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    What I really want to know is if the two teased and unreleased maps will be released (Barbarian and Wild West Themed). Links to each can be found here. They are fairly far along in development with some images showing the completed maps with assets down. That would seem like something that could be implemented in a DD2 patch to add a bit more spice until DDA releases. Edit...Old Links no longer work. Images below:
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    Hey all! I have a whole selection of neat ideas that would work rather well for DD2! Enjoy! Exotic - A new, red quality and the items in such quality had EXTREME mods and such items would be untradable and unsellable. They would be obtainable from new INTERACTIVE bosses and resets. These weapons would have new shot types, shot counts, weight either heavier than heavy or lighter than light, Higher extra speed and MORE! Now someone at floor 925 couln't farm special Betsy weaponary at floor 25. They could only do it at floor 925. (Basicly you could only get such weapons at you highest boss floor reached!) New weakspots! Spiders would have their legs be their weakspots, etc. Every 25 floors you could fight Betsy, a more interactive version. If you wielded swords you would do more dmg to wings as if you’re cutting them. Guns and bows do more damage to eyes ect. Beating said boss would give weapons of the new Exotic tier. Higher the floor, higher chances of such items have their special mod be 10/10. Barb mod could be gliding for Y secs with weps and every X attacks you could boost tower speed over the cap, like Betsy. (On floors like 25, 50, 75, etc.) Every 50 floors there would be the new boss, the spider boss! This boss would climb all over its arena. It could summon smaller spiders! Would give special spider weapons and, possibly, a new cool spider pet with new abilities! The legs of this spider would be its weakspot, and if you hot them with a blade it would deal even more damage! One of the exotic weapons you would get would be ''Spider's Fang'', an bow that was used to be sold by the blacksmith, but is now unobtainable. (On floors like 51, 101, 151, etc.) Every 75 Floors you would encounter Harbinger. Same story as betsy. He could open up portals from different maps and spawn enemies and bosses from it. (Gobu bosses and enemies for dragonfall town, pirate enemies and bosses from pirate maps etc. He could pull ya with da powah of the old ones. (On floors like 76, 152, 228, etc.) You could NOT put defenses in the arenas of these bosses! You would have to dodge, attack and plan ahead to win and gain these new rewards!!! APs would allow for C8 gear to be upgraded to its old level for free (apart from C0-C7, just C8). They would also sometimes grant new weapons of the Exotic quality available ONLY from resets. Playverse Accounts - Accounts for playverse that could sync with Steam accounts (and vice-versa). They would allow for a player to get into the game without being logged into Steam. Would be useful for situations when a user can’t access their Steam account but still wants to play the game. This could also apply for DDA since the game will have offline play.
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    Hey there Defenders and Chromatic! I did create a suggestion on improvements back in 2018. Now with the new changes, it's time to write an updated version of it. It's basically a suggestion on how DD2 can be at least a complete game. I know Chromatic has plans for DD2 so we'll see how it goes. As updates rolls by I'll try to update this to fit those future states. So yeah, here we go! Early-Game (Optional) Adventures - I think some adventures should be back in acts again. For The Bling King - Maldonis - The Harbinger. Then the rest can be optional. Because it can be weird to play Isle of Dread before playing The Harbinger as you can possibly get confused with the storyline. Also it need more dialog. Feels dead without it. MID-GAME (Optional) Expeditions & Incursions (Expedi Part 1) - I think it would be better to just merge these gamemode together like one regular and one harder alternate battleground if there aren't any plans for incursions. It can still be called Expeditions just but with the incursions option included. It would be really nice to be able to play both Incursions & regular in full difficulty. And if it's possible, maybe buff some of the weak incursion into something challenging too? Ancient Power & Onslaught - This suggestions would be similar to one that I have suggested but this time, I would like to improve on it. ENDGAME (Something that I really want) I'm sure we all want something for all the power that we've grinded and farmed for to use on. Expeditions & Endgame (Expedi part 2) - I don't think we need any more power creep in progression. C8 gear is high enough already. Except for Onslaught, we don't actually have a "Hard" or "Insane" difficulty where it isn't gear progression difficulty. So I think subsequent difficulties should be actual difficulty. And it should be a new experience too. So here my