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    I appreciate everyone's feedback on the topic, I'll pass this along to the UI Design team and work with them to see if we can find a way to address some of these issues :)
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    I sit right next to the dude who insisted on this (well I used to before COVID-19 made my dog my only co-worker) and he'll appreciate your detective work.
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    People are too entitled. It is known that until you get the release candidate, you can expect any and all bugs. You think early release means anything? Why would steam constantly remind people that early release titles may or may not be stable and may or may not ever get a full release? It’s because you are taking a risk with the knowledge up front that things may not all be what you expect. Manage your expectations appropriately in the future and you won’t be disappointed
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    Sorry but i gotta defend Batophobia here, whilst at the same time i understand your point this has to be said. The DD community is understanding of COVID-19 and the entire world is being effected, its out of CG's hands and we get that, and in their COVID-19 post, if they had said "Hey guys because of this we can't promise to meet our deadlines but we will still try our best as we adapt to the circumstances", and its not unreasonable to be upset the day of release for the update to only find out then that it will be delayed, the delay itself is understandable and i get it man i do but they MUST have known before the 11th hour that they had 2 days more of work to do so once an official decision was made, they could have told Mary to post a little update such as "We are afraid we discovered a few bugs in the last moment and we may have to release the update late, once we know for sure when we will release the update we will post again" or not even that it could just be "Things have slowed down more than expected due to COVID-19 and we are still getting adjusted to working from home so the march update has been pushed back, we'll update you when we know more" Nothing about that is unreasonable, they are a professional company and we are the customers who backed them, we are definitely owed some information as most of the people here backed them through kickstarter or backerkit and whatnot before they had even started coding the game so it was an investment. Wanting to know how our investment in the game is progressing is not being entitled, obviously not many people invested more than the basic packages that includes the game, but some of us gave loads more to support them. In short, WE UNDERSTAND the delays, and all we ask for is regular communication with us because we put our hopes and money into the future of this game and this company. Also i wouldn't say that we are mad, we are just upset and telling them, they could do better in terms of communication. Obviously all of our priorities are on fighting COVID-19 and staying safe, im glad your parents survived this pandemic and we will make it through this, but we can't let this virus shut down the planet, and CG didn't say "Due to COVID-19 we are forced to shut down" instead they said they will try to keep the goals which given whats going on is admirable and to have ONLY a 2 day delay in my books is impressive it just would have been nice to know a little earlier, some of us made plans to have an early weekend to have some fun and take our minds OFF this crappy pandemic for a while, but unfortunately some people have to bring it up everywhere everyday in this a gaming forum. Sorry if i rambled a little bit there and got somewhat repetitive.
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    I would love to see better auto loot filtering. 1) Multiple rules on an AND logic basis. (IE: Auto any item that is LEGENDARY, AND auto Accessories that are equal or better to EPIC). Right now, IIRC, selecting LEGENDARY and ACCESSORIES will give me all legendary gear plus all accessories regardless of quality. I could be wrong on this... but I know it isn't the best setup. 2) Along the same lines, have a rule form as one of the fields would also be nice. (IE: Auto items with "Power Level," that is "Greater Than," "800", of "LEGENDARY," quality) Right now, I can't specifically tell the game not to auto loot all the crap 525-600 legendary drops. So I have to sort by power level and lock items, then sell all which isn't user friendly.
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    thinking about a possible upgrade UI instead of the drop down scrolling menu where the stats are all laid out on one page. Say there is an item missing defense rate, in that section it would say unavailable or not applicable.
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    You've crushed my dreams of being 2 billion mana in debt!
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    There's really no reason to flame and go ballistic because of an early access patch. I mean... yeah. It sucks, but it happens. I didn't like my inventory disappearing, or losing progress when the game launched on steam after hours and hours, but meh. When I buy into something that's early access, I know they inevitably can come with game-breaking bugs and issues. Doesn't mean I like them, but the best way to make the game better is to simply relay what you dislike about the game in a constructive manner to the best of your abilities, and if needed just wait for another patch or two and then give it a go again. CG patches fairly frequently.
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    There's been multiple requests to allow quick change (F1/F2/F3/F4) while in the inventory, so I doubt there's currently a better way. Hopefully something gets added, though.
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    Except this game is about both not one or the other. So yes they should encourage more active gameplay, rather than just "tower defense". There are plenty of plain tower defense games out there so hopefully they never adopt this viewpoint. Yes you can get away with just building and afking....but you'll also never really be pushing the newer challenging content you'll always have to overgear it.
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    look at this awesomeness!!! i know not top notch but I'm happy!
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    ok found another one......are they hidden in every level........well lets find out.
