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    I agree with your sentiment @AJsEpicGames to an extent some are expressing their disappointment in an unhelpful manner. I understand why the changes were made and at no point expected everything to go exactly to plan from the Kickstarter. The problem comes from saying they will do something right up the minute before announcing the plan has changed regardless of when they decided the change was needed. At PAX and earlier this week it was all still release for end of February - not "sorry cant make full release for February but will announce plans as soon as we can". They must of known before the announcment that they were not doing full launch even if they were not sure what instead. Early Access could be viewed as a release but only if you want to interpret that into just the word release. Its having things like that happen throughout the development that makes people most upset. No mention of a delivery charge until we ere asked for it. no mention of switch exclusive until Nintendo announced it etc. Vague information or missleading information does not instil any faith imo. They have repeatedly promised to be more transparent, but they have yet to do so. The Roadmap is a good first step, but until they meet those deadlines there will be some who wont believe it given the history. They will just be sitting waiting on the next thing to come along that changes it yet again. I come from the perspective on buying it for myself and my 2 sons with keys covering all platforms a total of 7 keys. I have yet to feel a need to refund. However I do understand why people are getting frustrated . I went into this knowing full well they might end up not even making DDA when i picked my KS tier, I wont jump on anyone due to changes. I hope they have finally learned the value on being open with how things are than just say soon or such, perhaps then there will be a better response in general. Some members of the community may need to be a little more constructive, but I feel some of your criticism against the views is a little short sighted in not undertsanding what the issues are for them. Fair enough "dont farm with PC people who transferred over", but still PS4 and XB1 are waiting around 6 months more compared to PC, even more if they could not access the Beta due to no PC access. Im not sure if you have noticed but there are many players who dont like to wait 6 months just to play something others can. The principal alone in at first all platforms will be the same day to 6 months later is not an easy pill to swallow for everyone. Having PC Early access alone doesnt make it run smooth on console just look at temple DD2 on PS4 its a complete mess. Try to understand how console players feel when they have had bugs left unfixed for years in one game and in another no where near the amount of stuff PC got for the same price. Myself and some other console players felt like second class compared to "PC master race" type stuff.
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    We're working on counter measures to make the experience the best we can. As dizzydiana said above, we will not be removing that feature as that does defeat the purpose of playing on the go with the Switch and also would be an issue with cross saves.
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    Depending on the time zone, it's one of these times.
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    9 Days to go and I’m feeling optimistic. We’ll never again get the feeling DD1 gave us, gaming has changed (for better and worse), we’ve changed in how we have / want to spend our free time. But we can still have fun. I wish CG well and that they nail the optimisation, loot / difficulty balance and get many more players into Etheria. This game won’t last us for 10 years (should games last us that long?), but it will hopefully allow them funding / experience (apparently this needed to be said #RoF) to develop DD3 the correct way (correct is in the eye of the beholder, we all gonna love / hate everything), while also being fun to play. So GL & GG CG (inb4 I’m raging at a flawed UI and low FPS!).
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    My feelings are that the loot in wave chests are pointless, they are completely worthless and i always find better loot drops from enemies so right now they are no good. I would say to just remove them alltogether, in all my 90 hours playtime so far, i have only opened the chest when i first started the game for a few hours and then only on wave 15/25 for pets, its currently the only reason. I like the idea of getting your pet from a unique enemy as suggested by OP, that sounds interesting. I would really love to see the ol' mana chests from DD1, i loved exploring the map to find them, i think they should appear randomly and discreet locations so you have to actively search around for them, it can be a race between you and the 3 others in the game, i thought that was a great feature in DD1.
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    You will receive the number of game copies that you ordered but only one set of each of the extras. You'll receive codes that you can redeem on any account you'd like. Any extras will apply to your DDA account which will work cross platform. There are multiple forum/in-game titles and only our Kickstarter backers have received their forum titles so far. We'll start sending these out soon.
