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    Ooo ooo ooo! I'll answer! Have faith in us, @gotrunks712 -chan! At your kickstarter page you have mentioned the forge is in our pocket. Does that mean we will be able to access the inventory from everywhere like we did in DD2? We’re still discussing the specifics of this, but yes, our goal is to reduce the barriers to getting to the fun parts of gameplay, and we didn’t think running back and forth to the forge for item and hero management was a good time. Will you use DD2's hero swap feature and will we be able to swap heroes during combat phase? This is something we’re still discussing amongst the design team. I don’t think hero swapping in combat phase will return, but we do want to make it more efficient to do build phase without having to run back and forth and switch characters… so we’ll see. Will we have mana nodes like in DD2 or do we have to open chests for mana in DDA? We want mana acquisition to be easier than having to run around and gather every chest like in DD1. Will there be an AFK timer? This is something we’ll still be discussing. We want people to be able to step away/pause their gameplay if they’re alone, but maybe there will be one in online play to prevent leechers. It’s still an active discussion. Will there be costumes and tower skins? Costumes definitely, but in the same vein as DD1. So a DD2-esque costume shop won’t be returning, but there will definitely be cosmetic outfits for heroes. Do you want to use a build timer like in DD1 after certain difficulties or keep the more relaxed build mode from DD2? This is something that we’re still discussing as a design team. I feel like the build timer was nice in some game modes, so I’m sure we’ll have some sort of gameplay that has more limited time build phases for added challenge. Since there was a bit of a demand at DD2 for implementing pets like we had in DD1: Will you reintroduce DD1's pets? DD:A will have a similar pet system to DD1. Will there be shards and mods? We have no plans for Shards and Mods at this time. We did enjoy the options they gave you though, so we'll be creating new ways that loot will be more interesting and let you have more control over your loadout. Can we expect some of DD2's shards (skills)? Stunning and boom servos are awesome. (and would make great animations possible in DDA) We want the loot game to be interesting and engaging, so we’ll have some nice surprises when it comes to loot. Do you wanna keep DD2's item reroll system, change it or even trash it? We like the additional control that players have over their stats and setups in DD2, so we’ve been discussing ways that we can accomplish that with DD:A. Will it be possible to keep and evolve our weapons and armor like we can do it in DD? This is something that I’d like to do in some form or another. One example would be the pet you get from the Kickstarter campaign. My goal with that would be to let you level it up/evolve it and maintain its usefulness throughout the game’s progression. Will you use maps from DD1 and DD2 or only DD1? We’ll be talking a little more about maps in the near future, some of it has story implications… but we plan on using content that’s available to us from DD1 and DD2 as a jumpstart to building content for DD:A. We also want to do all-new content as well! DD2's subcores limited some lanes (like Dragonfall Bazaar or the two sewer maps) so there was no possibility to make a build that was really fun. Will you use subcores in DDA again? If yes, will you change it so the problem's with DD2's map/lane limitation won't be repeated? I’m not sure sub-cores will be returning in DD:A. We didn’t find that they resonated with a lot of players in DD2, but we haven’t made the final decision on that for DD:A just yet. However, I don’t think they’ll be returning. Will there be DD2's heroes? Without giving TOO much away, there might be some returning characters... Will even more heroes come? (Man and Machine, etc.) This is something that I would like to do. Unreal Engine 4’s tools actually make hero creation much easier for us than in DD2. The successful Kickstarter campaign will help our ability to add more content/new heroes, etc. for the base game. But they’re also on the table to be included for eventual DLC packs as well. How will Hero leveling work? Do you want to keep DD2's system or will the players level each hero separately like we did at DD1? This is still in the design phase. We’re taking and planning out what we enjoyed from both games and building a new system from that. Do you intend do keep the idea of ascension levels or will the hero be maxed out at a specific level? Again, this is also still in design. We’re having discussions about how the progression systems will work in DD:A as we begin to build our base stat systems and enemy scaling right now. At your kickstarter page we can see that enemies react to traps (being thrown through the air) and harpoons (being pinned to the wall) in a creative and more detailed way that we know it from DD1. Any chance you can give us some more examples at present? One thing we’ve been toying with, is the idea of “pinball enemies” where the physics can allow enemies to bounce between bouncer blockades or off walls and you can create unique and interesting death traps of bumbling enemies with different