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    Well you have to actually be able to afford the items. As long as the currency distribution isn't crazy high in the lower-mid difficulties I don't think there'll be much issue with people "skipping" a lot of content because it'll take longer for them to acquire the currency to do so than it would to just do the content and progress normally. Maybe in the very long run the game will be so saturated with upper-tier stuff that it becomes cheap enough for people to skip content such as you can in DD1. But after numerous years I don't feel like people skipping the mid-game is that big of a deal.
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    The first and mostly - I would love a whole lot variety of costumes and flairs (and I mean a whole lot). I've seen DD1 costumes, frankly, many of them aren't that great to me (I do dig some) and don't really leave lot for customization for personalization. However, I do remember seeing a customized EV2 at one point, but I'll still say that many costumes are quite lacking. Can't really say what I want more from DD2 as I would prefer a new experience with DDA.
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    People have posted a lot of good ideas here, and I wanted to throw in my two cents... 1. I'm a fan of special loot that you have capped as far as equipping it goes. The way that World of Warcraft did legendaries in Legion comes to mind, where you could equip two pieces of gear that dramatically changed the mechanics of your character for the better in a unique way, but you could only have 2 equipped at a time. 2. I'm a fan of random loot that you can tinker and upgrade as you go. Again Legion has some good things to take here. The artifact weapons were fun because of how invested you could get in upgrading them. As you went through the whole expansion you formed what's like an emotional connection with your weapon as it grew with you in leveling and customization. Something similar to DD2's upgrade system with mods and such, but less of a grind to get near max gear (286 rerolls for a 10/10 mod is a bit excessive. To get one character fulled decked out with 10/10 mods you have to grind out 7,722 rerolls which is ~514 hours of playing if you just grind out 8 minute resort maps, so it's not feasible to get 10/10 mods on all your gear for every character). 3. The mods themselves are great and fun in my opinion. It seems like you could incorporate a Professor Proteus origin story to introduce them for DD:A. 4. Have low level content available at max difficulty. I would love to go through the actual campaign again in DD2, but scaled up to C7, or even beyond, for difficulty. DD:A would allow you to implement this toggle as a way to go back and get unique cool gear that you originally had at low level to be suped up and you can use again, hitting the nostalgia from within your own game, and making the old content worth doing for fun and rewards. 5. Allow us to manage inventory in game during waves. It gets us back in to the game faster, and allows for more interesting gameplay if you can switch out gear midwave to tackle a unique boss that's spawned suddenly. You also then won't be screwed if you forget to equip a set of gear for whatever reason. I'm hyped for the game, and the fact that we won't have weird investors pushing the design towards milking the players for cash at every opportunity is going to be wonderful. If any of the stuff I listed above make it into the game I'd be thrilled, but I already backed on kickstarter so I'm getting it either way.
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    Well, one thing to consider is that this is an indie game made on a relatively small budget in what's targeted to be a fairly tiny time frame. If they try and redesign every aspect of the game we're going to end up with a really messed up half-baked game on release that might not ever get fully fixed (much like DD2). I'm probably going to sound a bit rude saying this - but after seeing how the various iterations of DD2 have gone I personally don't want a "new" game. I don't hate the game but CG took their shot at something "new" and then spent 4? years trying to pad it out and it's still a hollow shell of a game with little meaning and only a small amount of meaningful progression. It's arguably less of a game than DD1 - people certainly aren't going to be grinding it out still in 7 years time. I imagine that it'd have been a far greater game if CG had of started it as a "modernized" DD1 and spent the last 4 years developing and adding to it instead of doing everything over and over again.
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    The new drakenfrost keep with the dragon freezing defenses 3-4 times seems like it would be a good idea for incursion but it is just a nuisance when farming c7. Worse of all, it is horrendous for onslaught. It makes no sense that we already have to deal with modifiers and you throw this crazy idea where our defenses get frozen multiple times a round. I wasnt near hitting my max floor prior to this update but as soon as i hit 189 i called it quits. There already is no incentive to push beyond 80 other than to possibly get a defender pack and to get on the leaderboards. Making onslaught not just a chore, but an annoyance ever 10 levels is insanity. I want this map in onslaught but just take the stupid dragon out. Id rather play 5 temples than play an incursion in onslaught. Or turn off modifiers and keep it as an incursion. Not both. I will not be playing onslaught anymore due to this so i guess thats it for me. No point in farming mods to play c7...
