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    Here's my entry. Item: Bracers of Annatar Event Name: Amplifiers Item Quality: Ultimate93 Required lvl: 100 Forged by: [Gradient, see raw string below] Chronozia Description: [See color below] Reaching out to embrace whatever may come Mana value: 180814 Stats: HeroHealth: 25 HeroSpeed: 150 CastRate: 150 Ability2: 25 TowerHealth: 215 TowerRate: 190 TowerDamage: 190 TowerRange: 415 Upgrades: 107/7 Design: This is a pair of range bracers, suitable on a range monk or gasser huntress. With the more recent surge of people rebuilding (or building another) their monks to be range focused, I wanted to make an accessory that can be used with the new meta. Additionally, this item is a tribute to the game from me personally. It's designed with elements that I've found interesting about the game or simply have just liked about it, hence the model, quality and appearance of it. Raw strings Forge name: <color:0,177,255>C<color:12,181,253>h<color:30,186,252>r<color:50,192,250>o<color:73,198,247>n<color:97,206,244>o<color:120,212,242>z<color:140,218,239>i<color:158,224,237>a Description: <color:180,210,255>Reaching out to embrace whatever may come Pictures:
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    My first entry, my personnal favorite, what's missing: pink forged name and correct ammount for the mana, of course it has to be level 200 the base i used was the green diamond <3 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ my next entry is this Backstabber blade ( thanks <Bonny> base weapon idea), its a reversed blade that you have to show your back to the enemy to attack em, extremly fun to play with. whats misssing: kewl fire colored name for the forge _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ and my final entry i used YGK as a base and made it a revamp, really cool looking, straight foward item missing: level 2012 for when dad went missing and lost his precious sword and colored forge name i can live with any color the damage that i currently set on it deals approx 19mil with a 6k knight jj
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    1. Pick an item in game (you can't suggest items that don't exist such as Old One on a Treadmill) that the event item will be modeled after 2. Pick a new name, description, raised by, upgrade level 3. Pick out new colors for the event, this can include how shiny you may want the item to be. (You can even choose the size of the item) 4. Pick stats for the item. Pick what stats the item has, how high the stats are, ect. (You can even change the swing speed of melee weapons to if you would like) 1. Battle Droid 2. Name >> BonBot V13.3.7 Description >> "Could you play that song again?" Built by Bonny Upgrades >> 101/101 3. As pink and shiny as possible 4. Picture below. So for stats and whatnot, Idk how to balance things but I think the stats are fine, 404 across the top and the first 12 digits of pi for the bottom. The damage might be too high for the number of projectiles but I want that number to remain the same if possible since its the number used in the I Love You thing (ill link a youtube video to it) I'd like for the attack speed to remain the same or higher because fast attacking pets are cool. I don't really care about the extra projectiles, If the damage is too high, you can knock this down to make it not OP. I just wrote 3 there as a place holder. The description is the meme in Spongebob where Spongebob assumes Mr. Krabs is a robot. I'll link that as well. I picked the battle droid as a pet since it has the weakening effect thing and I think that's pretty cool. The 1337 numbers should be self explanatory and the 101 upgrades is leet speak for lol. Idk what the mana should be set to though. Links vvv https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQKyf4sWDlc I love you thing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuB_Pm4Xxbs Can you play that song again?
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    This is a reference to Curious George. It's a DPS and builder pet. There's a large trade off in either direction, but I see it to be pretty situational and fun to mess around with outside of the situations. The small size makes the monkey not get in the way when fighting things, like other normal-sized monkeys do. Stats (other than tower stats) are related to facts about Curious George Using Monk stats with hero boost at 5,000 Hdmg and 3,966 AB2: DPS on the Tavern dummy is 11,197,000. Each shot is 7,464,667, but the monkey has a choke point in the shooting animation that has a forced pause. The shots per second stat just makes the monkey eat/reload faster.