combinations of towers. The end result will be determined by our technical and optimization limitations, but we’re trying to do awesome stuff! Do you want to keep defenses' speed/dmg/range rather civil or will we be able to obtain stats similar to DD1? (especially aura size and harpoon speed) We want defense to feel awesome, ridiculous, and powerful. That’s our goal with gaining strength in DD:A. We’ll have some interesting statistical interactions, but we’re still having those design discussions. Will I be able to give items to other players? We’d like trading and exchanging items in some format in DD:A, but we’re trying to figure out a better way of executing that, that would be less exploitable. We’ve had some issues with duplication and whatnot in DD2, and even our hacked stats from DD1, so we’re trying to take our learnings from that as we move forward. On Twitter I have seen you have mentioned that you wanna bring back local gameplay. Will it be able to use our local game-heroes online too or do we have to restart from scratch if we decide to play online after a while? This is something we’re trying to figure out how it would work with online play. We want people to be progressing on characters whenever/wherever they can play, in online and offline, so we’re going to see how much freedom we can give there. Since DD1 had a lot of problems with hacked gear where even innocent players could be banned because they have traded gear without knowing it was hacked and DD2 was advertised not to have these problems because it is 100 % server sided: How will these problems be prevented with DDA if we can play local too? We’re exploring solutions for this right now as a team, and there’s some options, but we have some good plans for preventing hacked/cheated stats and gear in online play. How do you intend to handle online features like group/party, kick/ignore? At DD1 one player had full control while control was shared at DD2. Both systems can be abused and led to a lot of discussion in the past. What is your focus here? In DD:A, we plan to use client to client multiplayer connections, so since you’re hosting the session, the host will most likely get full control. I hope that answers those questions a little bit better!
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    We have a team that's very familiar with how to build a Dungeon Defenders game. And fortunately with Unreal Engine 4, it speeds up our ability to develop by a ton. The successful Kickstarter will let us expand our team a bit more and add more content to the final project, but in terms of game features and systems, we're able to get them done in a very aggressive timeframe.
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    Our bare minimum goal is PC and Switch. We're going to release on Xbox and PS4 regardless, it just might come a little bit later. The Kickstarter provides resources for us to make it happen faster so they can all release at the same time.
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    What I really want to know is if the two teased and unreleased maps will be released (Barbarian and Wild West Themed). Links to each can be found here. They are fairly far along in development with some images showing the completed maps with assets down. That would seem like something that could be implemented in a DD2 patch to add a bit more spice until DDA releases. Edit...Old Links no longer work. Images below:
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    All of this constructive feedback is great. As long as people are staying level-headed, we love to read through what people want and expect from DD:A. We want to build this game for the players, so it's essential that these considerations are built into our design process.
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    DDA can still have difficulty without making a significant portion of playtime gathering mana from chests and running the same path multiple times to build. Hero swapping in the build phase is something that is needed in this game. Don't waste players time needlessly.
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    To play devil's advocate, what does it take to find out where enemies come from? Playing the map once and seeing where they walk? Why waste the player time in failing a map when information can easily be given to a player showing the enemy pathing. This is a standard in many Tower Defense games. With that said, DD1 wasn't too difficult to figure out pathing anyways. Personally, I am all about saving my playtime. I can't invest 8 hours in a day to farm like had to be done in DD1 in the hopes of getting an upgrade. I'm lucky if I can spend a couple of hours consecutively on a game. I'm sincerely hoping DDA doesn't have unnecessary features that inflate playtime for artificial difficulty or progression.
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    There are quite a few DD2 fans running around these forums. Which makes sense I guess since the DD2 forums are more active than the DD1 forums. But it's interesting to me that if you go look at the comments on the Facebook posts by CG about DD:A, the most liked comments by far are ones basically saying: "I loved DD1, couldn't stand DD2, make DD:A like DD1". I haven't looked at Twitter yet so I don't know what those posts look like.
