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    Well, looks like due to RNGs and some tricky factor of determining which tier the weapons belong too, the time needed was much needed then expected or anticipated. I don't really want to keep you awesome defenders waiting. So...I'm just going to this the old fashion style! As many waves as it takes! :) I'll update any new info I come across as soon as I can like which version of gifts a weapon started appearing! For now, what I've written is which tier I've personally gotten from. (Edited off for now) Now, let's feast our eyes on the new weapons - wave 1! (Note that all subsequent images will be temp images. I'll do my usual version in time. Just not using a comp to be able to do that currently) All weapons listed here comes in legendary! NEW WEAPONS 1. The Plumber 2. The Notepad 3. The Dictionary 4. Honey Comber After so long since it appeared in loading screens it's here now! 5. Candy Crusher 6. Golden Gargoyle Fun Fact - Looks to be a redeco of Ghastly Gargoyle! 7. Dragon's Gaze - looks to be redeco of Dragon's Visage! RETURNING WEAPONS. You can reference these weapons out by checking this out - 8. Impaling Cutter 9. Spider's Fang (Check page 1 of this thread) 10 Mauled Cleaver 11. Harbinger's Fist 12. Harbinger's Punch 13. Chilling Touch 14. Kobold Klenser 15. Staff of Thrones 16. Sword of Unholy Fire (has a locked poison chip) That's it for this wave, more waves to come! Stay tuned!
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    Same lol I haven't touched dd1 in ages but picked it up again. There is still stuff to do anyways since I still gotta get ultimate defender and some more super legendary costumes... maybe farm a few of the new maps, get a diamond pet ...
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