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    First Entry: The Sicarius is my favorite weapon in the game and have always wanted a reason to use it. Another thing I enjoy is ruining upgradable events, so I mashed them together into this monster. I love this weapon because it gives you the option to be a good tower weapon or a good dps weapon, the choice is yours. For the dps side, the weapon is actually the Retribution so it does generic damage so it is actually usable, and the dps is about a 150k Blaster Rifle at point blank or 130k Blaster Rifle from farther. Then for the tower side, obviously it will not beat a good ++ Kraken Cannon, however, not everyone has a quad cap ++ Krakon. I think this would be a fun event item to have because it would be super unique for what people could use it for. Also, I don't know yet what I would put for the description yet, but there would be one.
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    Update - CG has responded and is processing my claim. I'm happy to hear from them. They said the delay was in part to a staffing issues and requests are backlogged. Have hope.
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    Dunno what your problem is, I actually had to work my way up from ancient mines, alch lab, magus quarters all the way until glitterhelm caverns. You slowly but surely progressed and that's the whole concept.
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    Item: Blaster Rifle (or Blasticus with piercing shot) Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Huntress needs some love. *Note: I want the item upgrade level to be 1775/1775 not 1/1775. I couldn't figure out how to do it because I'm bad. The stats are themed off of Charles Benjamin "Chuck" Mawhinney. He was a U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) sniper. 1st row: Chuck had a notable kill at 900 yards. He was in the Republic of Vietnam for 16 months. His years of service was 1967 through 1970. 2nd row: The Vietnam War lasted from 1955 through 1975. 3rd row: Just using the 900 yards number for the stats here. 4th row: Chuck entered the USMC at the age of 18. He had 216 probable kills and 103 confirmed kills. Upgrade Levels: The USMC was founded in 1775. "Head Banger" and "Discount brain surgery" texts are just for humor. The phrase "absolutely 0" is a reference to the song "War" by The Temptations (War, h'uh, yeah, what is it good for, *absolutely nothin*), which came out during the Vietnam War era. Technical balancing and further explanation: At 5.2k Hero Damage and 4.1k AB2 stat on the default huntress skin, the weapon does ~20.8 million DPS on the Tavern dummy. A single shot does ~6.9 million damage. AB2 ability does ~22.5 million damage, not including the extra shot. The dummy alternates the dps between ~20.8m to ~25.1m when spamming AB2 with the normal shot. With the same hero stats as above plus a 210 boost cat, EV beam ticks at ~10.5 million. I purposefully made the hero movement speed negative, AB1 high, and the tower hp as the stat in the theme of snipers stealthily scouting around and taking a secure position. Also using tower hp for the 900 yards number helps to keep the weapon more balanced. The negative AB2 discourages replacing or making other gun weapons on EV/Jester obsolete and puts this weapon is a more niche role for the huntress. Tower range because snipers have range. Eh, get it? Yeah? Yeah....haha. If the DPS needs to be adjusted, then I recommend playing around with the reload speed, sps, and number of projectiles. I think it is good where it is at. I just want there to be a weapon to make huntress a viable dps option without giving another weapon that EV or Jester would make a better use out of or replace one of their weapons. The coloration reminds me of the Mass Effect weapons. Imitating the actual colors of the guns used during the Vietnam War doesn't seem to be very pretty. I hope I did this right. Let me know if I missed something that is needed.