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    Hey all! I have a whole selection of neat ideas that would work rather well for DD2! Enjoy! Exotic - A new, red quality and the items in such quality had EXTREME mods and such items would be untradable and unsellable. They would be obtainable from new INTERACTIVE bosses and resets. These weapons would have new shot types, shot counts, weight either heavier than heavy or lighter than light, Higher extra speed and MORE! Now someone at floor 925 couln't farm special Betsy weaponary at floor 25. They could only do it at floor 925. (Basicly you could only get such weapons at you highest boss floor reached!) New weakspots! Spiders would have their legs be their weakspots, etc. Every 25 floors you could fight Betsy, a more interactive version. If you wielded swords you would do more dmg to wings as if you’re cutting them. Guns and bows do more damage to eyes ect. Beating said boss would give weapons of the new Exotic tier. Higher the floor, higher chances of such items have their special mod be 10/10. Barb mod could be gliding for Y secs with weps and every X attacks you could boost tower speed over the cap, like Betsy. (On floors like 25, 50, 75, etc.) Every 50 floors there would be the new boss, the spider boss! This boss would climb all over its arena. It could summon smaller spiders! Would give special spider weapons and, possibly, a new cool spider pet with new abilities! The legs of this spider would be its weakspot, and if you hot them with a blade it would deal even more damage! One of the exotic weapons you would get would be ''Spider's Fang'', an bow that was used to be sold by the blacksmith, but is now unobtainable. (On floors like 51, 101, 151, etc.) Every 75 Floors you would encounter Harbinger. Same story as betsy. He could open up portals from different maps and spawn enemies and bosses from it. (Gobu bosses and enemies for dragonfall town, pirate enemies and bosses from pirate maps etc. He could pull ya with da powah of the old ones. (On floors like 76, 152, 228, etc.) You could NOT put defenses in the arenas of these bosses! You would have to dodge, attack and plan ahead to win and gain these new rewards!!! APs would allow for C8 gear to be upgraded to its old level for free (apart from C0-C7, just C8). They would also sometimes grant new weapons of the Exotic quality available ONLY from resets. Playverse Accounts - Accounts for playverse that could sync with Steam accounts (and vice-versa). They would allow for a player to get into the game without being logged into Steam. Would be useful for situations when a user can’t access their Steam account but still wants to play the game. This could also apply for DDA since the game will have offline play.
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    We'd be dummies if we didn't! Both games have flaws, and both have very great things in them. We're wanting to continue to evolve the series by combining the great things to make a great game. Just overall, for this thread and any others like it, if people like DD1 or DD2 better, that's perfectly fine, but it'd be a HUGE waste of time to try and argue which one is better, because it comes to a matter of preference and taste. Don't try to poke and troll one another, because we're not making a game just for one group of our players, we're trying to make a game for all of our glorious Defenders. Also Defenders aren't trolls, because trolls are in league with the Old Ones army. If you're a troll, you get a bouncing blockade tossed at you, knocking you into a geyser trap, and you take off like team rocket blasting off again. Be good to each other.
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    I think you are closer to the actual point Bidru. I like both games, they are both great for certain things but both had drawbacks. There are certain things about DD1 that I feel DD2 corrected and made it better overall (setting bugs aside). I do think going back to roots and starting it the way CG is telling the story so far is a good move, but I do not think we should just throw out everything DD2 since it did make huge improvements on the series and what we should be doing is finding ways to bring all the good together and try to get rid of as much of the pain points as possible so that when we do move onto DD3 we have a clear idea of what a perfect DD game is.
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    As the young sire above me stated. DD1 Been around longer and considering the start of DD2 it pushed alot of players to stay on DD1. I dont have a prefrence over any of them but Im agreeing with what CG is doing. Basing it on DD1 but not making it 100% DD1. If you see were im coming from.
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    Funny how the timers thing comes up in just about any thread and since this will be a FAQ thread I decided to just ask here. Over the years of being a gamer I have sometimes wanted to do something on a harder difficulty or something that is just harder to others. This is something I didn't require any ingame rewards for because the reward was the accomplishment of the task itself. Why not just add an option to add a timer to phases rather than forcing it down players throats? It won't need any additional loot or quality of loot or could just have an achievement for players who do it. For everyone though, lets not get too attached to your games. They want to use the games as a basis but not the games themselves, we need to look forward into possibilities and not get stuck in the past. If they make DDA exactly like one of the two games then we will be stuck with the playerbase of one of those two. We should be looking at ways to combine the playerbase to make it even larger than both. In a way this is going to be like a marriage, compromise will be the name of the game or it will all end in a divorce and no one will be happy.