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    I've played some Royal Gardens and Promenade NMHC Survival recently and I've noticed a few places where Copters, Ogres and Djinns can get stuck on these maps. Also some other bugs listed below these. Royal Gardens: Djinns get stuck on the westernmost door: Promenade: Copter-Ogres getting stuck if they fall just out of bounds, but don't die. This happens at 3 places (3 Copter places): 1. Southeast spawn 2. Southwest spawn 3. North spawn Also some Copters Managed to get stuck in their spawning places. This only happened during online play when others were joined. It was always either Southwest, Southeast or none at all. If I get a Copter stuck in either spawn, I just reset because otherwise i have to wait 3-8 min each round depending on spawn times. 1. Southwest spawn 2. Southeast spawn That's all I've found so far on stuck enemies. There is also another bug I'd like to point out: If I boost towers with my apprentice (C+RMB) often enough, the particles of previous boosts will still be there, and once I've generated enough, I start lagging bad. You can see my fps (slightly) in the top-left, this is from Steam itself. Another thing I'd like to point out is that the "Award.firstkill 100" or other similar messages get stuck in place during all of the wave. The next wave another message will be stuck or sometimes nothing will be there. Thanks for reading, peace!
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    because you're thinking dd2 on there it is that way not dd1 or dda
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    You misunderstand my point. I don't care if there needs to be a delay. In fact, I think the entire community would be more than accepting if they had just come out and say it. The problem doesn't even lie in their not acknowledging it until the last minute. Honestly, even being a backer before there was a product isn't a factor. It comes from them continuously reassuring everyone that the March deadline is still expected to be met until the deadline is here and then giving notice about it. It is not about 2 days, its about telling us one thing and changing it at the last minute. Imagine if instead your ski resort assured you that they were still operating fine and you were welcome to enjoy your vacation on the proposed date, but the day of they told you they need a few days before you can come. You'd probably think "man I sure wish you'd have told me sooner". Exactly this.
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    Bad communication with community in this company, But game still good. We will see in April 1 and now i go sleep.
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    Not trying to make this negative or anything I like so many JUST WANT CHROMATIC TO OPEN UP AND TALK TO US tell us what’s going on.
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    The invite / joining flow is something that we've heard a good amount of feedback on and looking at what we can do to improve it, and I believe there also some weird issues preventing players from joining one another that also need to be looked into.
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    All I am hearing you say here is that you want to use other social media sites to bump up your search engine results to make DDA and Chromatic Games more prevalent in that area, I used to own a web design firm as with many websites so I fully understand how all that works. I however strongly fell that you guys should have a place on the forums to post about small so called “smaller victories” As already mentioned not everyone sees the “smaller victories” because they don’t use the some or all the social media
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    ya I now but they don't think so. The form is last place for info. I also don't have Facebook nor Twitter and don't want it.
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    Darkness traps remove elemental resistances, ogres don't have any, darkness traps didn't make ogres lose their target in dd1 so no use for ogres. It has uses for trash i'll let you discover those in time :). No one stated anything though, it's my personal deduction. You are not blind ^^.
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    Twitter/FB are always our first line of communication as not everyone checks the Forums frequently. We try to post larger updates here :)
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    Send next group of creeps. Large swaths of time are spent with no mobs on the map . Just figured I'd throw this out there, as wave 15 runs for pets last 3x longer than they should currently. Appreciate your time. (and mine heh)
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    Given that DD1 got so much love from the community with the modding kit, I'm hoping there is at least hope for DDA to get in on that action. That said, I figured I'd start learning UE4. Is the team locked in on a specific version at this point? Also, poking through the game files I noticed some early draft cinematics. Excitement levels are pretty high right now.
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    As far as I know there isn’t a better way at this time, it was the same in DD1. This is the one downside of a deck where everyone levels up at once, it can feel a tad annoying doing these levels but once you get used to the menus and what you are doing it won’t be as bad.
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    This afternoon I was doing the promenade with my friend on survival nmhc. Because I hadn't slept much last night we agreed that I would take a nap at wave 15. I went afk for an hour, and so did he. When I came back, my husband had turned off the pc :D So now there was no way for me to rejoin the match. So many times I want to play this game with my friend, but we are not on a set schedule. Life happens, and timings are off. Why cant my friends join me when Im at i.e. wave 16? It's some made up limitation that only hurts the player experience. Please remove it and let people play together just like in dd1. Also, several times there are issues with inviting friends to join game. We need a steam "join friend's game" function like in other steam games, and the invite function needs to be more reliable. At the moment, often the invite doesnt register and my friends dont get the invite (even if the game is at wave 1 or in tavern). I need to restart my game to make it work.
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    Complete All the maps on insane and be level 70.
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    agree to disagree. spamming campaign and fully rebuilding every 7 minutes is not fun at all and should be aimed at new and/or casual players that just want to play through the game. survival should be for more dedicated players and should grant XP relative to the time investment. Game design is such that players should be encouraged to play in areas where they will get stronger naturally. this means that if all my upgrades are on survival, i should naturally want to level up there
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    You can only have a Max of 100 in that stat everthing above that is lost. And if you have rock Pet then you dont have Any movement speed.
