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    DEFENDERS, A new day, a new chance to talk about everything going on in hallowed halls of Chromatic Games. We’re still working from home, so some halls might be dusty or cluttered, but hallowed nonetheless. There’s a ton of exciting news for us to talk about regarding all of our work (some of it is meh, but who cares, it’s news anyways). Let’s get into it! Dungeon Defenders: Awakened It’s no secret that a lot of you are hungry for all the new things that we’re going to be doing. Internally, we discussed showing these things over time, to not only keep anticipation up for what’s to come, but to also make sure things were in a ready state to share so that it avoids frustration if the systems change to something else (things other studios do to avoid player frustration). We’re throwing that OUT THE WINDOW and we’re going to discuss the next episode of DDA in its entirety. Slap on your helmet, it’s going to get wild. Episode 1: Swampy Jim’s Revenge Previously, Mistymire was a really adored map due to the scenery being very familiar with that of northern Florida (where we are based). We thought “what if we went DEEPER into the swamp” and did just that. New Map - Sludge Swamp Sludge Swamp is our new map. The entire map submerges all your characters and defenses in swamp and slows movement of both players and enemies, but it comes with a ton of elemental effects. For instance, due to methane leaks, any fire damage deals a larger explosion, that applies friendly fire. Electric damage stuns both players and enemies within an unknown vicinity. Poison damage can cause a sinkhole. It might be hard to see where traps are placed, but we felt that it was worth it for these awesome elemental effects. New Enemy - The Banjolier This enemy is an etherian who has been corrupted by the Swamp’s fumes and no longer recognizes humanity. Instead they only know of what they came into the Swamp with, most of them for some reason being banjos. The Banjolier begins to play his banjo, enraging enemies around him with how poorly he plays (he never took lessons). Please do not interrupt the Banjolier’s song, as he will ignore you and become even more enraged. The best way to deal with him is to give him the new “Swamp Pop” popsicle bait that is hidden throughout the map, and he will go on his merry way. New Boss - Swampy Jim Sludge Swamp is actually the sovereign territory of Swampy Jim. His lineage is that of royalty from Etheria’s past, but they moved out into the swamp for tasty fish and haven’t looked back since. Swampy Jim is very territorial and is going to be standing his ground to push out the Defenders from passing through into other lands, to break free of the realm they are stuck in. Swampy Jim drives a fan boat powered by a gator, named Roberta, that spins its tail fast to propel the boat. He flies by, trying to hit you with his pitchfork, “Delores Jr.”, to make you go on and git. We’re currently working with a certain voice actor (fans of Rick and Morty might know him) to get the VO to be the best you’ve seen with your own eyes. Some people might claim it’s the Scavenger from DD2, but it’s not. That character has a hole in his left shoe, not right which is the trademark to Swampy Jim. New Hero - Wall Eweeji We know that blockades fall off, so we decided to make a new hero that has incredibly strong blockades that you would be a fool not to use. Enter Wall Eweeji, a witch doctor/etherian plumber wearing purple that builds every type of wall you could think of: blockade that doesn’t deal damage, blockade that deals damage, the big two. His abilities are focused on being able to run quickly specifically to defenses to repair them. Mama mia that’s a lot of fun! New Hero - The Andrew There’s a lot of war going on in Etheria, so we wanted a hero that was focused more on peace, love, and flower power. We have a local hippie in town named Andrew, and so we made a hero kind of based around him. Flowers that fight for you, roots that trip up your opponents, and something to do with mushrooms blowing up or blowing your mind? We weren’t sure what he meant by that last one, but we’re keeping our rating, so it won’t be too crazy. New Feature - Taxes A lot of people have wanted additional reasons for gold, and given that April is here, and that a lot of educational institutions don’t include proper finance education, we figured why not gamify it and help teach people about taxes. Now when you upgrade your items, you will have to pay the Etherian Tax, which is roughly 15%. This allows us to introduce a new feature, that addresses a problem players have outlined, while also being educational. Awesome! New Currency - Chromie Coins Now, we’re trying to stay as hip as we can with bleeding edge tech, and thus we invented Chromie Coins. Chromie Coins are a new crypto currency that you can earn by running DD:A all day and night, even when not playing, to mine for Chromie Coins. Chromie Coins can then be used to upgrade your gear and bypass the new Taxes feature. How do Chromie Coins work you may be asking? They just do. Onto the next paragraph! New Game Mode - Auto Partier Some of the gaming trends that have popped up through the past couple years have been autobattlers and party games. We mix Tower Defense and ARPG, so we thought, why not mix those as well. Introducing Auto Partier, a revolutionary game mode that lets you pick your character to complete various platforming and detective puzzles, and then it plays for you! We’ve built over 100 levels that the game gets to play for you. It’s an experimental feature, so please give us a ton of feedback. One thing that we will not be changing is that you can use Chromie Coins to increase your chances of winning, as it feeds the AI that plays for you. New Gear - Backpacks We’re potentially teaming up with JanSport to introduce a new slot in the form of Backpacks. It’s not only a cosmetic slot that lets you choose between 3 backpacks that have your hero’s name embroidered on them (using the new Embroidicon technology in UE 4.25), it also adds an additional 5 spaces to your inventory. You can also acquire the deluxe backpack through DLC that DOUBLES your inventory space. Now that’s a deal! New Company - Monochromatic Games Imagine all your favorite Dungeon Defenders games, but in black and