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    Are you lot at Chromatic intending to release into Early Access or is the game really that close to release? From what I know of game development, it usually takes a few years to get a game ready for release, right? Especially a game with the scope and content of DD1 with new content, rebuilt systems. upgraded visuals and more? Or does the answer come from the "Reusing assets" thing?
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    Ok so only build timers in DD:A, got it.
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    Anything that inflates game time is, in my opinion, needless and a waste. DD1 farming takes hours and hours. I remember Saturday Morning Aquanos and KG runs taking 8+ hours some days just to get close to the point of having some good drops. I just don't have that time to invest anymore and want DDA to take a more player-friendly approach to gameplay. Honestly, I didn't see grabbing chests and quick building maps in DD1 as that big of a problem, but I would prefer a change in DDA. Just personal preference, especially as I have a much larger family now that's more important than Dungeon Defenders. I am not stating my opinion as fact in any way. I understand people like build timers. People also like games with restricted save points. Some people even like playing NES Tetris still. That doesn't mean I have to agree with any of them. Edit: And to add, I don't care either way about combat phase swapping. Build phase is where I would rather have the swapping to save time. In DD2, combat swapping could easily be exploited burning pet abilities on bosses.
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    I know what you mean. I never really feel like the Loot in DD2 was like, OH heck yeah this drop is awesome! It's Legendary, it's got all the stats I wanted. that was another thing as well, Legendary gear was just a tier anyone could reach. But yeah some maps where better to farm in DD1 then others.
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    You are missing the point. There are people that enjoy the concept of properly pathing. This is not a waste of time, it is a gameplay element in and of itself. The idea that hotswapping is "needed" is an opinion, and just that. Dropping phrases like "Don't waste players' time needlessly" implies that there is no value to the idea of pathing the first build phase in a map, which I and several others in this thread disagree with. Please stop treating your opinion as a point of fact. That said, Chromatic does seem to want to go in the direction of hotswapping (in build phase only, see Elandrian's post here) so we'll see how it pans out. In my opinion, there are only very few (poorly designed) maps where I agree that build phase hotswapping is a good thing. See Emerald City and Crystalline Dimension map 2. Emerald City even has 3 forges specifically for this, since the map is so large that it is legitimately is a waste of time to traverse the map, and the build phase is so long that you will almost never run into time issues regardless. I am far more interested in the combat phase hotswapping than build phase, but that is solely because I'm almost 100% sure that DD1 character mechanics would cause it to completely ruin certain maps and I wanted to see it happen just for laughs.
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    Lost eternia Shards, usually called the shards dlc's. You ... really havent played dd1 when it was at top like at all, have you? Timeout .. thats just insulting, it was longer waves and more drops, you would run around killing ogres, repairing defences, while at the same time hunting for the best loot.
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    I remember at one point, lane wisp was removed in DD2. A lot of people don't really like that change to the point where it was re-added back.
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    The word "aggressive" never did sounds that good
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    DD2 became frustrating because choice was removed from players through successive broken updates; not because we could easily switch between heroes / fix builds during combat phases / take our time to plan out a map.
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    meh hmmm meh, I think the main difficulty should be coming from the fight itself not from a limited build time. That feels more restrictive then adding "Difficulty" I want to see how my Towers fair in strength not based on a timer. If people want timers in build phase why not battle phase too? I loved the idea of Shards in DD2 and the aquring of shards wasn't so bad until gilded came into play. What did you hate about shards?