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    It's that time again. EVENT TIME!!! Grab some friends and get ready to return invade the Crystal Cave! What Do I Need to Know Please check out this guide to get up to speed on how to run events. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1211979327 When Will The Event Happen The event will start on Friday, October 2nd 12:00 (UTC-4/EST) and end on Sunday, October 4th 22:00(UTC-4/EST). There will be guaranteed at least one host on from 12:00-22:00(UTC-4) each day. We will try to have hosts available at other times as well. What Gear Do I Need For This Event Bring the best gear you got. You can use your normal gear for this event or borrow gear. It will require everyone to use dps of some sort. Hacked and/or modded gear is not permitted during the event *except for gear from the Event Armory Shipment*. What Do I Need to do to be Ready for the Event The event map is open to download already. Before the event you need to check back to this thread and subscribe to the map in the Steam Workshop. Please try hosting it yourself before the event at least once to make sure you have it installed correctly. What If I Can't Get On During Those Times If you are unable to participate in the event while it is running please talk to Thales#0978 on discord or on steam. We will try to accommodate you as best we can. Can I Play With My Friends Yes! You can bring a group of up to 5 players. So find some comrades to adventure with you. If you don't have any friends or a group ready one will be made for you during the weekend. Map Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2222474923 Note: You may encounter an issue after you download the event map and try to go back to ranked and join a game. It is possible you might get a package version mismatch error. The first step to fix this is to restart the game. If that doesn't work then unsubscribe from the map and verify integrity of your game cache.
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    Defenders, We heard some of you were having difficulties playing with friends and with matchmaking. We wanted to get this small hotfix out to alleviate some of the reported issues we have seen. We're still working on getting a larger patch out, but we wanted to help y'all connect in-game in the meantime. BUGFIXES BUGFIX: Fixed various matchmaking issues. Known Issues: There’s an issue where Shadows are causing massive FPS loss on even the best hardware out there that we are investigating. Recommended you change the shadows setting to low for the time being while in your Tavern. Changing the setting while in gameplay may cause an unwanted crash. Social Defenders To get reliable updates on the future of DDA make sure to follow us on all our social media platforms: Discord Twitter Facebook Instagram Twitch Forums Keep an eye out for more info! For Etheria! Chromatic Games
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    I don't like twitch, and other than to talk in voice with friends, I don't care for discord. We have been asking for more communication for a while now, and nothing has been done. I don't expect you guys to change, or care, as the only time we can see you pop up in the forums is to explain weird/undocumented mechanics. I would like to have a weekly post going over what is going on with development, be it a status on the next patch, whether or not some bugs are going to get fixed soon, or anything concrete. Bug fix info would be great, it's been two weeks since the last patch, you're not gonna make me believe that having a dev branch for bugfixing that could get merged and pushed on a semi-regular basis is too hard, or impossible. You already do the weekly streams on twitch, how hard can it be to take 10 minutes to write a short summary and post it on the forums? This is mostly a rambling rant, so feel free to ignore it like you seem to do with a lot of things.
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    Someone's got to keep it alive. Or on lifesupport...
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    This is so sad:( Sophie and her Dad Andreas Their level reflecting their age and how old they will be. Was thinking it could be made impossible to up. If not, Then 16/16 and 67/67 for their age. I would interpret it as the dad trying hes hardest while the kid doesnt see her dad, but compare herself to others, even though shes better than all the ++´s :( Didnt have much time left, so the stats are abit too op maybe, but can be shifted easily Ofc the dad sees her as 2B
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    You're doing something wrong if you need three hours for a level at level 87. Best way to get xp at that point is doing either promenado NMHCSV or whatever massacre campaign map you can clear comfortably. Promenade gives like a quarter level when you're alone and a bit more when in group.
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    Once he puts his Ice Shield up you will need to ignite him to disable it. Early on the easiest way to get that done is the Huntress because she has her Oil Flask and Phoenix (#2 and #3 abilities) that can create the ignite combo. Because free stuff inside presents is amazing
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    Just in case anyone was wondering... I submitted a support request to Chromatic, just under two weeks ago. Chromatic has since not even bothered to reply. SMH.
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    The issue happens when ever you use a overclock beam on the DST at this time, We have a fix coming for the DPS calculation to correctly display when buffed. As far as any claims about the tower being nerfed, There was absolutely no change in actual DPS for the tower, It attacks at the same rate as before, and does the same damage too. The DPS on the tooltip will be lower and the attack rate will be slower to account for the windup time of the attack animation as stated in the patchnotes but this change will result in more accurate DPS calculations once the buffing issue is addressed.