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    Funny to see you complain about people lowballing you, when that's how you made all your items you have :pepelmao:
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    But to play a D3 season, and to get obviously the best gear and flair sets in the game, you have to play at level 1. You can't take your built heroes into it where they were. That's a reset, just in a different way. Great to build a new hero, but crap for existing builds IMO.
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    DO NOT RESET CHARACTERS IN ANY WAY. I cannot stress this enough for myself. Diablo's seasons were kind of fun, but only because i had not played in ages and had new heroes to build. Once i did the new builds, i lost all interest starting from scratch...again. PoE season resets are god awful. Stopped playing as a result. In a crazy grindy game, two major sins you can commit are resets and level cap bumps. That is how you lose masses of players to appease a few harcores. If you want to keep people in the grind, figure out how to build ontop of your progress, without losing everything to do so. If you make my entire inventory obsolete in any way, or my hero progress, that will be the end of that game. I think BL3 just committed one of these sins, level cap bump, and it's a huge mistake IMO. Most hardcore grinders i know playing it are putting it on the shelf until all level caps are done, because what point is there to grind gear destined to be obsolete? This was one of my major issues with level caps in DD1, and resets in DD2. I'll play longer if you stop taking my hard earned toys away from me.
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    While I understand the desire for seasons, I dont think traditional seasons is something that works for DDA. Resetting progress was tried in DD2 for AP and although is different from seasons gives a decent idea how many would actually take part. The AP grind turned many players away from DD2 myself included. Once players have reached a point where they are farming for perfect rolled items in Massacre I dont see anyone wanting to go through the various difficulties again. I however wouldnt be opposed to quests for challenges , special events or such (different rewards according to difficulty) allowing players to farm at the difficulty they are on.
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    Hey fellow defenders! I've been looking into DDA for about the last 72 hours (not for 72 hours, just a few hours the last three days... just want to clarify...). I think as much as I'm feeling dissatisfied already watching game-play and reading up on other people's concerns, I find myself wanting to throw my thoughts onto the forum of what I'll be looking for when I get this game come the end of July (or earlier if my family gives me b-day money in March). Anyway, here are a few things I think Chromatic needs to answer for me to feel somewhat satisfied with DDA: Gapping the dichotomy of hero hack & slack vs tower defense: This is the most important by far. I fell in love with DD1 back in 2011 (IIRC) simply because the tower defense felt on-point. The issue was the hero felt lacking. The game, after 200 hours, devolved into hours on a single map, trying to perfect the tower layout and getting the right players with the right pets in to help buff towers. Simply put, DD1 has only ever been a Tower Defense game. DD2 started out great in Pre-Alpha with hit boxes that made heroes feel more important and more engaged in combat, and towers felt nerfed just enough to create a sweet spot. Then they removed hit boxes and made the game fizzle out for me. Later after it's release, I got the Abyss Lord and Series EV, and that is literally all I needed to beat the whole game. I spammed each lane with Skel Orcs for their massive HP, and used Series EV to disintegrate lanes. It sucked... Now, I'm not looking for perfection here. RPG and TD are polar opposite genres, so getting a good balance is like finding a needle in a hay stack. What I would like to see, however, is focus on making the hero, ... well... THE HERO. I mean, for goodness sake, the heroes feel like heroes with a lower case 'h.' I want to play as the Hero, the one on the front-lines, taking names. For Chromatic to get the dichotomy right, they need to be Hero-Centric with the Hero being offensive focused, and allow the tower defenses to be a means to an end (being simply to defend the main objectives long enough for the Hero to save the day). Shorter levels / modes The amount of time spent on a single level in DD1 is disgusting. Chromatic would do very well to figure out how to keep the frenetic pace of DD2's 5 waves in DDA. I'm already disappointed that there will be a Pure Strategy Mode. I would rather see an Endurance Mode, similar to a post I made several years back (here), that focuses on one massive wave without a build phase once it starts. You would have lulls in the battle that would