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    Huge fan of the old-school DD1, and there's a lot of reiteration from the community as to why they loved it in the first place. So, I'm just going to be selfish and post what I'd like to see personally anyways: 1. Map-Specific Loots (you guys could even try rotating the specific loot-drops of maps between different periods of time to promote perfecting every map, idk). Bring back the old style of rare rewards for the fun grind that we were so addicted to. This also helps culture a player-driven economy with items of rarity and whatnot, which was a big part of the original. 2. No delays for loots. While I am unaware of the current state of DD2, when I first played, I received a pet egg as a reward. The incubation time took 6 hours to a day or so if I recall correctly. While you guys have said that there will be no microtransactions, I still wouldn't want to see this sort of waiting system implemented anyway into DD:A. Everything in DD1 was pretty much instantaneous, as a looter genre should be. 3. Endless Modes, various other game modes, + Leaderboards. Stimulate competition. Stimulate the desire to push players' strategies, stats, and builds to the limit, and for casual players, it's still fun trying to last as long as you could for that little robot pet. 4. Seamless multiplayer. Having the freedom to join in with friends in maps without any sort of restrictions and joining randoms through the matchmaking UI was simple, pure fun back in DD1. 5. End-Game. Legitimate, hard-core endgame. Something to work for. I do not, and I repeat DO NOT mean scaling stats on enemies on the same maps over and over again, although the challenge is nice to push for the never-ending cycle of increasing gear tiers, but I digress.. When I mention end-game, I mean exclusive-to-the-end-for-the-end content. Something enticing (a few crazy maps with a certain theme, maybe an interesting boss(es) with challenging mechanics never experienced before, a really crazy/challenging "exclusive to select end-game/new maps" game mode, I don't really know myself); to motivate players to grind out their best strategies and builds and attempt to win or not even win, but just to last even a bit longer than others. (Perhaps you guys could create this content as an outro to the story you guys are working on for the whole of DD:A, or an intro/teaser as to what DD3 would be about, but I'm not a dev, so this is merely my fantasies and rambling) DD1 is a looter game, and it's fantastic. When you add more elements to it that make the looting even more purposeful for challenging content without certain delays that we experienced in DD2, it becomes a gem people don't mind sinking hundreds, if not thousands of hours into. Also, unrelated to Maps (sorry), but y'all are on an aggressive development schedule as you've said yourselves. While I am excited for updates and for this product to be out ASAP, I also want to play a polished DD game. I would rather play a polished version of the game that came out later than expected, than a ragtag shamble of graphics that was pushed out just to meet a deadline. (Remember what happened to Diablo 3 at first release, as well as the recent negative backlash on the newer release, Anthem). The game will grow if it has a positive launch. I highly doubt there will be growth for this old gem of a title if launch is less than decent, especially with the unfortunate track record of previous DD titles. With that being said, you guys have my full support, and I have high hopes with the amount of passion I'm sensing through your PR. Good luck Chromatic, keep up the work!
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    I seen the early bird bonus which give you all the dlc from dungeon defenders original and the question is does the higher versions provide that also or was it only the 15 dollar version? I want to buy the one with 2x copies of platform of choice for my desktop and laptop or ps4 maybe idk but I do want to get back to dd1 because I officially quit dd2 because of this.
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    Strictly from the forums, I get the feeling that most people like DD1 better than DD2. But I wonder how much the newness of the Dungeon Defenders WORLD colors their memory of DD1 GAMEPLAY. I know we cannot test this. But if DD1 and DD2 had both come out at the same time, which one would people prefer? A lot of people’s favorite job was their very first job. Myself included. But it’s not because McDonalds and Walmart are the best places to work. It’s because it was our first time making money in a work environment. I think it’s the same with DD1. The overall experience included newness to the world. For many, it was also newness to tower defense. Those things cannot be repackaged and relived. I love much of the progress that DD2 brought. I hope Chromatic Games recognizes the goodness there and uses it.
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    True, I think the DDA announcement really just sparked something in the people who put a lot of hours in DD1 and didn't play DD2 much.
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    Yeah, i would also love a top-down view that showed paths, towers, and tower range. Traditional TD view.
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    Tbh, if they don't allow me to swap heroes mid combat I'm just going to get a few controllers and skip the whole problem altogether. Just label the controllers and pick up the one I need. Also lets me sit on a few lanes and auto attack if they are ranged heroes, just need a few rubber bands. :P
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    Hopefully this helps on my occasional lag-disconnect, though that may just be an issue of my current comp. And oh, I am definitely intrigued by the "later larger update".