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    Concept: The idea is playing with words, somewhat of a pun between "dicing" as playing with dices (refering that are the scaling numbers) and "dicing" as in slicing (refering that are the colors, high damage and choosen pet). The pet would have only 4 stats for visual purposes of the numbers. The 20 used for upgrades and in the description are a reference to tabletop RPGs to reinforce the theme of playing with dices. Item: Harpoon Pet Size: as big as Mr. Crackers. Pet colors: Main color black. Secondary color dark red. Name: The One Who Dices Description: <color:255,0,0>Dicing</color> and <color:255,255,255>Dicing</color>, He forever strives towards the 20... Mana Cost: 987654300 Raised by: <color:75,0,0>Mv Base damage: 45678 Shots per second: 9 Projectile speed: 87654 Hero HP: 123 Hero damage: 456 Skill 2: 654 Tower range: 321 Upgrades: 20 / 20
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    Yea they are putting too much focus on their new baby DDA so the only codes that get anywhere are the ones that players may still be holding onto
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    please help be brother and i started this game on ps4 during quarantine and we are constantly getting blocked from completing missions because the drakenfrost boss shows up and we cant defeat him. he'll show up with a million health in normal difficulty adventure mode and we do 5 dmg a hit to him. so when he shows up we have to back out of the mission and hope he doesnt show up again is there a buff we need? Is there a trick to him that we arent getting? All the tutorials on YT are for defeating him in his map but we arent at that point yet and if it keeps up we'll find a different game. Is it even worth playing like are they still doing updates for the game? Why is it christmas? Its a fun game we like coming up with funky strats for things but this is ridiculous.
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    Giving the summoner their own MU would be a fatal mistake. Do you balance Massacre survival around only defense units, or DU and MU? If you balance difficulty around only DU, congratulations! Use your summoner to effectively double your DU and easily win without any challenge at all. If you balance difficulty around the presence of both DU and MU, congratulations! You are now absolutely 100% required to level up and play summoner. If you don't, you're gimping yourself by not using half of your available DU. In DDE, minions used DU, and they were still used in almost every build. Aside from that, I can understand and appreciate what the summoner has to offer, but I would much rather have a net-new hero instead of the third rehash of the same hero.
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    I picked the xbox for the platform that I wanted to receive once released but seeing as how there isn't any release on sight can I switch it so I can just play it on PC without buying it again?
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    think theres a fair few in the same boat as me got all the gear needed from act1 ( minus a few peaces that are refusing to drop with the stats im after) but are fed up of playing for hours upon hours upon hours in act 3 for maybe one peace of gear to drop at over 400 upgrades. the funs gone theres nothing rewarding in the maps after act1 yea ive got some ok geraffis with 900+ base stats but gear wise ive had 3 drops in silly amount of hours that id consider upgrades. theres no fun in playing for hours and getting no reward for doing so, for now im going through steam libary and playing some classic games ive not played in ages playing new games thats just come out or had dlc ive not played yet ( tony hawks 1-2 nostalga as i played the origanals when they came out ) borderlands 3 dlc i havent touched etc
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    I think that getting stuff that makes you go, "oh shit, I can be powerful later" is actually a good thing. This, however doesn't deny the fact that the grind from 83-90 is kinda there to tell you "I know you wanna do massacre right now, but we've decided that you really need to master AFK leveling in prom.
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    Su litterally invakidates anything that isnt designed around it. That would mean all current difficulties would be invalidated. Id rather the summoner have unique sunmons that cost du then essentially being a dps increase to every map.
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    Put in a ticket for Chromatic Support. I did this 4 days ago and they got back to me in 3 days. Very fast. (I gave them an old save file, I don't know if it's needed though) https://chromatic.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new I am now playing with my old characters :). Might take longer for you because of business days.
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    You should still be able to contact philip on discord I think.
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    Absolutely loved the Summoner. Best part? It completley added a new style of play with the top down RTS style system. If not the summoner I would love to see some other characters that really push the boat out in terms of play style.