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    So I wont highlight everything, but from DD1 to DD2 to DDE there have been a lot of good, and a lot of bad things. 1) Make towers far more important than they were in DD2 (less emphasis on dps heros) 2) Allow active builders to not get one shot like they did in DD1 (DDE fixed that issue) 3) Unique items akin to those of DD1---special weapons and pets with very unique abilities/functionality 4) No daily quests! Let me play when and how I want please. 5) Cash shop cosmetics only! I dont want them...but make some money off those that do as long as they dont effect gameplay in any way 6) Hot swapping at least during build phase---build timers can be adjusted accordingly! running to and from the forge is not a skill 7) End game gear rarity akin to DD1---good freakin luck finding ult++ lol 8) Player driven economy, at a bare minimum tavern sales like DD1. but really cmon just put in an auction house with customizable search parameters. I spent an absurd amount of time buying/selling/trading with other players in DD1 to get that one thing i needed....and get rid of the super rare thing i didnt need. 9) No perma lockdown...DD1 gas traps...DDE enrage auras...DD2 proton beams. Also this means nothing that requires perma lockdown lol, sharken come to mind here. 10) Highest quality loot from survival mode. Most unique loot from challenges and bosses (or possibly survival completion rewards if it wont be endless) And most importantly...when in doubt just do what you did in DD1 as it was by far the best iteration of the franchise. Hope this hits the devs ears, already backed the kickstarter and have extremely high hopes for this bringing us back to what dungeon defenders started out as and what it was meant to be!
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    I see a LOT of agonizing about duping on this forum, with plenty of suggestions of dictatorial control over player data and other Live Service trappings in order to counter it. I would like to point out that item duping is NOT the end of the world, and is, in fact not a big deal even in cases where a LOT of money is involved. Let me tell you all a little story: One of the best thoroughbred polo horses in the entire world is a clone. This horse's owner has numerous other clones of the same original horse, and even sells these cloned horses and their reproductive cells to other polo players and breeders. The regulatory board that maintains the rules for polo, which, like all sports, has a ton of money involved in it and high-stakes gambling attached to it, is completely okay with this. What is the moral of this story? Polo players riding duped horses are allowed to compete side-by-side with players riding unique horses in any and all polo matches. Enormous sums of money change hands for both duped and non-duped horses, and via wagers on the results of the polo matches involving these horses. If duped horses are allowed in a money-soaked, high-stakes arena like polo, worrying about duped digital items for imaginary characters in a videogame is abjectly stupid and a complete waste of time and developer resources. https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2016/12/six-cloned-horses-help-rider-win-prestigious-polo-match ^For citation purposes. And if you REALLY want to combat item duping, the best way is not to take the DRM route and impose draconian control. It's to make item drops consistent enough in quality that people won't feel the need to make copies of the few good items that appear.
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    I remember this one as it was the only one I had to make notes on to complete. Luckily for you I still have my notes! Facts: you have 800 DU to build with, can only build towers, and must have 10 different ones on the map. My Solution: build all towers near the crystal and use a frostbite tower with frosty power, destruction, and deadly strikes shards, then def rage, def power mods(this will buff everything!) I went with 6X Earth shatter for main damage (360 DU) and 3x Cannon towers (90 DU) = 450 DU to have 2xearth shatter and one cannon for each lane. Leaving 350 DU to build 8 other towers. The other towers I went with are: 1 PDT (40du) 1 Skyguard(50du) 1 Hailstorm(40du) 1 Ramster(50du) 1 skeleArhers(40du) 1 Ballista(60du) 1 Obelisk(40du) and the Frostbite(30du) mentioned earlier. Then the trick is to have good range on the Earth shatter and point them to where they are hitting enemies before they can target the towers. I picked upgrading the Skyguard early to help a lot with all the fliers you will have on 3 lanes. and run around the outer perimeter with you hero to kill as much as you can. Build image attached. Have fun, Ramshead
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    It means that just because you dislike or don't agree with a specific user, that it does not turn the forums into a place where you can harass/degrade/bully/antagonize/etc said user because of dislike/disagreement.
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    Agreed! This way you wouldn't have to connect everyday when you don't have the time to! There's already some room available in the daily / weekly quest UI haha
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    Even with mutators there's still a solid meta for each one, you just said that yourself. Shoving a couple more defenses into the meta and making the others even more unappealing doesn't do much to actually help diversity, it hinders it. I wouldn't mind the system being turned into something that makes the game (or perhaps just a game mode) harder without forcing you into using certain defenses, but I'm not all that keen on having choices taken away from me again after that being almost all of DD2's basis. Well I doubt levels will go very high without ascension and I can't imagine ascension is something returning (unless I missed CG saying something?) so AP isn't going to do much on it's own.