rough idea of how Expedition Endgame could be - Two new difficulties - Nightmare & Annihilation. There won't be gated tiers like I to VII as they are just what it is - pure difficulty. And I think this is a good time to bring portals back and also no hard counters/chaos enemies included. So basically, here's what I imagine for Nightmare That fight at Greystone Plaza is just epic! The spread out swarm of flyers! Wow! And without the Chaos Enemies, I'm literally feeling the roots and essence of NM4 there, I want endgame to capture this! The burning direness! I want to fight those piranha carriers! That being a flyer lane boss would be sick! Make it epic! With portals, things would sure have some twist! (Am I sounding hysterical?) As for Annihilation, looking at Corrupted Gunwitch gave me some ideas! There is still portals and the enemies being corrupted with eldritch/old ones stuff and also having new and interesting powers! This is also where the final ultimate boss fight will be! This is where the ultimate defenders of Etheria face the returning old one's power! And....having this as an endgame's combat phase music would just be AWESOME - Onslaught & Endgame - (1) I really love this gamemode being the mash-up of all the other enemies, so I think to really complete the gamemode, all the rest of the enemies like forest poachers, spooky heroes, Maldonis should be added in and possibly more mutators too. (2) I think the floors that after C7 floors should have another difficulty symbol as those are definitely higher than C7 difficulty. An idea could be from 64 onward, those floors could be known as Omega difficulty as that's where Omega Wave starts. (3) I still think the Drakenlord version of Drakenfrost Keep should be removed from onslaught but replaced with a different and modified version of The Wyvern Den Betsy boss level. Since Onslaught are echoes of past battles, I totally don't mind Betsy being in there now! (I take back what I said about betsy shouldn't be in onslaught) (4) Spider Boss Suggestion from That Solar for some uncommon endgame levels. The story could be this - "The Spider Queen has returned! And she has managed to breach into the Realm of Onslaught looking to make a nest of spiders! The Heroes will have use their wits and power to wipe this menace of the realm!" I just thought that this would make Onslaught Stand out more as an unique gamemode from expeditions (that has Nightmare & Annihilation) having more unique challenges and all. In conclusion, I think with this features DD2 would have a proper progression instead of just playing random content. So here how the progression story sums up - With this, I think we have DD2 at least as a complete game that we deserve (is it alright to say that?) :) I know these suggestion might take heavily development time but I don't want DD2 to not have a decent conclusion. It has great potential here. If the others can't be done, I hope at least aspects of the Endgame suggestion is possible. I feel that it captures the essence of the DD2 that I fell in love with back then. Of course, with now Trendy being Chromatic game and no longer answer to any externals, I am also sorta excited to see the new direction the game is going to go with the plans they are having. Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this suggestion! Please! Let me know of your thoughts here, defenders & hopefully devs too! :) Cheers!
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    Greetings Defenders, This morning we released Hotfix 4.3.5 for PC, with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One receiving the hotfix in a later larger update. We'll be monitoring the result of this hotfix carefully to watch how it affects performance. Bug Fixes Made back end changes to improve general performance and connectivity. Social Defenders To get reliable updates on what’s to come, be sure to check out our social platforms for the latest juiciest beans to be spilled: Twitter Facebook Discord Twitch Stay tuned for more info! For Etheria! The Dungeon Defenders II Team
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    Pokemon Pearl and Diamond were the only ones I really played - I did play alot of it :D Infernape or (Panferno) in my language was my favourite starter Pokemon, hence why I tried to draw it^^
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    My biggest wonder is will the loot boxes be removed in favour of purchasing cosmetics outright, now that the game is (presumably) in better hands?
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    https://imgur.com/gIHIP4Y 1. New Patch Celebration 2. Rockshatter 3. Crimson <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="gIHIP4Y"><a href="//imgur.com/gIHIP4Y">View post on imgur.com</a></blockquote><script async src="//s.imgur.com/min/embed.js" charset="utf-8"></script> [Imgur](https://i.imgur.com/gIHIP4Y.jpg) Nice event
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    Hopefully this helps on my occasional lag-disconnect, though that may just be an issue of my current comp. And oh, I am definitely intrigued by the "later larger update".