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    It was originally supposed to come out on all platforms at the same time, so i don't think that bugs are a hurdle to wait on. Besides, DD2 still has bugs...
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    Just wanted to clarify the XP is multiplied to each hero, so it won't take longer to level 4 heroes at once, than 1 at a time. Though I understand if you still enjoy the aspect of leveling them one by one, Just wanted to make sure you understood that part.
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    With the hero deck the level grind is way easier than it was in DD1, which is great. When I was levelling I used Magus Quarters Pure Strategy as it was by far the easiest on stats to complete high waves. Promenade NMHC Survival and then Glitterhelm NMHC Survival came next for me until I had everyone past 90, then TBH there is no difference between 90 and 100. Hopefully a new layer of lvl 100 requirement gear will be introduced as per DD1. TLDR: Much prefer DDA with hero deck than DD1 with controllers or emulators and lots of runs of Tavern Defence Pure Strategy
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    This could be quite controversial, but i personally prefer the dd2 towers over the dd1 towers by far. What i'd love is for dda to have both dd1 and dd2 towers but letting us choose certain towers over others, only example i can come up with is with the Series EV DD2's EV2 can have Proton Beam, Reflect Beam, Buff Beam and Weapon Manufacturer DDA's EV-A have everything mentioned above except Weapon Manufacturer, but also has the Physical Beam and Shock Beam, so what i thought is that we'd be able to keep all the equal/same towers from each game but the different towers could be replaced with other different towers, allowing us to replace DD1's physical or shock beam with the weapon manufacturer but keeping everything else the same cause they're the same exact towers.. It's really hard to explain stuff that just pops in your head
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    Honestly, just think about what you're saying. AFK the last map, starting at wave 23. We're barely two weeks into this so called major content patch, and it's over already. That's it, that's the game. And as far as progression, it doesn't get harder as you move from act 1 to act 2 to act 3, and you don't need increasingly powerful equipment to progress. Royal gardens is easier than ancient mines. So, in that context, what do you mean progression was really good? That's your idea of well implemented progression for a major content patch? No progression from easier to harder, just playing maps at random, and over in a couple weeks of casual playing? You're not really going to log in each night just to AFK for an hour and hope you end your AFK session with a slightly better giraffe are you?
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    Hi man that was my stragety too and it is working really nice until Nightmare. Once you complete Ancient mines, lava mines and struggle on alchemy lab. There are multiple things you can do: 1. Get a second squire put all points to his attack and get some vitality from items and farm a steam robot or monkey king. With correct block strategy you can finish all bosses except summit. 2. You do few runs of Alchemy lab without boss - I suppose this is where you are stuck. Do it on HC to get some good drops. Once you get good drops go back to Ancient mines. Now the trick - your target is wave 14 survival on ancient mines where the rock drops. In this point when you are stuck on some point you have to maximally upgrade your gear. Once you get a decent rocks for your builders it should be much much easier for you. So there are several things you need to do and know. First use correct DPS character with boss weapon - it can be monk or huntress. You should have decent weapon from insane HC or use boost monk with insane gemstone form summit. Secondly use correct PET - you should have a genie from ramparts or good cat from insane alche lab. Third thing and this is usually the problem is what are your builder stats and what build do you use? This was quite not hard to do even before EV2 now with EV its easy. Hope this helps. Good luck
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    That really is why a lot of us play the game for a few dozen hours, then quit. We like that progression at the start, but for me it is just dull once the grind starts. The more I've played games, the more I can tell when the grind will begin so I play even less time. Like Diablo 3, if I get stuck on some grindy part, I'm done. It is only the first 70 GR levels that I like to play because getting the loot and making new builds are fun, it feels like progress. Once I have to grind GR 70 for a new primal item to replace an ancient item I already have, I'm out. Same with DDA. I've beaten nightmare, so I'm done.
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    ggez 300cv no one even try to outbid me pls i dont want to spend more then i have to when i know no one else is going to beat me
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    Yes you're missing that your Steam bot sucks. You can upgrade the attack rate to .16. You should aim for a 250-300+ steam bot to fully utilize it.