allow for upgrades and repairs, but enemies would still be trickling in during this time. It wouldn't need to be long either, 30 minutes at most. I also had a Raiding Party idea, which without warning would throw random, high-tiered enemies into a single lane to force the players to change focus mid-wave without any prior warning. Tougher decisions / more mid-level strategy Right now, all the games have played out about the same. You have a build phase, you set out your towers as you've meticulously planned in accordance to the map layout. Then the waves start coming and all you do it repair, upgrade, and maybe use your hero as basically a mobile tower, not anything special. I would each wave (even the first wave) to be where the tough decisions take place. It shouldn't be that you set up your towers on Wave 1 only thinking about how on the last wave this layout will be the best to survive. How could this be accomplished? Each wave should have one or two lanes that are randomly selected to be the enemy's main frontal attack. I'm talking more about forcing the player to move their already built towers into different lanes each wave to accommodate the increase in enemy volume, whilst having to leave some defense in the lower volume lanes to protect the main objectives. The Hero is mobile and is the star of the show. Trendy / Chromatic has never utilized the main benefit an RPG / TD game affords; a mobile Hero with the ability to build towers on a whim. The Hero should be adjusting their towers / strategy on the fly to confront changes in the enemy's tactics, both during build phases, and mid-wave. These three concerns will be what makes or breaks DDA for me (and really, my future support for this franchise). I have been through a lot with this franchise and with these developers, and I want this game to succeed. However, time is growing short for Chromatic to get this right. I really hope my thoughts here might help Chromatic think about getting back to basics with DD, and really consider how to navigate the complex dichotomy of RPG / TD. Do you want to be just another TD game with over-simplified RPG elements? Or do you want to be an RPG game which derives a flavor of TD never seen, that will last for ages? Cheers, Phil
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    A lot of old DD1 fans would have been happy with a remake that had some new maps, new pets, better graphics, and no offline save files. However, this is not really how it ended up etiher.
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    ...and a lot of patience, as it will be a while before you can use the ps4 key 😥
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    Next week postponement notice confirmed more likely. I kid... but really, I wouldn't be too saddened by this as I'd rather have a completed game than a rushed buggy mess at release.
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    It's obviously busted and other threads have discussed it thoroughly. Bottom line nobody wants to play Nascar. A few derps keep trying to argue that it's working well but the majority want to actually play the game. 100% time spent collecting Mana is not dungeon defenders. Collecting Mana should only be a part of the game. Other parts include fighting monsters tactically, upgrading, rebuilding, repairing, and being tactically in the right place at the right time. Right place right time is NOT supposed to be solely where Mana exists on the map. It's starting to get frustrating hearing people defend the system when it is clearly not working as intended which is obvious by how much Mana drops on waves 1 through 3
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    You all did see what he said right? its not actually 5PM it was a joke about gettin drunk on release. The time of release has not been given yet, i dont even know where the LINT time zone came from, their HQ is in EST in florida.
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    On the 6th day of hype, CG gave to me... An image of a stop sign. :D
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    Then the numbers should be the dates ending on the 21st imo
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    It's like Advent calendars at Christmas. You count up to the 25th and uncover one each day. Except this is a like more like the 12 days of Christmas (or DDA), not 25.
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    A countdown usually implies numbers going from large to small, this feels backward or is it just me? My OCD is itchy at this.
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    Also keep in mind in beta every staff dropped with 6 balls firing. I assume in live this will not be the case or at least you will need to spend some upgrades to get it like that. There were no good huntress weapons in the beta there should be in live. Monks ranged + its tower buff makes it very strong also. All in all the only one that seems to really need a buff is the squire.