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    I'm pretty excited to see DD:A being a thing especially after DD:E, simply because DD1 was one of my most played games on Steam (still in the top 10 too) and DD:E felt like it completely missed the mark when it came to being an "ultimate" DD1. One thing I would potentially suggest so that it doesn't go down the DD2 road again is community input. I remember being a Defense Councilor but it didn't really feel like there was a whole lot of input to be had by being one so it felt more like a special title with a special forum. Regardless of your feelings on Old School Runescape, Jagex implemented a great system where the community has to agree by quite a large margin (75% to 25% saying no) to be able to add/change anything that could be substantial from how the game originally felt, which I think could be a thing here since you're doing something very similar, which is bringing it back to what everyone loved in the first place.
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    Great post, thank you for sharing your thoughts! You have my 'amen' on everything except your #5 suggestion. Early on in the days of DD2 development, I saw a ton of people on the forums expressing that they all wanted DD2 to be much much more difficult than DD1, though I have never understood why. At the time of writing this e-mail, I have just under 1700hrs logged in DD1, and there are still a handful of maps that I cannot beat on the hardest difficulty (for a number of reasons, but primarily because I rarely run survivals...) -- point intended: DD1 was/is not an overly easy game. In terms of difficulty / progression, it seemed that DD2 tried to add increasing difficulty with sporadic new additions in 'difficulty tiers' (Last I played, they had all the way up to NM4, which I always thought was somewhat excessive and unneeded), while DD1's progression was a little less-defined, but after you play for a while, you sort of know which groupings of maps ('Tier X') were best to play in order to prepare for the next grouping ('Tier X + 1' etc.). Also, trying to add in difficulty that can be overcome with skill or strategy would obviously be ideal, as you've already mentioned in your post, but it is an incredibly difficult thing to do correctly (I'm not against it if 'New Trendy' is up for the challenge, but I'd be very worried if difficulty was one of their primary design influences going into DDA... I know you didn't say that in your post, but I'm just thinking out loud -- forgive me... lol). IMO one of the reasons why DD2 struggled for so long to get character balance correct was because they kept trying to make the NM-tiers more difficult, which exponentially highlighted imbalances in hero-class usefulness, because (at least in early DD2), there were only really 1-2 builds / build styles that could actually complete a map on NM3-4, using a couple of the most-powerful builders. Let's be honest: heroes are going to be at least partially imbalanced, but even if some heroes are only slightly underpowered, unnecessarily high difficulty will limit the usefulness of these lesser-heroes, and effectively hamstring what builds are viable for a map. (At least in pre-Shard DD2...) You also couldn't really go back and gear up the underpowered hero-classes to compensate, because you'd hit what was effectively a soft-stat cap very quickly on your level 50's, and could only progress by farming "must-have" armor passives (and I use 'progress' loosely there...). In other words, you couldn't compensate for a crappy hero by giving him your "best gear" (in fact, you couldn't even trade gear among your own characters because the hero passives on items were locked to the armor itself -- though again, I haven't played DD2 in a long time, so they might have addressed this with the Item Sphere things maybe? I can't remember...). From the perspective of DD1, before the CDT team stepped in and helped out, the first game obviously had its hero-balance issues as well, but because of the variety of Gear quality / rarity tiers, you could go back, farm some survivals, and deck out your Apprentice Builder, for example (who was pretty underpowered pre-CDT...) with good gear, and still make good use of him. The gear-farm-padding coupled with the fact that DD1 felt slightly easier (at least for the mid-tier maps) meant that every character at least could be used, whether some heroes were more powerful than others. E.g: I knew that, at one point, the Squire Harpoon Turret was one of the most powerful and most-used defense type, but because of the ideas addressed above, I purposely threw all of my best gear at the less powerful Apprentice and was able to still beat maps on NM even after purposely using his less-powerful defense types. --------> In other words, because DD1 wasn't overly difficult, I could purposely use a known-lesser-powerful Hero Class (Apprentice) simply because I liked App Towers, and still beat maps on NM. My choice of playstyle was not hindered, even with slight Hero Imbalance, because unnecessary difficulty didn't blow the Class Imbalance out of proportion. ;TLDR: Difficulty can be a good thing, but if taken to the extreme, or implemented incorrectly, it almost always will limit which classes / defense types are actually viable (even more so when raising difficulty artificially -- w/ number padding, rather than forcing different strategies / approaches). Just wanted to add a counterargument in favor of "easy" not always being a bad thing, in terms of variety / playability / general fun ("easy" in quotes, because I still don't think DD1 is easy ;P lol -- but something magical was captured in DD1 that made it 'feel' easier / more playable in a good way, that I just never felt while playing DD2...)