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    I beg forgiveness for my ignorance about what gave your mind the feeling of entitlement to publicly lecture Johnny about a post that in fact doesn't go against any obviously stated rule of the forum, as well as i'd like to add that opining and valuing an item, as well as allowing the counterpart to discuss and prove he wrong, if the case, is not just appropriate, but actually the whole purpose of allowing community members to chat. Also, as i don't see any symbol showing you to be an official administrator of the forum, i personally would feel rather pleased if you could avoid stepping out of your own limits to concerns which don't fall under your responsability. I'm sorry for interrupting your auction, Mr. Ed. Good luck with your sells.
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    The focus is in the wrong place, and the choices are leading to a steady decline in population. This is obvious in DDA as well.
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    I've always wanted an item of mine in the game!
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    Hardcore mode shouldn't be relevant in this situation. The only requirement for joining a public game is that you are able to host that yourself, Ex: Being able to create a Campaign Summit On Nightmare or Survival Ancient Mines at wave 1, when the public game is past wave 1 you are required to have beaten the wave they are on. So if they are on build phase of wave 15 you need to have completed Wave 15 Combat phase in order to join that public game. Essentially comes down to this. Can you host a game of that Gamemode, Map, Difficulty and Starting Wave (Surivival, Mix Mode, Pure Strat), if so then you can join the public game otherwise it disables selection, as you don't have the requirements. If this is not the case send me a picture of the public game entry and then showing me a screenshot of your Gamemode Difficulty and Map completion, and starting wave # (On the Create Session Screen)
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    Hey All, Yesterday was a whirlwind for us - Our launch was an exciting culmination of a ton of work from a group of extremely talented developers, thanks to the community - 16 months is not a lot of time to develop a game as complex as Dungeon Defenders from scratch, but as we’ve messaged in the past, this is just the beginning for Awakened. The future is bright and we wanted to share a few thoughts about how we felt the launch went and how we want to move forward. What went well The response to the game itself from our community and streamers has been great. Balance, aesthetics, updates to the interface, the rewards we were able to get out- all point positive from what we’re seeing from you, the community. The momentum from the core experience and foundation is there to keep building upon, and build upon we will for the years to come! But, more on that later. What went “okay” There are still hard edges to smooth out, and bugs. Lots of bugs. Some are okay, and some are less than ideal. We know some players are being incorrectly flagged as hackers. We’re already on it (and them!). Remember to login to our ZenDesk here if you have any issues you’d like us to take a look at: support.chromatic.games Redeeming Kickstarter backer and preorder items has been a little rough. The in-game UX is less than adequate. Some codes were incorrectly sent out. We’re learning. We’ll fix it. Controller support is in a poor state. Lots of our UI’s currently suffer from this as the art has been coming in fast and hot. We’re on it, we promise. Performance optimizations are much improved from the beta / EA experience (we hope you can tell!), but there are still edge cases that are pain points for players. We’re aware and we’re on it. Translations are ‘a joke,’ let’s call it what it is. We are honoring our Kickstarter promise shortly, and our translation team will have their hands on our string tables shortly. We should have this sorted in the coming weeks. This is a high priority for us and our friends across the globe. This is probably one of the features we should have disabled until it was done properly. We’ll learn from it. What didn’t go well We realize that there has been some discussion about what 1.0 DD:A actually means as it relates to the amount of content present vs the original Dungeon Defenders. While we are happy to note that DD:A has launched with significantly more content than DD1 launched with, we understand that the perceived value of DD:A for some is less because over the course of the last 9 years, there has been continued development from not only devs but our fantastic Community Development Team (CDT) - and because there is more content in DD1 today, DD:A just doesn’t hold the same value to some players. We understand this, and it’s this feedback from the community that in part directed the move towards a price reduction for new players. We wanted the price point to more closely match where the game is at now, not where it will be 5 years from now. This didn’t go over well for a lot of you. We promised to honor our community of early adopters