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    As people have known I have quit the main game of dd to pursue the DDDk and I have made tons of new content and I would like to propose a few of them. As the title suggest it is currently the goblin mech boss pet , the Ancient dragon boss pet, and finally the Kraken pet. I am currently planning on doing all the bosses and potentially all of the mobs and towers ( DST/LT pet ect). (can be tested in game here on open https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1713063477) Every aspect of the pets a subject to change as I update them. dragonattack.url
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    Palantir Accs are really bad compared to other accs farmed from Winter Wonderland, Temple of Love, Embermount, Crystalline Dimension, Arcane Library, Greater Turkey Hunt, and most of the time, Lab Assault. As far as im aware, the Palantir set is the only set that has never gotten a buff. Hopefully if a buff goes through, they would be worth farming. I personally farmed about 30 hours of this map which is around 130 runs and not a single acc capped supreme and not a single supreme got over 450 even if i dumped all the points into it. If we get a bunch of people to vote in the poll thing im going to make here if it works then it might get changed. If you already voted and ya really want this to go through, just comment +1 on this.
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    And we're back on! It's the third wave! Thanks to a Juicebags video (link here), I'm finally able to track what I have collected so far and what I need to collect! Now then, let's get to it! NEW WEAPONS 27 Blue Raspberry 28 Shard Ripper (A DAMN cool bow!) RETURNING WEAPONS You can reference them here! 29 Jurassic Revenge 30 Toxic Shock (Has a Locked poison mods) 31 Dark Ritual Blade And, also thanks to that Juicebags' vid too, the list of which tier of gifts each weapon is on is finally determined! Mananode's Gift - Blue Raspberry, Honey Comber, Impaling Cutter, Spider's Fang, Mauled Cleaver, Shard Ripper The Plumber, Golden Gargoyle, The Notepad and The Dictionary. Mananode's Amazing Gfit - Chilling Touch, Summoner's Grasp, Harbinger's Watch, Dream Protector, Jolly Farmer, Candy Crusher, Harbinger's Voidreaver, Featherweight, Harbinger's Fist, Kobold Klenser, and Harbinger's Punch. Mananode's Special Gift - Staff of Thrones, Sword of Unholy Fire, Slicin' Shot, Zeddy the Teddy, Jurassic Revenge, Dragon's Gaze, Toxic Shock, Phantom Phoenix, Flaring Glaive and Dark Ritual Blade. So yeah, most likely this is it for The Defender-Centric update weapons. I'll be focusing on the real pictures soon! And if there's actually are still weapons that I don't have out there, I'll post it here! Cheers!
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    You need 80 of those motes to get a relic to chaos 4. 80 to get to chaos 7. It cost 1.2 mill to exchange 99 c7 to c1. 1.4 mill for 99 c7 to c4 motes. This is killing me in gold as I level up at least 3 relics up to c7 immediately . You must come down in prices for this by AT Least 75%. Let us play with our defenses and have fun, not limiting us to only a couple ever time we reset. Good lord I would like to have been in that room when some super smart guy said, "Hey lets 's charge them millions of gold per transfer so it will be harder on them."
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    Well, DD2 doesn't exactly have actual weapon skins so if you want to use a certain weapon, you'd have to find one with the stat that you're comfortable with. However, if you also mean The Protean and Seaworthy Weapons with Unique Death Animations that the Emporium's selling some stats are locked that way but I think for monk's polearm, it's not locked, so you have to check each vending rotation to find that stat roll you want. Hope this helps! :)
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    These are the best looking acc and deserved to be buffed the current values. 1+
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    As someone who's gilded plenty of shards I can attest that it has always cost either 2k medals or 2mil gold.
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    Those Squire shields are awesome. So happy that CG/TE put some fun designs in. Loving these weapons.
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    Yeah, would be cool indeed. I think talismans would be better suited though. Personally, just being able to reroll primary stat for perfect stats isn't really getting me. But also being able to reroll secondaries and shot types/speeds? That mat might just shine nicely. Currently, it's quite lackluster compared to tokens.
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    Some of the new bonus maps are quite hard (too hard), but just FYI they're all possible solo.
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    idk about you but appealing on the forums and asking the community who is obviously against hacking and cheating isnt the way to go. and sorry to be the bearer of bad new but there is literally no way of this getting approved and youre talking about how theres so many solo players and your hacking wont affect anyone or anything. then why arent there more posts? well, thats because those solo players dont hack or atleast they dont complain. also also also, just hack on open or listen to what thaleskpl said and download an old version and play by yourself. and idk if youll read this so ill make this part really excessive. If you want to hack your stats and play solo anyways, play on local. theres no need to play on ranked if youre playing by yourself anyways oh and as a side note. when you said something about "seriously guys, come on now. who cares." uhh well sorry to tell you but the communites from dd1 dd2 the devs from CG and everyone who will possibly ever use this forums is against hacking. as another side note. you can beat everything solo. its not hard, you just have to stop hacking and actually try to play the game
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    Thanks. Sad no love for PS4... Even on DD1 for PS3, we always felt like the forgotten step-child of the TE world. Xbox even gets gem sales apparently. Sony make TE mad or something? When it comes to sales outside of the game, every platform is different. We do our best to line them all up at the same time, but sometimes it doesn't work out. :)
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    We can go back before update and buy a stack of plain motes for 6m xD
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