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    That's how it is but it's worth considering that the beta isn't very much to judge the full game by seeing as it's only the easiest 4 maps and capped to insane difficulty which many people either start on or progress into within an hour or two. You're essentially watching people play the games tutorial section dozens of levels over-leveled and with overpowered gear. Something to remember is you should always take things like that with a pinch of salt, though, and that extends to any kind of design theory not just in the world of gaming. Something that sounds great, maybe even perfect on paper can pretty quickly fall to pieces when you introduce it to many other moving parts and systems like in a game. The randomly powerfully buffed lanes every wave is a pretty good example as on paper it seems great but in practice if it actually makes a measurable difference it creates issues and adds an RNG layer to progressing because the core tower aspect of DD games simply isn't really designed around constantly selling your towers after using them, meaning for it to be anything more than something that annoys everyone just because they got unlucky with chosen lanes a decent chunk of re-working and re-balancing needs to be done. It may not seem like a big deal to you because what you essentially want is an entirely re-done game anyway but seeing as this game is being born largely out of the general thirst for a slightly more modernized DD1, sweeping fundamental changes to core design probably aren't super high on CG's list. Especially seeing as a lot of the hate for DD2 is because it was, well, different.
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    Update: It appears the gems have now been sent. Hi, can anyone from Chromatic please update us Backers who have paid the international shipping fee as to when we might recieve our DD2 gems 'reward/compensation' It's been more than a while now since we had any official communication about it. I had in fact contacted support late November of last year with the email response: ''You will hear more from us this weekend, but orders have not been locked as of yet. We will be doing so within the next week and we will be sending out a warning to everyone prior to locking so that people can make any last-minute changes. Once they've been locked, there is a bit of administrative work we have to do, but we will issue gems shortly after. Thanks CG Support'' At the time, I personally wasn't best keen on the idea of receiving gems as compensation but I just accepted it along with others as it was the only option given to us. However, had I known we would have still been waiting for the said gems almost up until the release / early access of DD:A, I would have not been so accepting of the offer. Personally, the gems have no value to me now as I've pretty much abandoned DD2 in favour of a fresh start in DD1. Just would have been nice that we could of had time to use those gems for something. Also, it would have been nice to have included it in the Reward status thread for a way for us to see any update on the matter. Sorry about my slight rant about it, but that is just how I personally feel now. I know you all at Chromatic are all hard at work for us to get DD:A done for us, but may I suggest that maybe now would be a good time to have a re think and revise the said offer and give us alternative option to the gems? An extra DD:A game key would be a suggestion.
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    the gems were also only to be awarded to orders outwith NA that included a t-shirt. We were given 3 options to us having to pay $30 for delivery. We could - 1 write in the box no tshirt (keeping the tier and not paying delivery) and receive gems. 2 pay $30 for delivery and get gems + tshirt. 3 change tier to one without a tshirt avoiding delivery charge but get no gems. Since the compensation didnt affect all KS tiers with t-shirts it was not attributed as a kickstarter reward as such. They had only said we would get them nearer launch which at that time was to still to be in October. They have never provided any further information since they changed launch dates on when those affected by the delivery charge would receive their gems. As time goes on it seems less and less worthwhile to get the gems promised with Early Access due to start on the 21st many KS backers will no longer be playing DD2 if they were playing DD2 at all. I feel it would be appropriate to consider either change the compensation or give us the gems now before EA is launched.
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    If they manage to let people sync their offline to online and still have strong security against near best in slot gear and pets...I will be very very impressed
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    "If people want to tear their game apart offline, cheat their way through everything, by all means, they are more than welcome to." A direct quote. Obviously you might be drawn to the "offline" part there but offline play will now apparently be carrying over into online and while there will undoubtedly be precautions in place to stop speedhackers and other absurd stuff online there's not much that can be done about lesser stuff like editing your level/generating "legit" items which is why online only/separating online and offline started to become a thing.
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    I would rather there no mana chests and a larger drop of mana from mobs. Let a chest drop at the end of the campaign or after specific waves (15 and 25 for pets) to recieve rewards. I agree, the end of wave chests drop useless junk.
