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    https://roadmap.dungeondefenders.com Ev’s confirmed to be the first new hero just like the original and if that’s the case my main man Summoner should be next. As for Moon? Hopefully it’s the return of the moon base which was an awesome map.
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    They are apparently working on the roadmap and they are unable to say anything to us because of that.
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    I don't perceive this as a problem. There are a lot of players who buy a game, get all the achievements as fast as they can, and move on. Maybe they return when DLC is released, maybe not. I remember seeing someone mention that 1.4% of players have beaten all the act 3 maps on Massacre. If that's accurate, even if all of them are complaining that the game is too easy, that's a tiny though perhaps vocal minority. Anyone complaining that it's too easy who doesn't have that achievement... I'd be inclined to consider those complaints to be invalid. I once knew a guy who claimed that chess was "too easy". So then I beat him 3 times in a row and he still said it was too easy. Sometimes you just have to shake your head and move on. Some people will say anything to get you to think they're better/more talented/smarter than they really are. My advice is to briefly roll your eyes and hope they grow up. I find myself doing that a lot. You can't argue with immaturity because being right isn't enough. I don't really think that a small army of players farming glitterhelm on massacre who couldn't solo the Alchem Lab is a problem. Any discerning player can tell whether someone else knows what they're doing or not almost immediately upon meeting them. Respected players will find each other and have fun playing together. I don't think this warrants action by Chromatic and I'd rather see their efforts focused elsewhere.
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    Go to discord.gg/dd2 pm one of the cg staff, for example philip, tell him the situation, ask him for a second chance or a reset. I'd be really surprised if they didn't do any of these. They are usually quite helpful.
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    If you are in the Dungeon Defenders Discord, send me a message with a link to your steam profile and I will see what I can do.
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    Jantou- congrats on 999, way to go! Quite the achievement. Would u recommend making a separate FA specialized for frost lanes? I use FA a lot and I'd hate to use mod space for anti-F and and rate overcapp for my regular use, but i have 3 heroes that can build these, so i was thinking about making a special FA just for frost lanes. I already have a special frost Fissure and a fire ramster made to hit from range, but I'm thinking of changing to the overcap method instead. Also- is Frost Boom worth throwing in the mix? I got a 10 mod of it...
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    I use a controller. I feel your pain x10. Changing back to my DPS character with 2 seconds left in the preposterously-restrictive timer on Lava Mines Campaign Massacre is harder and more stressful than using Shang Tsung in Mortal Kombat 2 and trying to get a fatality where you freeze the opponent with Sub Zero and then Switch to Kung Lao and throw your hat at them, decapitating them while frozen. Okay, it's an elaborate comparison. But it's harder than it needs to be by a lot. :)
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    Are we going to get a balance update for Massacre towers? Right now i don't use anything but auras and traps with a spike blockade with dps toon. That is meta. I beat every mass map with no apprentice towers or squire towers. shoot you don't even use squire for anything other than spike and dragon. I would like the option to build those. I just don't see how you can do wave 20-25 on mass without tower support. The Nerf to towers makes them hard to use in mass. Idk maybe im just crying but i would like that to be considered along with maybe Godly and Ultimate gear to supplement. Thanks.
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    I'm really hoping that Massacre will be doable without any DPS characters. I've always played this game strictly as a tower defence game first since I find enjoyment in creating and testing builds. Massacre as it is now requires one to run either a DPS character or Squire + Dragon which is completely antithesis to the whole tower defence concept. I don't mind DPS being an option, but I hate the idea of it being required. I never needed to run DPS characters in the Dungeon Defenders 1 for any of the content excluding maybe bosses, and even then it was possible to do so without one.
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    The part that sucks the most is getting a pet that would have been a big help in the beginning and is pretty much useless after you gain a few levels.
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    Yeh I figured :) everything I read, said full game release will have splitscreen. Welp Is Dungeon Defenders: Awakened online only? You can play Dungeon Defenders: Awakened online and offline with local co-op (up to 4 person splitscreen). Considering this is the first thing that comes up...
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    Local coop with friends is probably the least of the developers concerns considering the Corona situation lmao
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    I disagree, I think people should be allowed to submit ideas even if they don't know how to code. If the idea can't be implemented, it just won't. No harm done. Or am I mistaken?
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    Pretty sure team effort is for campaign. Defense is the best offense appears to be bugged with 0% global completion on steam global stats, same as the "generic" act 1-3 achievements, but some people got those in the EA days.
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    I decided that i wanted to auction my npc because i was too lazy to keep track of prices from people, and im excited because its my first auction! accepting coals 1:9 up to 5 cv, cubes up to 20 cv, and dias 5, 10, 15. Bidding ends on 7/3 (next next Friday) (it's traced don't worry) Happy bidding! Events valued below: Ancient Plume - 40cv Black Magick - 20cv Butterscotch - 110 Celebracers - 80cv Cinnamon - 80cv Cracker - 60cv Gaia's Last Gift : 70cv Ginger - 80cv Greater Magicite of Wind - 80cv Lumen - 25cv Rockshatter - 80cv Salem - 15cv War Bonnet - 40cv Waterfall - 60cv Ball Blaster - 50cv Maelstrom - 45cv Overload - 70cv Staff of the Pumpkin King - 40cv Devil's Poolskimmer - 60cv
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    https://chromatic.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new you need to contact chromatic here to get a chance on unban
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    delete something in your bags they are full its a bug that's not really a bug its more of a limit in the game
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    How is the office pool doing? who does the cleaning or do you have a pool-boy?