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    yeeeeah ive been level 70 all day lol
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    So what you're saying is you should never feel any emotion towards any kickstarter? If a kickstarter delivers we shouldn't care ? Same if one doesn't deliver ? Your assumption that they owe us nothing is completely false, me giving money to a kickstarter is not a just a "donation" donation, it is also an investment and a pre-order. (Look I can be a jackass and underline stuff too) A donation implies nothing, or very little, in return, an investment implies potential returns. When I back a kickstarter I do it assuming that I will very likely get something in return, it's a low-risk "investment". If I use your logic, I could go an create hundreds/thousands of scamstarters and just run with the money, maybe send a "Thank You" email and everything would be fine and dandy because, hey, some people donated money to me and they might've received an email. If I push your logic further, CG could just say, "Screw you, we're gonna port what we've got on switch to fulfill the contract with Nintendo and then you're all SoL" and we should be fine with it? Regarding the Kickstarter rules, people do actually have to be able to prove that they have a working prototype, and give an ETA on when stuff will be ready, doesn'T have to be acurate, just jas to be there. This is not an issue of "hurrdurr muh march 31st", this is an issue of at least tell us more than 30 minutes before the workday ends that you wont ship. I'm a software developper, I don't know when something will be done, but I sure know when something won't be done. From speaking with other devs, most of them are the same. You can't tell me CG didn't know. I think, as Lawlta said in their post, that they really wanted it to come out on the 31st, and that is why they waited so long to tell us, and that's alright, but telling us that they were trying, but that it might not come out due to the unforeseen circumstances would have been much better.
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    Lots of opinions here. at the end of the day we will get to battle the old ones eventually in NM but we as fans of dungeon defenders understand that there is tough times in the world at the moment.
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    I'm not sure if there was a limit in DD1, but you could definitely have more than 12 heroes. I think it's unlikely they will introduce a limit that would delete characters for legitimate users DD1 had special drops for each boss, I would plan on DDA also having special items.
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    Hey there, hope you don't mind letting me know on the specifics of why you both keep failing on ramparts? Also which campaign difficulty are you both on too? Normal or Hard? As for The Wyvern's Den, you might want to avoid building on cursed spots (each wave a patch of black would appear on the ground). They weakens your defenses horribly.
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    $#@$@#$ SPIDERLINGS ... noooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooOO
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    My Harpoon supremacy is soon to return
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    Early this week I submitted this Steam review, outlining my feedback of the current state of the game and how I anticipate we could make it better. I want to spark a discussion with the community here to see if others share a similar sentiment, or if I'm in a vocal minority: "How would you feel if CG scrapped many of the existing defenses in DDA and revamped all four hero's defense pools?" This would mean: We would have a bunch of new defenses to play with, but also; Some defenses would invariably be cut from the game. We're still in Early Access, so this is something that I anticipate could be a possibility. Would this divergence from the DD1 experience be a positive or negative in your mind? What do you think can be done to help the community be more unified on the vision of DDA's future?
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    Just to get people's hopes up on that legendary rock, I'm over 350 runs without seeing one so far. I feel like I'm experiencing the absolute worst case scenario right now though. :)
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    All lost, Not a big deal is EA, shit happens, but just wanted to give a heads up that although I followed the warnings listed in the patch notes, it still happen upon joining someones game (from steam invite)so I'd suggest playing solo until further notice...imo, hoped this gets rolled back, if not at least fixed :) happy farmin'
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    Hello. Will it be as easy to farm as current "end game insane" Armor? Give or take a week or two, hardcore players will just be done with it again, since the loot system is so shallow as it is... All the depth that was in DD1 and DD2 loot is gone in DDA. You implemented a spliced DD1/2 version of loot, with zero of the depth that they both had, and we are just left with; > Get X item at X item power and it will do just fine... Wheres is the "WOW!" did i just get that!? Sure I mean, whenever I get my first item with 25 all tower stats, I will be happy for like 3 seconds, then realizing how little it actually matters and just think; "Well there goes another 13m into upgrading!" Loot is so shallow, you have to count on a single hand how many numbers total your tower stats go up most of the time.. - Wheres the huge ass weapons or the tiny ones? - Wheres the random firing rate for bows/guns? (They are all set by default) - Wheres the random huge stats on low tier gear?? - Wheres the FUN and we don't give a shit feel of how crazy stuff is at? Anyways, what you guys think about the loots? Let me end with that I am having fun, farming away, but if what we have, is signs to come, there will be need of way more that just 1 "new" difficulty mode.
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    I'd also like to add in that half the maps are new.
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    Elemental acts the same as DD1. The only time I’ve ever found E-Damage to be worth upgrading is the early game progression. Once you start having a decent amount of hero attack points the scaling simply beats elemental damage shot for shot. Boost or not it still doesn’t do anything. Though I have ran elemental weapons on my upgrade characters before so I could dump all of their points into casting rate and still have some decent damage when paired with std auras, that’s the only use case I’ve ever personally seen outside of early game to worry about elemental damage...aside from way back when where elemental upgrades made an item worth more to sell on PS3 lol.
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    They defenitely need increased projectile speed. After Wave 20 in Summit Insane they are useless because the enemies move so fast they cant even hit them. Only if they stand still at my wall..
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    Reading the tooltip is hard.
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