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    Did I afk level my first hero - YES, my first hero was back when max level was 70 on the Xbox360 I had made it to insane Glitterhelm and was not max level and only had a Squire. I built the map in Insane then sat in the corner every wave until end and repeated until my squire was 70. Then i made an Apprentice and guess what? Yes built the map on my squire, switched to my Apprentice ran to hide in a corner, ran around between waves grabbing an item and hid for the next wave until my Apprentice was 60. I wanted to equip those godly items so 60 was where I needed to be. It was the same for my monk and huntress and Waller and DPS apprentice. I was not with my squire alone able to complete many insane survivals I was going to need other heroes anyway. Would it be better to do insane deeper well survival taking 10+ hours for less than half the xp or one 10 min Insane Glitterhelm to give my new hero xp? Why would I want to take days if I could take hours? Not many people like to take the slower route intentionally. People tend to want to be efficient and not waste any time or effort if it is possible. In DD1 right now you can take a couple of hours to get a hero to 83 a day or 2 to get it to 100 depending how many hours you play in a day. It doesnt take months. You take care to insist getting to level 100 is enough to prove dedication, when you can avoid allot of grind and still reach lvl 100. The dedication to the game is proven by having ult++ items which might take you months to find. Getting that perfectly rolled dice with 900+ stats etc. Is afk farming loot any more rewarding? Perhaps not, but why add to the afk grind if I dont need to. When the decision comes down to afk for no loot but levels or loot but not levels I would take farming for loot. Getting that first ultimate meant way more to me than getting my first hero to lvl 100. Finding those rare items was nowhere as easy as getting a level.
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    And level isn't? You can still use better gear if your level is bigger and obviously the stats you get from leveling alone won't do anything in the hardest maps if your gear is good. Did you AFK when you were leveling your first character? Or second? No you fucking didn't. You AFK'd when you got bored of the game and you would AFK regardless of what you were farming, this isn't solely a leveling problem. Be level 100. Of course leveling won't mean anything to you if you already have many characters at that level. The fun is in getting to level 100 when you're still at the point where everything in the game hasn't become trivial to you. If you do anything over and over again of course it's not going to be fun do you seriously think this is only a problem with leveling? If you have so many characters at level 100 already and you hate leveling your leveling process is not going to take any time anyway. The current system would just get you to that point faster and people would stop playing the game quicker. Just because you can abuse AFKing doesn't mean everyone will do it and if you're afking you're simply at a point where the game isn't that much fun to you anymore.If you were farming gear instead you'd still be AFKing. Even if levels alone don't give you an advantage like good gear does it's still an indicator of your dedication to the game. Yes there are leeches but more often that not someone at level 100 is reliable. If leveling is easy from the starts it might as well not exists to begin with. If levels don't matter the only thing we can rely on is item level and that's the most unreliable thing ever. Getting rid of leveling will do nothing but harm to the game in the long run.
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    Yes you can play on PC then log into your PS4 and continue on. There will be a main account that will hold your save, when you change device you will log into this account to carry on on the other device. It may take a few minutes to get everything sorted from one device to the other, but it should be easy to do. The name for this is cross saves, cross play would be you playing on PC with someone who plays on PS4 at the same time. They hope to have cross play at some point, but they are not sure when or if that will happen.
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    Despite what you adamantly seem to believe DD games aren't decidedly "multiplayer games" they're solo games that happen to have co-op functionality and trading, something that should be abundantly clear now with the inclusion of the Switch and saves carrying over both online and offline. Yeah it'd be super great when you really want to play but your friends are busy/don't want to play/quit playing so you have your singular hero building the exact same couple of defenses on every map you play with basically no variations. And funnily enough... Even with the absurd experience increase leveling still took a long time in DD1. You don't just boot the game up, create a character and do 2 Glitterhelm runs and you're at 100. It takes hours to get to the point where you can run it on insane (substantially longer if you choose a "bad" hero from the start), then it takes hours of grinding it to reach the next gear threshold, then many hours leveling up the other heroes you need to progress especially if you're not running an emulator, then hours for the next threshold blah blah. I started another account with the DD1 code I got from KS and it's around 60 hours and my most used character is at around level 90. You may be able to power level fairly fast through leeching but naturally leveling as you progress through the game normally is pretty slow and it's mostly just boring as hell afking. Ontop of that from what I recall the leveling curve in DDA seems to be either the same or very similar to the one in DD1 and experience gain actually seems a bit lower. Unless there's a significant change or the balance is so terrible people have late NM/massacre maps on farm by level 60 I doubt hitting 100 is going to be all that trivial.