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    Dude, I'd pay money for more content.. I dunno how hard it is to change the monetization system in this game. Just saying if you made a new expansion, and sold it. I bet people would buy it.
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    I like them. I always thought they were nice in other TD games like Orcs Must Die 2, too, and I don't recall anyone complaining about them on DD1 Embermount.
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    Going with the insults already, eh? You aren't really reading much of these forums are you. Read this article (which has been linked and quoted by several posters) and then come back and tell me that DD2 was a bigger hit and money maker than DD1. https://www.gainesville.com/news/20190304/trendy-founder-takes-helm-rebrands-company-as-chromatic-games A couple of quotes form the article in case you can't get to it:
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    For some reason I have nostalgic feelings for the old school way by going back to the forge. I can live with accessing it everywhere but this is my opinion on it.
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    Agreed. I do a lot on Kickstarter and love the DD franchise, but until i see flex goal #3 nearing its target - i would not drop any $$$ until then. PS4
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    I am confused as to why anyone would want it to take longer to do builds. Having to go back to the forge doubles-triples-and so forth the amount of time it takes to build, and really only sets to encourage you to use as few heroes in your build as possible to save time. In DD1, i really only used bare min setups each time, especially due to the timer. In DD2, i was able to use my entire roster of heroes and use towers from every single one in all my builds. DD2 was incredibly better at encouraging advanced builds from multiple heroes and expressing creativity. Considering the absolutely insane amount of maps we need to grind out in this franchise each game, i find it shocking that people want the build part of the game to take longer in any way. I guess to each their own, but i would find it major drawback if DDA did not allow hero swapping on at least the build phase. On combat phase, the need for long range versus melee heroes at times made swapping a must, especially when facing something like a Roller or Drakenlord, and if you don't have enough DEF/HP or have that Burning Strikes shard - you will likely die. Glass heroes just can't keep up with melee focused situations (i.e. Dark Assassin = instant death). But then if you have heavy inbound air lane issues, your melee hero is not up to the task. On so many maps being able to at least swap to these two heroes was a must. If we lost this, i bet everyone would mostly play Monk, as that would be the only hero who has one foot firmly planted in both the long range and melee worlds - which to me reduces creativity in how you play the game. To me, swapping only serves to open the game up more to the player. Allows you access to more hero fight styles and builds. By the end of DD2 i have something like 30+ heroes all fully decked out, and i love using all of them as much as possible. It got so boring in DD1 always having every DEF basically be a Squire based one, as that was the meta (for PS3 at least). I am looking at each new game in this franchise to keep pushing creativity and ways to expand how you play the game. The forge IMO moves in the opposite direction of that. The difficulty in playing the game should come from the maps and enemies, nit in the difficulty of getting your heroes out to lay down the def you want.
  40. 1 point
    Many good points about having hero swap are made. I played DD1 and DD2 and what kicked me off the most were the overall clunkiness of DD1. It aint good at all. Hero swapping ad fast access are vital to a fluent gameplay. Why waste time running around when you can use this time to actualy plan and build your defense instead and save time. This aint about a challenge, the challenge comes from the timer and the map itself (monster, waves, mutators), it is about saving time for the player so he has more time to actually enjoy the game mechanics of the game! Gobu
  41. 1 point
    I'm fine with build timers, but please remove the need to run back and forth to the forge and be limited on hero swapping. Games should give freedom, not limit you to create artificial difficulty.
  42. 1 point
    Agreed. I think as a tower defense game it should be a focus on strategy and placement of towers, not trying to speedrun each build phase running around the map 4 times with if you dont place the towers right or if you bump the wrong wall and lose momentum you wont have enough time to make it back to the forge and switch. I get the timer is there for a challenge on nm but i think circling the map multiple times is a bit ridiculous.