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    Just tested this and it's still an issue as of march 26 2019. Although from my tests it's not just snipe but the exploit weakness doesn't seem to be contributing at all to my dps on roller butts, or if it is it's not stacking the way other anti mods stack in this game. I'm at ~4 mil dps just holding left click on my GW and I'm getting almost exactly 4 mil on roller butts. 10/10 exploit weakness ships on every slot of gear. Should be 4 mil x 1.7 x 4 the way other anti mods stack which means I should get 27 mil or so dps on a roller, or basically an instant kill for C7. Even if it stacks additively it would be 4 mil x 3.8 for ~15 mil dps which is still nowhere near what I'm actually seeing. As it stands I'm submitting it as a bug report.
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    Don't know if this is possible, but was thinking: Be able to retry even if completed until you get 5 stars <=> Retry until you get all of today's rewards So that you don't lose a reward because X happened at the last second before you won the map. And yeah, rewards scaling on how many stars you've acquired, maybe an extra little something at the end of the month based on specific star tiers (30 stars T1, 60 T2, 90 T3, 120 T4, 150 T5, this scenario being with one map a day, might be too much). Not obligatory to be something big, just something to say hey congrats, here is a lil gift :) (something that makes the time investment worth). That monthly part being very optional.
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    They should stop local hosting in taverns and do everything via the trendy servers. Problem with cheatengine solved
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    To be honest, I'd be fine leaving Drakenfrost is if they would only make 1 small change to how frost functions in general: Fire elemental towers should be unaffected by freezing of any sort. It's a pretty simple fix that would still require players to plan, but wouldnt have frost orcs overwhelm your defenses due to that split second of them being frozen while you relight the torch.
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    Yep! I'm really hoping for that too! The game still have great potential there!
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    Ooh, I'm already liking that. It seems to encourage having more of the same class with each being quite unique!
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    This was in the latest update in DDA's kickstarter. Damn! Love the ambience and the structures! I'm starting to look forward to battling in DDA more and more! First that awesome new region and now this! My appetite is being whet! Thank you for coming up with dope maps, Chromatic! :)
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    I notice alo of talk of DD1 trading but not DD2. DD2 was quite alright. You could see the players store and what they was selling, gold being the price of course and the choice of items was good. You could sell crafting mats, pet consumables, pets, pet eggs, tokens, gear and other stuff as well. My only issue is that you have to be online in a active town to sell your wares.
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    Cubes were a thing in DD1 because they were supposed to be rare, i.e. 1 per account. However, due to hacks, they were created out of thin air and saturated the market for a time and became a problem. Trading should be fine as long as items cant be duplicated. As far as specifying currency, the community will always decide what it values for trading, even if it isnt the official currency. The valued currency seems to change over time too.
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    You may have to be more specific, because there are 2 different freezing mechanics which require different solutions. First is the debuff applied by Drakenfrost, The Drakenlord, and the Yeti's snowballs. You can work around this with 100% tenacity or the automation shard. Conversely, at least on the Drakenfrost map, keeping the torches lit will solve it, too. Second, Frost Orcs have a seperate freezing debuff that harshly cuts the attack rate of any nearby towers just by them standing near it. Sadly, Tenacity does not prevent this, but you can work around it by either equipping a gilded defense rate shard AND a perfect attack rate mod at the same time, or by using towers that kill them with fire damage before they enter debuff range (I use fissures with defense range/anti melee/anti frost, and they work wonders even well into the hundreds). I'm not sure which debuff was giving you issues, but this should cover any frost related issues you might have. Good luck.
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    I don’t think it would speed up content because you would first have to have some currency to trade for or have to farm an item worth trading. For example, in DD1, I spent a long time with trans builders and only a couple sup, until a lucky ++ drop let me trade for a couple sup dps tower sets.. which I guess sped up the process of getting to a point where I could solo a larger portion of end game, but I could have ran end game in trans with a group. I don’t think it speeds up any process that would be detrimental to another player’s experience at all.. there is always the option to ignore the trading aspect if you don’t approve, but he’s who want to trade cannot choose to do so unless the option is there Further, someone’s garbage could be someone else’s gold and if both players want a piece each other has, it only makes the game more enjoyable, in my opinion
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    I would assume it would come down to the manner in which ones agrees or disagrees with another poster. Constructive critism should be encouraged outright bullying or toxic posts should be removed and possibly users banned or warned for behaviour. I try where I can to be constructive where i differ from other people, and be respectful in my responses. Sadly there have been many posts and threads where it can quickly turn into name calling and toxic behaviour and this leads to Mods and Devs reminding users this cannot and will not be tolerated. Some people can also take their personal dislike of a person and just flame them at every opportunity in forum discussions even if they actually agree with what the actual post says. This is what is meant if you read the rule carefully not just disagreeing with the post in general.