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    You're kinda mistaking my original post. I never mentionned Mana. Do I feel like we need mana chests because DD1 did? No, I don't think we need mana chests. Mana could just be handed to you at the start of the game, with the amount depending on the total DU you can use on the map. In example, 6 x total DU, so 50 DU = 300 starting mana. Split that amount evenly amongst all players present in the map. As for actual chests giving items every wave, is that really necessary? I don't think so. You already get a ton of loot from killing enemies. I would like something replacing chests though, at least for giving map rewards/pets on survival. It would be nice if they didn't just appear out of nowhere in your inventory. That's why I liked my suggestion of a special enemy appearing that you kill to get your rewards/pet. You should be clearly notified it appeared and it should just run around in the map until it's killed by a player or their towers. So if there is an auto loot feature, you don't have to worry about forgetting to open a chest if it just dies pretty fast to your towers. Unless you leave the map immediately. But you probably shouldn't be able to until it's killed. I like the idea of replacing tedious chests with an interactable enemy. It also opens new possibilities, like the chance of a rare version of that enemy spawning I talked about.
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    Would you rather play nothing? In comparison to the fully fledged DD1, DDA was going to feel light at launch and for months to come anyways until a bunch of DLC's hit. Now it's just slightly more empty at the start. With essentially slighlty more DLC's.
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    I just hope this roadmap and the promise they will work hard to update it means we get a better end product. Knowing it is early access, I may even wait for the proper release anyway just so I don't burn out and level up faster than the content comes in and ruin the balance.
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    I loved the beta and can’t wait for early access
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    If you backed for the PC release then yes, your Beta key will convert to an Early Access key automatically. You'll just need to update on the 21st.
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    With February getting closer and closer and excitement building. As a Non Switch console player and kickstarter backer it would be great to know how long the timed exclusive DDA launch on Switch is going to be? We don't need a date for release just some kind of disclosure or communication of a "round about" time frame. Will it be exclusive to PC and Switch for a month after release? A whole fiscal quarter 3 months? Longer? God forbid a whole year? Without any real info from CG we are left to hope for the best and plan for the worst...or be really disappointed from making our own assumptions drawn from what little info has been said "not long after release". Both scenarios hurt the games community. Giving us some concrete info could really help CG earn back some trust from its console community. Not saying anything until release and then finally dropping the bomb when ppl are hyped to play seems like a huge buzzkill. Would it not be better to kill some of the buzz that console players have well before release? So if anyone is upset there is some time to let it go and re build their hype in the coming weeks before release. No info until release is gonna upset people right as game launches which seems like it would kill hype and sales/pre orders worse than announcing the amount of time the exclusive release is pre release. Any info about this would be greatly appreciated by your dedicated console community backers and Pre orders.... Thank you
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    As I already stated in another thread, I really dislike only having those couple rarities. I agree that we don't need as many of the bad quality ones DD1 has but I don't want to be looking for legendaries only, from the first map to the very last. I want rare items that feel exciting to find. After playing 200 hours, there should be stuff that feels exciting to find. A better stated legendary really doesn't do as good a job. As for filters, I'd much rather be able to filter what's shown on screen in a map and be able to see something good just dropped rather than realizing I found something good while sorting through the 10s/100s of items that got auto loot. I don't mind both possibilities but I'd really appreciate at least having a good map items filter.