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    Hmmm, great thread. Too many ideas to get them all in one post, so here is a snapshot of what is floating around in my heard right now... What i want: 1) WAY MORE trophies and achievements. I mean, like 10-20X more. This game should have just ridiculous amounts of trophies to get that make the game hard and/or fun. One of the biggest flaws IMO about DD1 and DD2 was the lack of support in this area. This game needs a platinum on PS. 2) better item management. I feel like DD2 was a long experiment in how to and not to handle inventory. Some things were great ideas, such as the materials vault, and others were huge fails - shards... A cohesive unified idea from the get go will help in this dramatically. This franchise is loot heavy. Know this going into the design of the next one. We like to play for hours on end, straight through. What many of us hate - having to stop every 3 maps to dig through loot. some ideas - Auto sell features, sort by things like mod/mod level, more vaults or stacking of some items. 3) Better Ascension Point usage. I love the AP idea, but we should NEVER EVER EVER have unused points. Ever. Always have a bucket to toss points into. Each unused point is extremely insulting to me. That is my hard work doing absolutely nothing for me. Why did i spend the time to gain a level that just sits there....? Makes me not want to gain levels. 4) a reason for power. DD2 was short on an end game mode that made all of the power we were building really worth all that time. Need some uber game mode that only really hardcore players can access, and it always a challenge. A level that scales to the stats of the highest player would be a great idea. Never a free ride then. 5) pets and stats on them that matter. Pets that are based entirely on building help. Pets that do odd and different fun things. 6) reasons or bonuses to help lower players. Give us a good reason to go play a lower level and help someone else out. Encourage multiplayer at every opportunity. 7) revamped tower stat items. I liked the idea of shards, but it came down to the same issue over and over again - only about 3-4 shards really mattered, as they made the best power. All the rest sat on the sidelines. Have a way for us to focus on power, yes - but also leave room for passive customization at the same time. Let me add passives without loosing my range/power/rate. Know right now that we will all focus on max power - so how can you do that, but still have fun with that tower at the same time. 8) the ability to change the order my heroes display in the menu. 9) More BIG bosses on harder modes. Why was Betsy never on C7???? Or Harbinger? The Dragon from DD1's last stage was way better in this regard. 10) DDA on PS4!!!!!!! What i don't want: 1) any kind of reset mechanic. Bury that idea next to Scruffy in the back yard. Support your local collector instead ; ) 2) Dark Assassins, Cyborks, Kobolts, Rollers, or the Drakenlord. 3) Game elements that force us to have have one MOD or shard on every hero...just in case (i.e. Burning Strikes for Drakenlord). 4) to play so much of the game by myself...was very lonely in DD2. 5) tons of "exclusive content" that none of us will ever get to play with. More inclusion!!!!! I want it hard to obtain, but an equal chance, not something that only happened in one event, held 5 years ago - and you will never got to play so you will never get the items. 6) player market. I had fun with buying and selling, to a degree, but i felt it was a huge time suck for what i got out of it. Rather be playing the game. It was the fact you had to be in the room with the same person to use their market that was the fail for me. 7) Incursion maps that are one difficulty only. If we cannot play it on the hardest setting - it is doomed to be obsolete so quickly. i think that is plenty for now.
  44. 1 point
    ...Did you ever play DD1? You can change and upgrade gear in map as much as you want within the build timer. You can also bring all 40 of your character slots into any map. The only things that you cannot do in map is respec your hero points, and I can't name a single other game that allows this anyway.
  45. 1 point
    I'm with you on not liking the look, but you may miss out on a lot of great gaming experiences if that's enough to stop you.
  46. 1 point
    @Dani please, i hope you've learned that having vision blocked by high objects (i like to play zoomed out) is really bad, or any objects e.g. the closed walls of servant quarters etc. are really annoying to deal with.
  47. 1 point
    While I like the map, I can’t stand the Incursion being on Onslaught, It’s just not fun. If Trendy wanted to make Onslaught more bearable they would have more maps available per floor.. that’s the problem.. I should never get 6 Re-Rolls of the Throne Room or assault On Trone Room. But I’m with you,, get rid of the Incursion. 😄
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    Paloverde you don't have to be a Dev ... you got me all Hyped up with those images
  49. 1 point
    On their Twitter page they asked us why isn’t there any alligator enemies. It would be cool to get more enemies in the game.
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