap at f83; High onslaught for cool-looking weapons? oh wait... they cap way before f83; Awesome special flairs? nvm, there isn't even any. But we can surely get more of those prestigious weapons that we have only NPC-sold less than 1000 :) I don't know whether CG just doesn't want to take care of this anymore. With implement of so many new stuff like "shard vending" "new c8 shards" "new weapon", there were many opportunities to implement stuff incrementally with onslaught (spread out weapon drop?; drop DM/gold more and more as we progress?; New flairs spread thruout entire onslaught?; higher drop rate of c8 shard as we progress?) Yet, everything is still optimized, to do em in lower content only. TL DR: I just feel like I need some good indicators to remind me where I am at, and that I'm progressing. There's a problem when people ask me where I'm at and I have no clue, cuz all I do is press "next floor". Whether thru rewards, or logos, or loot, or wtv really. update: Got a new goal!!! Gild all c8 shards in the game haha. Let's see how long that'll take, I look forward to it. and look forward to if any changes occur by the time i accomplish the goal.
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    Palantir Accs are really bad compared to other accs farmed from Winter Wonderland, Temple of Love, Embermount, Crystalline Dimension, Arcane Library, Greater Turkey Hunt, and most of the time, Lab Assault. As far as im aware, the Palantir set is the only set that has never gotten a buff. Hopefully if a buff goes through, they would be worth farming. I personally farmed about 30 hours of this map which is around 130 runs and not a single acc capped supreme and not a single supreme got over 450 even if i dumped all the points into it. If we get a bunch of people to vote in the poll thing im going to make here if it works then it might get changed. If you already voted and ya really want this to go through, just comment +1 on this.
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    I was just thinking about how awesome it would be to have Mario themed content on the switch version, here’s my idea: Skins: Squire:Mario Apprentice:Luigi Huntress:Peach Monk:Toad Have a custom map that takes place in Mushroom Kingdom and all the enemy skins are replaced with Goombas, Koopas, Piranha Plants, Bullet Bills, etc. with the final boss being Bowser. I know this will never happen but I can’t help but want to share my dream.
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    210 cv, I highly doubt you want this more than I do Spidermane
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    She needs a buff for sure Salad is useless and can't reach high onslaught Also there are dryad specific mods (harpy poison for instance)
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    I am one of those people where build timers is an extremely negative experience through disabilities and mental health issues. I was happy when they removed them from DD2. Many more people will be going into DDA from DD2 than DD1 so there may be a backlash over the re-introduction of build timers. Plus keep in mind for survival and pure strategy the timers were turned off by default. That being said as an option that players could activate similar to how hardcore was in DD1 I have no issues. Hardcore offered better loot and XP but not to the point that hardcore was THE ONLY mode worth playing. If implemented in such a way that it is not a huge penalty to play without it,and there are enough players wishing for it then fair enough else no thankyou.
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    Thanks to everyone that entered! I will be looking at it tonight after work and will roll for items.
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    Before that patch, you'd be lucky to find an Annatar with better than 70 in any given stat, now they just spawn at Lab Assault quality. Which means they're still trash.
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    Some special flairs every 50/100 floors are enuf to incent me Weapons would've been good, but we already passed that, when we decided to reward f90 & f900 the same weapon.
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    1. Have the killing blow on the enemy to proc Boom Servo
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    ty for the giveaway https://steamcommunity.com/id/phildodo/ https://imgur.com/a/E0ZYzSg lets see who can beat this :D
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    This is something I've wanted for a while, but acknowledge it could be considered OP for anything other than survival or non-timed campaign/challenges, and would be troublesome to reconcile with limited mana on the first wave too I admit, not sure what that'd look like. In essence - Some way of "Saving" a build somehow. When you load the map, all of the defenses are automatically placed from memory from the last "saved build" you set up. It will use all of the same towers from the same characters you used (If it can't find that character anymore, its defenses won't be placed). Maybe one way around the mana issue is to only remember the wave 1 build, and then remember the wave 2 build and so forth (and remove the chests from the map so you can't get extra mana). I am sure this would be a nightmare to code, but it'd be cool. Also it would only work for the host (clearly, trying to implement several different people in the saved build would obviously come with a lot of complications). One thing you could do to remove the "OP" factor is make it so you have to "Unlock" the Save option, by beating the map normally first without it. After you've proven your worth (beat it without) then you can save your builds. I love playing with new builds, but eventually, you have a map on farm status and just building the same thing especially on large maps just because tedious after a while, you know? Even worse when it comes to things that you need to farm heavily like coal for example. At the very least, let us do this on Survival maps... it would be a huge quality of life improvement for farming that same map over and over. In particular, on crystalline dimension, it is not inconceivable to spend half or even more of the allotted time (so maybe 30-45 minutes) in total in build phases and that is just extremely tedious. Which actually I have no problem with doing a few times but after that it's just like ughhh =P
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