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    Being a PC gamer i feel unbiased in this area, perhaps I can be of help? They arent able to deliver anything close to what they promised during the kickstarter so something does need done as some type of compensation for the console gamers. I dont like the idea of a steam key + console key that seems unrealistic. However perhaps allow console gamers to get a steam key NOW for the early access launch and allow that key to continue on until the release on ps4/xbox then give them a one time option to transfer their key and no longer have PC access but keep their characters/items and begin playing on their consoles. however it would be a one time option AND a one way trip. that is the best solution i could come up with. there are many potential solutions but my recommendation is to offer up other solutions to Chromatic for the issue at hand. unfortunately i see a lot of people (not just this thread) complaining about this exact issue, which almost never helps solve any issues. offer up reasonable well thought plans and perhaps Chromatic will take action. They did offer up many refunds to kickstarter backers as a simple solution to this issue in the past few months. I dont feel that was a satisfying solution as it hurts the community of this game instead of growing the community. I hope Chromatic will think through this a little more at this time with that in mind. I doubt ill ever play on anything other than a PC personally, but i wanna see the community grow and the game be successful. just my 2c
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    Cross saves will ruin the other console environment with PC getting to play for 4months+ ahead of us. By the time Xbox Ps4 get to touch the game, meta will be solved and multiple guides will be out. So much for any mystery of getting to play a "New Game". Why would I play a public match if there are PC/Switch players in the match that will destroy the early content on DAY 1 of Xbox launch. Getting carried isn't fun. Being 5months behind anyone with Crossave capabilities that could afford to PAY for multiple copies to be able to play the game at its earliest Feels Pay to Win. Or at least Pay To Win Faster. So disappointed.
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    Just want to point out that Huntress had terrible DPS in the Beta, and Monk or Apprentice beat her easily because of multiple projectiles. On top of her traps needing repair so often, she was a pretty lackluster hero. I don't know how you think she has the best dps.
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    It's coming guys, we promise. Don't want to start too soon, people are way more excited when they see a game that will be released next week rather than next month, for example. Ads and promotions require game footage and we wanted to make sure that it looks as close to the released game as possible when we start putting stuff out. We're currently designing marketing material and putting together the final game plan. Fear not!
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    I had fun with this map, Steam-profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198067635381/
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    Definetely more challenging than it looks at first glance, ty to sesar and ruffer for doing them with me! imgur: https://imgur.com/a/xKKl0Al steam profile: https://steampowered.com/profiles/76561198417716162
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    Just wanted to share with you guys a look at what attendees at PAX South were able to play. Just a reminder though that none of what you see here is final and this is just what we showed at PAX South. Things will change!
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    We had someone stop by the booth and he took great pictures and a video. Here's his Twitter thread. I also posted some short clips to Instagram when I could. If you go to the Chromatic Games Instagram account here and click the PAX South 2020 bubble you can watch them all there.
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    So from 1 to 70 takes ~3.2 million experience, 70 to 71 is ~800k experience, 71 to 72 takes 2.8 million experience. That's almost the same amount of experience it takes to get to 70. If you are concerned leveling is too fast, and it will be too easy to hit 100, you are most definitely wrong.
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    Like in the stream we need cows items :D like cows pets, hats, etc :orc: everyone loves cow :) Ideas: -Special Heroes Customs +A cow custome for squire +A farmer or a chicken custome for the squire +A scarecrow custome for the monk +A ?? for the huntress :O -Farm Theme Weapons -Farm animal customs for Enemy Mobs -A cow pet that heals and attack whit its milk (lol) -....
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    No actually I liked DD1 early when you had to level every character seperate and very few had more than 1 capped hero. I want this game back to where you grab your hero (singular) your friends, and save the world. I don't want this pokemon hero BS where you have to switch 10 times to build 1 OP thing from each just so they can sell you more heros. But yes if we have to have tons of heros I have no problem with it being slightly less convient for soloing in a multiplayer game. You should not break things for groups just because you want it to be super convient to solo. As long as you can have fun soloing they are being fair as they could make maps that can't be soloed at all.
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