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    I prefer the DD2 style. It's cartoony and full of character, while the DD1 style makes me think of a college digital art major's first 3D project. One of my favorite visual things in DD2 is how the drakens' flap their little t-rex arms in a stroked-out fashion as they're being electrocuted.
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    Welp. The good news is, that it's us and not some randos. The bad news is, it looks super shade. We were trying to test out some new methods of not having our emails get automatically picked up as "spam/promotions" in people's inboxes to increase our open rate on our newsletter blasts, and this one seemed to work, but it doesn't look so great. Some of the extra stuff going on in that e-mail is a tracking tag so that we can see if you opened the e-mail and then backed the Kickstarter project. Here's a snapshot of how that ends up looking for us: Complete with our tag typo and everything. I apologize if this looks weird, we're just trying to do what we can to get the word out about the Kickstarter as much as possible. We'll do our best to improve the execution and professionalism of these e-mails in the future, and I really appreciate everyone's feedback when it comes to these kinds of things.
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    I think clear metas indicate a lack of proper balancing. When all things are subjectively equal, the only difference is personal choice. You see this most IMO in fighting games. When one character far outweighs the rest - ever single match has at least one player playing as them. Same with builds in DD2 - there is a very clear reason why WM is in every build and not TDs, and it is not personal choice. There are about a half dozen defs in DD2 that clearly got the short end of the development and testing stick. However, proper balancing becomes harder and harder as you add elements of complexity - such as more enemies, more heroes, and wild cards like mutators and hard counters. I like the complexity and having choices. Right now the saddest thing about DDA is that only 4 heroes are thus far confirmed. That is only 16 building options, which is not a lot. Or at least it does not feel like a lot after all that DD2 gave us to play with.
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    The Chaos enemies were far less annoying than the Nightmare Lost Shards enemies from the first game. Sharkens, Spiders, Djinns, and Copter Ogres just flat-out broke every rule of defense building and served as hard counters for everything except Summoner minions. Sharkens messed up EVERY blockade. Except minions. Spiders messed up any non-360-degree defense. So minions, auras, and traps were the only solutions, and the spiders could drop from anywhere. Djinns desummoned everything. Except minions. Copters flew over everything and dropped massive stat-check minibosses directly on the crystal/objective. Anyone remember when Trendy was forced to nerf them to keep the flight cap ogres from being able to damage the crystal/objective? Cyborks are a massive PitA, but I'll still deal with them any day over the BS enemies I just listed.
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    We want to get as many of the flex goals completed as possible. Some require more time or bringing on new members who have the specialty for a specific feature/service. It's all up in the air, but we're funded, so DD:A is coming regardless! :)
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    Definitely needs to have plenty of attempts possible, as beating a mastery stage in one shot is not always easy. To keep it fair for all, would have to be C1-C3 maps, as that is what the weeklies are already doing, although i think c2 maps were harder than c7 maps in that mode. Maybe only set it so you only need 3 stars to get the prize.
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    I just hope that each difficulty level is not just scaled up enemy HP and attack amounts. And from the DD2 perspective - please ensure that the heroes, defs, and the crystal also can scale up in proportion equally on some level!!!! I am so tired of my crystal getting one-shot on every upper level, or my hero dying from 1-2 DA hits. Not every end-game level should be zero room for mistakes. Hard - absolutely. Extremely hard - even better. One slip up and its game over - oh hell no. I did like how each Chaos tier in DD2 was different as the enemy mix was changed up. Made each difficulty feel different. Only issue was that you did not spend much time on C1-6, as compared to overwhelmingly huge amount of time spent on C7. Onslaught was how they tired to bring that same variety to each level, but for me is was too much. Every lane being different was overkill. I'd rather have the lane rules in onslaught apply to a whole map, for only 1 map, as opposed to every lane. A little variety is a great thing. Too little or too much can be bad. So we need to find that DDA Goldilocks!
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    DD1 had terrible balance problems. That was inflated by the ever increasing stat values after Nightmare was introduced. While I like that progression and would love to not have any soft caps, there needs to be some limits in place. I would prefer the DD1 style stat system over DD2 though. No limits provides more freedom, but can also be more taxing on the engine and problematic for animations and such to work properly. That said, I do love the passive and shard system of DD2 and the ability to customize gear directly without losing a lot of progress because of one slightly higher upgrade.
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    And for the love of all that is holy...please do not have a "reset" process in this game.
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