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    It saddens me to see glitches like in Glitterhelm that allow people to afk farm what is supposedly the hardest content. I was dismayed to see that copter ogres didn't attack the crystal. They fixed gas traps and darkness but left other bugs in.
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    I had a similar issue after getting a pet rock recently. Playing with 2 friends and we quit after equiping the pet rock. When we got back to the tavern only the host had his pet rock. I am not sure about other items or xp becsuse i was only worried about the rock. From then on we made sure to start the next wave before quitting and that fixed our issue
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    I just finished a Survival insane Deep Mines, all 25 waves. After returning to the tavern, I LOSE ALL ITEMS! Even my legendary pet. Everything gone, after a couple of hours of doing it, poof. What the hell? Why even play the game if everything in my inventory will be lost when I go back to the tavern?
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    Well i have to agree the army of noobs coming to Massacre is insane. I have also a trouble to find teammates to farm MHC gear as i need it for summit, where i am solo currently. I progressed whole game solo and now people who joins my royal gardens or Throne room are guys who sits with their squire and dragon on one place thinking they are useful while whole map collapsing behind them cause cannot click r or q on barricade. I rarely find a good guy with DPS char who is useful and good. Most of people joining games in Massacre are carried noobs with 0 skill in game. I had a guy in Throne room who died every single wave in HC after like 3 seconds the wave started lol:] Its just how it is this is why i think some sort of guild concept and community sort would be amazing for DDA. The community on discord is good but to find someone to really play with and create some group is hard. Its just random people mostly. Also most people are either not in massacre at all or they already completed it and go only Glitter HC as DDA community is very small its a problem.
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    Yeah i think this is great comment. For this part i would suggest that challenges should be really challenging like it should be super hard to do with huge restrictions and scalings but also very rewarding. This remains me the MASTERY in DD2 which was in my opinion the best idea of that game. IF that could be implemented into DDA and rewards will be good it can entertain for a while. Also the author of this topic admitted that he abused the enrage aura - which kinda contradicts what he says and approves what you are saying. Everyone can make this game hard for himself. For example when i thought its easy i challenged myself and tried new stuff: https://forums.dungeondefenders.com/forums/topic/168080-from-0-to-nightmare-in-11-hours-solo/?tab=comments#comment-1560852 So if the game is so easy can you do it under 11 hours to Nightmare? Can you do it in 20 to massacre? Try it. Challenge yourself. Make it harder for you. It is not the game's fault its yours.
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    I disagree. If they take the approach of better communication, then they can say "We plan to have it out in [month]" and if end of month is approaching, they can just as easily say "We've hit some unexpected issues, so it might be delayed". So long as they give an update a reasonable time before the end of their original estimate, the vast majority of the community will be understanding.
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    My friend was hacking and I just let him join. I wasn't aware of the repercussions of what that actually implied. Now I can't even play with other friends or people. I'm 100% okay losing all my characters and progress and will start again. I have over 550 hours in DD1. I'm only 17 hours into this and now I feel like I shouldn't even play. Anything at all I can do? Edit: He claims it was a trainer not actual hacking. even tho its basically the same thing
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    If the game is so easy can you share with us if you beat all of it by yourself only and solo all maps? i bet you got carried by someone or you just finished hard or insane and now bragging how easy it is. Show me how you build solo lava mines right after the nightmare in Massacre or Throne room massacre. Please show me how easy it is solo.
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    Hello Should the game not have a split-screen multiplayer. Bought the game just for that.
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    I dont understand why cheat the game easy as is you only have to farm a little
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    Aw, love you too, Dace.
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    Definition of arcanist. : a person having knowledge of a secret process of manufacture. Maybe could be something to do with the blacksmith, a way to tinker armor into higher stats somehow. Also looking up the word gives alot of references to a summoner character.
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    Early today a friend wanted to know if a piece of armor being sold would cap, so i thought sharing my formulas might be useful to someone. The following formulas can help you quickly check how many upgrades each resistance from -14% to +15% will take to reach 29%: Positive value = 24% - % Negative value = 22% + % Example: Armor: 4% -8% 2% 14% = 20 + 30 + 22 + 10 for a total of 82 upgrades used for a perfect 4x 29% ultimate (and 86 for 4x 30%, if it was supreme).
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    If you are having any issues with your profile losing data, wipes, profile reverts - send a PM to Philip. Send him a a URL link to your steam player profile so he can find your account and some details of your problem. Let me know if you haven't heard back from Philip on the issue!
