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    The new drakenfrost keep with the dragon freezing defenses 3-4 times seems like it would be a good idea for incursion but it is just a nuisance when farming c7. Worse of all, it is horrendous for onslaught. It makes no sense that we already have to deal with modifiers and you throw this crazy idea where our defenses get frozen multiple times a round. I wasnt near hitting my max floor prior to this update but as soon as i hit 189 i called it quits. There already is no incentive to push beyond 80 other than to possibly get a defender pack and to get on the leaderboards. Making onslaught not just a chore, but an annoyance ever 10 levels is insanity. I want this map in onslaught but just take the stupid dragon out. Id rather play 5 temples than play an incursion in onslaught. Or turn off modifiers and keep it as an incursion. Not both. I will not be playing onslaught anymore due to this so i guess thats it for me. No point in farming mods to play c7...
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    I remember this one as it was the only one I had to make notes on to complete. Luckily for you I still have my notes! Facts: you have 800 DU to build with, can only build towers, and must have 10 different ones on the map. My Solution: build all towers near the crystal and use a frostbite tower with frosty power, destruction, and deadly strikes shards, then def rage, def power mods(this will buff everything!) I went with 6X Earth shatter for main damage (360 DU) and 3x Cannon towers (90 DU) = 450 DU to have 2xearth shatter and one cannon for each lane. Leaving 350 DU to build 8 other towers. The other towers I went with are: 1 PDT (40du) 1 Skyguard(50du) 1 Hailstorm(40du) 1 Ramster(50du) 1 skeleArhers(40du) 1 Ballista(60du) 1 Obelisk(40du) and the Frostbite(30du) mentioned earlier. Then the trick is to have good range on the Earth shatter and point them to where they are hitting enemies before they can target the towers. I picked upgrading the Skyguard early to help a lot with all the fliers you will have on 3 lanes. and run around the outer perimeter with you hero to kill as much as you can. Build image attached. Have fun, Ramshead
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    Agreed! This way you wouldn't have to connect everyday when you don't have the time to! There's already some room available in the daily / weekly quest UI haha
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    Just tested this and it's still an issue as of march 26 2019. Although from my tests it's not just snipe but the exploit weakness doesn't seem to be contributing at all to my dps on roller butts, or if it is it's not stacking the way other anti mods stack in this game. I'm at ~4 mil dps just holding left click on my GW and I'm getting almost exactly 4 mil on roller butts. 10/10 exploit weakness ships on every slot of gear. Should be 4 mil x 1.7 x 4 the way other anti mods stack which means I should get 27 mil or so dps on a roller, or basically an instant kill for C7. Even if it stacks additively it would be 4 mil x 3.8 for ~15 mil dps which is still nowhere near what I'm actually seeing. As it stands I'm submitting it as a bug report.
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    Don't know if this is possible, but was thinking: Be able to retry even if completed until you get 5 stars <=> Retry until you get all of today's rewards So that you don't lose a reward because X happened at the last second before you won the map. And yeah, rewards scaling on how many stars you've acquired, maybe an extra little something at the end of the month based on specific star tiers (30 stars T1, 60 T2, 90 T3, 120 T4, 150 T5, this scenario being with one map a day, might be too much). Not obligatory to be something big, just something to say hey congrats, here is a lil gift :) (something that makes the time investment worth). That monthly part being very optional.
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    To be honest, I'd be fine leaving Drakenfrost is if they would only make 1 small change to how frost functions in general: Fire elemental towers should be unaffected by freezing of any sort. It's a pretty simple fix that would still require players to plan, but wouldnt have frost orcs overwhelm your defenses due to that split second of them being frozen while you relight the torch.
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    Yep! I'm really hoping for that too! The game still have great potential there!
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    You may have to be more specific, because there are 2 different freezing mechanics which require different solutions. First is the debuff applied by Drakenfrost, The Drakenlord, and the Yeti's snowballs. You can work around this with 100% tenacity or the automation shard. Conversely, at least on the Drakenfrost map, keeping the torches lit will solve it, too. Second, Frost Orcs have a seperate freezing debuff that harshly cuts the attack rate of any nearby towers just by them standing near it. Sadly, Tenacity does not prevent this, but you can work around it by either equipping a gilded defense rate shard AND a perfect attack rate mod at the same time, or by using towers that kill them with fire damage before they enter debuff range (I use fissures with defense range/anti melee/anti frost, and they work wonders even well into the hundreds). I'm not sure which debuff was giving you issues, but this should cover any frost related issues you might have. Good luck.
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    Definitely needs to have plenty of attempts possible, as beating a mastery stage in one shot is not always easy. To keep it fair for all, would have to be C1-C3 maps, as that is what the weeklies are already doing, although i think c2 maps were harder than c7 maps in that mode. Maybe only set it so you only need 3 stars to get the prize.
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