and advocates by promising not to touch this price. In short, we ended up fracturing your trust in us as a studio. Yesterday was an exercise for us as a team to digest and not be immediately reactive. We’re going to make it up to you, because your trust in us is extremely important - but more on that later. Legacy vs Play. We messed up here. As we got closer to 1.0, we realized that it just wasn’t possible to maintain player profiles for 1.0 for a variety of reasons - Items and gold in many cases were broken or have been exploited, the progression curve has changed, the way data is being handled has changed... Our solution was simple: How do we get this in your hands the quickest. We didn’t think it through, and we understand the outrage from our early adopters. You’re justified. We also agree that in retrospect the execution was a bad call, though the intentions were good (we promise!). We took a hard look at ourselves and decided that reacting immediately would be jumping the gun, so we apologize for not being fully transparent with the vocal outcry on launch day. Our goal was to come up with a viable solution before promising anything. And that’s what we’ve done - So here’s what we’re going to do to try to make our early adopters whole again. Legacy Progression Heroes We hear you loud and clear on wanting to play with everyone all in one area, so we’re already hard at work to make this the reality with every Defender in mind. As of this post, we’re creating a tool on our end that will allow us to bring your Legacy heroes over to the non-Legacy “Play” version. It’s not a very simple feat to accomplish, it’s not just a copy and paste system, but copy, bring up to date, and paste, where the updating adds quite a lot of complications. This is what we’re working towards copying over: Hero and Hero Levels Gold up to a cap Campaign and progression in general. Gear, at the very least ATTEMPT to bring it over. We’re very confident on the first two, but when it comes to gear it’s not as straightforward. We don’t want to promise that it’ll be brought over, but we are currently building out and testing tools on our end. Our current goal is to have this out by the end of next week. If it comes out sooner than that, or later than that, we’ll keep you posted as we find out. ALL of this means that you are able to continue playing on Legacy, and once the tool is setup, we’ll provide you a method to take your Legacy profile as it currently stands at that point in time, and do a one time copy over that replaces your Play profile (we are unable to merge them into one single profile). There’s a few methods we’re looking for you to use to make this happen, and we’ll make sure to update you once we’ve finalized it. This is completely opt-in, but is only a one time option. Price Reduction compensation We believe the move to lower the price point was the right call for the early and long term success of DD:A. On top of the rewards that early adopters have already received with their specific Kickstarter backer and pre-order tiers and the ability to get into the game early, helping mold the future and game directly, we will be granting all early adopters Shadow costumes. These costumes will be exclusive to early adopters of DD:A only. We get that this has caused frustration, and it’s not our favorite result, but it’s the best we can do given our resources at this critical moment in development. Our faith in our community is stronger than ever, and that was exemplified during our launch when our fans passionately cried foul. We want to make sure that everyone playing our game has a great time, feels respected, and is on the same page as us throughout development. We will have more information about how we plan to be more transparent with our community in the coming weeks. We hope that this check-in has helped explain why things are the way they are and we hope you continue to support indie games, support the DD community, and enjoy the efforts of our hard work! Thank you, Augi Lye, CEO
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    The amount of exp to level up from about 75+ starts to get to be a bit much. I have characters who are waiting on gear just because of level. Im stuck unable to progress because im at 87 and have as good as gear as i cantill 90. Currently a level would take like 3 solid hoursof just focusing on that. That means atleast 10 hours till the next gear tier would be available.
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    dda crasht und das böseartig kein anderes game noch nicht mal epic games obwohl es hies das es da auch sein soll. zumindest bei mir leuft epic games ohne wenn und aber und solch crashes. DxDiag 02.txt
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    It’s an absolute disgrace that Chromatic Games are blatantly ignoring customers. I’ve emailed, I’ve started threads, I’ve asked through various social media channels and all my requests are being ignored. I asked nicely. It’s a shame it’s come to this: Update: the BBB replied and are now waiting on a response from Chromatic. Hope they don’t hold their breath...
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