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    to undestand the high level, you need to play this level : with one 10 bad mod on a medaillon your defence sucks... i was playing reflect beam def rate, tenacity, power servo (all mods 10) after some advises from better players like me i changed my power servo by an anti miniboss cause the last round on lost temple was always problematic immediately i saw the difference ...after 200, 300 floors my defence sucks again i decided to copy what the majority said i replaced my anti miniboss by an anti melee but finally i changed again by crowd controll cause all ennemies are touched by this mod not anti melee ! All these try can be better but worse too ! I modified my boost aura many times, i played without boosted grasp very long time but this mod gilded do a real difference ! in fact after 948 i took time to retry all defences one by one with Etche1364, we had all shards gilded after 3 years on this game We came to the same conclusion : we need to play together to continue (on ps4 we are playing 5 frames rate by second on drakenfrost keep or lost temple ! not on pc !) One build a boost aura with mass destruction, other reflect beam with mass destruction, we learnt build together ! finally we found 3 keys : use mass destruction on buff beam (43% more damage !), use 2 different reflect beam one tenacity, def rate, crowd controll, other def rate crowd controll, anti melee (for lanes without orcs) and the best tip use "call to madness" from Mystic (Etche found it :)) I put my video the only one on youtube floor 949 ! Mystic do the job and open doors to 999 ... After i read the spredsheet from Random persson, and i learnt 2 things : LSA exclusiv for ladies orcs, can be interesting (anti orc, anti melee, anti chaos) and frost towers :), i didnt know that vampiric empowerment was working and the most important you can use it versus flying kamikazes ! The luck was with us : floor 954 a new french player join our team Demo-nat , lost temple floor 954 is impossible if you are not 3 players ! Demo-nat is a super technic player he learnt me many tips for monk and weapons i think i put 4 months to climb 946 and 3 months to climb 946 to 999 but that was exciting to discover keys to finish (Etche was arguing with me all one night just for 1 medaillon :)))
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    With a gilded shard, what level MOD will then suffice?
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    If you're getting one hit, you need to increase your armour and vitality stats. Each piece of armour should have 30% armour to hit the armour cap in Massacre. They also have elemental resistances of 90% including physical. If it's resistance is for the damage type you have, don't bother engaging. Standard DPS concepts apply. If you're on a Huntress, get a Triple Threat (Demon Lord Massacre drop), put on a cat or genie. I prefer cat since you can stack it with the Huntress's boost. Some people prefer the genie so they can have the boost on constantly. Another easy method is to use a DPS Squire. Again, armour at 30% a piece. Put on a Dragon or Monkey and block. Pet DPS is really good in Massacre. All you need to do is stand in front of it and block.
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    I saw this in a thread, but can't find it. What is the reason for changing the stats on items to be in a different order? it takes more time to figure out what stats are for DPS and what are for Tower. the left and right side orientation in the beta was much easier to read. Depending on how many stats and what they are, they can be in a crazy order. This is definitely one thing that was better with the unfinished UI of the beta.
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    Both best Huntress weapon and best apprentice weapon are both from bosses. so my guess you've just been unlucky or opening the "final chest" with the wrong character. As to get the huntress weapon you need to open with huntress and so forth. Best monk weapon is still random world drop(5 projectile weapon) as far as im aware and squire doesnt have a best weapon yet
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    It's been removed from Alchem Labs Massacre and replaced with the Triple Threat. It can now be found as a random drop (Not sure the exact maps but it's definitely in Act 3) but it's not as good.
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    RIP Soul Focuser farming, you won't be forgotten <3
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    I do hope they make it not a "local" setting and they let us drop items on the floor and lock them like in DD1.
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    As soon as Summit wave ended, I got kicked and couldn't loot. Host was freaking out at me for taking out copters instead of only attacking the dragon when I was the only huntress in an aura/trap build, then lost his shit when I showed him what would happened, and a crystal broke.
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    The triple threat is a lot worse than the Soul Focuser. Major disappointment there for people who hadn't got a great roll SF drop. If the mechanics of the gun worked the same and it was just a rename it wouldn't be an issue but the spread on the new crossbow makes it worthless unless you're in a mobs face.
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    Has anyone else noticed that filtering by upgrade isn't really worth much at higher levels when your gear is fully upgraded? It would be nice if it would flag that based on base stats as opposed to current stats or at least have an option to pick between the two?
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    It would be nice if the hero deck (H) when in the tavern just opened the hero swap screen with a view of heroes like tiles where you can freely swap them one for another by drag and drop.
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    We took them out for a walk and they got really dirty. It was the only solution we could think to clean them all at once.
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    Well how about start a new account on steam and buy DDA again? I hope you took your lesson about accepting cheating. I dont think you can ask CG about second chance man. This is your only chance sacrifice your money and give them to Chromatic for your mistake. Good luck
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    I honestly don't have this issue. I put the traps and auras slightly apart and that makes is fairly easy to chain upgrade. They simply can't be stacked on top of each other, so I place them in a line to be able to see each one.
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    Just saw Dolgor's retraction, soooooo I also need to say: Bid retracted; got an ult++ pristine app boots last night.
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