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    Yep, I definitely want to know that too! :thumbsup:
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    At least I hope the objectives involve completing the game. Make it have a satisfying conclusion/endgame. Thanks goodness in the Elandrian's Holiday Check-In, there's is an objective that's quite close to that like having content that allows us to make use of all our power that we've farmed and grinded and also wanting to touch an ultimate boss style encounter. I did made some suggestions on how endgame could be which I think would make a decent conclusion. Also there's also maps that has been made but not in-game currently. I do hope they can get implemented too. And I do want the carnival to return at least as an auto-rotating event or permanently. And also have the gender swaps completed plus also having Man & Machine. That's just the major contents that I wish the game to have and I would be happy even if the game goes into life support as the game would at least be a completed game. Of course this is just me rambling so I guess I'll say we'll see what actually goes. I am open to more content beyond that if that's in Chromatic's plan.
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    Dude, I'd pay money for more content.. I dunno how hard it is to change the monetization system in this game. Just saying if you made a new expansion, and sold it. I bet people would buy it.
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    Because DD2 will continue to be supported and there is no central connectivity between all the games, Im willing to bet everything there will stay there
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    DD2 will be "slowed down" aka dying. Me among many many players who have spent thousands of hours playing the game and spent money on it are feeling pissed off about it. Focus on DD2 damn it.
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    Agreed. I do a lot on Kickstarter and love the DD franchise, but until i see flex goal #3 nearing its target - i would not drop any $$$ until then. PS4
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    Yeah, events would be nice to keep DD2 fresh indeed! Definitely would love that to come especially the Carnival. I have missed all that fun too.
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    I am so sad i missed all the Carnival fun.
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    Yes, this, exactly. Kind of the same issue that Diablo shot themselves in the foot with. Teased big news for a long time, and then - BAM cell phone game no one expected or wanted is announced, and social media crucifies them. Mostly because of the expectations that were created. Everyone wanted to hear different news, and the company did absolutely nothing to appease that desire, and created no desire at all for what was announced. For DD2, we have had a news shut out for the last 2 some months. We asked many months ago for more details and transparency every week, and for a small while it was a lot better. Then the holidays and new year came, and it has been a blackout since then. Barely any Friday Fun day streams either. Every time we ask what is going on - no details, and promises of "big things". So in our minds, we are now waiting on some HUGE DD2 news to break at some point. Then, the only news we do get is that TE is no more, and a game we never knew about is coming, with no info at all on DD2, and all of this from a source that is not TE/GC directly... It was a very bad way to build excitement for this new product and the new direction of the company. I mean, i have no issue with the change, and i want to be excited for DDA, but it really should have come to us first on the forum, before the Kickstarter launched. Let us know what is happening. If we were told about CG and DDA say around a week ago, we could have been excited for the launch of the project. Instead i at least felt blindsided and confused. And still, no DD2 info... Was this the big thing? We don't even know... The lack of a clear vision (or at least a communicated one) and narrative to fans is hurting the first steps that CG is taking IMO. I should not have to go read the comments section on Kickstarter to learn what is going on, or a half dozen other social media platforms. Some centralized, clear information is highly wanted right now, and what better place to have it then on your own forums.
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    I'm with you on not liking the look, but you may miss out on a lot of great gaming experiences if that's enough to stop you.
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    While I like the map, I can’t stand the Incursion being on Onslaught, It’s just not fun. If Trendy wanted to make Onslaught more bearable they would have more maps available per floor.. that’s the problem.. I should never get 6 Re-Rolls of the Throne Room or assault On Trone Room. But I’m with you,, get rid of the Incursion. 😄
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    Paloverde you don't have to be a Dev ... you got me all Hyped up with those images
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    If you notice carefully in the Barbarian's Wrath Trailer. Before he's being showcased in Crumbled Bulwark, the animation shows him duking out with the enemies at that barbarian map location! Plunderer's Paradise, Drakenfrost Keep, the Western maps and the Barbarian maps are stuffs that's been teased on previous dev logs. And now we have Plunderer's Paradise and Drakenfrost Keep! There's definitely great chance here! :) Oh yeah! I'm definitely still waiting for that dope hero too!
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    On their Twitter page they asked us why isn’t there any alligator enemies. It would be cool to get more enemies in the game.
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    I saw that western one in a past thread and was so sad we don't currently have it. i never saw that Barb one though. Looks amazing!!!! Great pics. Here is hoping these are not dead, but just "coming soon"...
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