white, with audio that is described on title cards, going back to the golden era of game making. Well Monochromatic Games has you covered. Coming in a summer, you’ll be able to use circular slice and then have a title card say “AHHHHHH” *swoosh noises*, the way games were meant to be made. There’s probably more coming, but we forgot about it, so for now let’s just assume that’s all there is. Wow, cool. Bug Fixes There aren’t anymore, we actually got them all with the last update, and any reports moving forward will flag you as a hacker/cheater. Dungeon Defenders II We’ve decided that we’re going to sell Dungeon Defenders II to the team that makes the Persona franchise dance games. Dancing with the Defenders is what they’ve outlined their project to be, and we’re onboard. Sorry, this means no more DD2 development. That said we will be adding defender packs that you can purchase through ebay only that give you all new cosmetics that you might be able to use in Dancing with the Defenders! Now that’s epic. Social Defenders We have social media and you can follow it. We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Musically, Myspace, Friendster, Stickam, MSNMessenger OR AOL Instant Messenger (not both), and also certain newspapers. Follow us for a chance to win! As always thank you for your support and time, we feed them to the support lord and time lord respectively. They hunger, but soon, the day of determination will be upon us. Smooches, Chrome Games
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    DEFENDERS, The Dungeon Defenders II update you’ve been patiently waiting for is here for Steam (with Xbox and PS4 releasing next week after we pass certification)! In our update preview post, we let you, our glorious defenders, in on some of our juicy secrets, but of course we had more up our sleeves. It’s time to throw away those parkas because winter is gone—don’t worry, though. Ol’ Peepers will be there to spread the gift-giving spirit YEAR ROUND. We also fixed a ton of bugs, nipped a bunch of exploits in the bud, and introduced lots of new bundles for heroes and items. Now, let’s get into all the deets!! Winter is Over The great thaw has begun and we will finally see an end to the polar vortex that ran amok on the Town Hub of our beloved Defenders. The Winterfest Tree and Father Winter have gone into hiding, the snow has finally melted away, and there appears to be a new character who has taken up residence here. New Daily Login Rewards and Ol’ Peepers Ol’ Peepers is a long-time friend of the Etherians and is finally ready to venture into the urban lifestyle this update. He’ll be delivering daily gifts and consumables for the low low price of 1000g to the good Defenders visiting the Town Hub ALL YEAR LONG. Along with the gifts you all normally expect to see when you log in daily, Ol’ Peepers will also have a chance to drop Carnival consumables. What kinds of Carnival consumables, you may ask? Check them out: Trust me Disguise Gives the player the ability to deal 1.25x more damage for a limited time. Lucky Bunny Mask Gives the player the ability to jump 1.5x higher for a limited time. Rainbow 'Fro Gives the player the ability to spawn cat projectiles for a limited time. Snow Liger Gives the player the ability to go 1.25x faster for a limited time. Imperial Grin Gives the player 25% extra damage resistance for a limited time. Introducing Two New Shards and a New Pet Keep an eye out for the Lava Warrior Shard and the Boosted Beam Shard, newly added to the game. The Lava Warrior shard generates additional lava charges on successful melee attacks, bolstering the abilities of our Lavamancer. While the Boosted Beam Shard will increase the damage boost given by the Buff Beam, an exciting addition to EV-2’s arsenal. Also, hidden among the loot of the Wyvern Den Prime Incursion is a Crystalline Betsy! New Bundles Let’s get pumped for some ridiculously awesome hero bundles! We felt our current offerings didn’t meet all defenders’ needs, so we went back to the drawing board and came up with a more player-focused approach to bundling that will get you more bang for your gems. Have you ever wished for the Dryad to magically pop into your hero inventory, or had your younger sibling spend all your gems behind your back without adding the must-have Gunwitch? Well, you’re in luck because our All Heroes Bundle will get you both the Dryad AND the Gunwitch AND so much more. If you’re adding new heroes to your plate, you’ll definitely need some skins to customize your vibe. There are several new hero skin bundles to choose from now, including “Heating Up” with Molten skins and “Out of This World” with Galaxy skins. Here is the full list of new bundles: All Heroes Bundle Contains the Abyss Lord, EV2, Gunwitch, Lavamancer, Mystic, Dryad, Initiate, Adept, Barbarian. Available for 3,200 gems for a limited time. Hero Skin Bundles Legendary Guardian Supporter Contains Guardian of Fire Huntress, Guardian of the Molten Citadel Squire, Guardian of the Dead Apprentice, Guardian of the Storm Monk. Technological Upgrade Contains EV2 Mark 3, Techwitch Gunwitch, and Cybermancer Lavamancer costumes. Heating Up Contains the Molten Master Abyss Lord, Molten Juggernaut Lavamancer, and Doomfire Regalia Adept costumes. Out of This World Contains Galaxy Apprentice, Galaxy Squire, Galaxy Huntress, Galaxy Monk costumes. Very Far Away Contains Dark Disciple Squire, Arcanatrooper Apprentice, Galactic Assassin Huntress, and Dark Shawl Monk costumes. New Tower Skins You asked for more tower skins, and we’re delivering with this Hypno Tower Skin bundle! We teased these on our social page yesterday and they’re now ready for defending. Look how perrrrrty they are (pic below) - how could you NOT grab these, like, right now? The bundle will include skins for all towers and defenses, so no excuses allowed. We know defenders are yearning for more tower skins. Rest assured, we’re experimenting with other fun looks and hope to keep the good vibes going with more new tower skins in the future. New Shards The addition of the Shard Shop was such a huge success that we wanted to bring even more player-requested bundles to this space. Introducing brand-spanking-new bundles for the most in-demand shards in Etheria! Which bundle are you most excited to grab first?! That’s a serious question—we can’t decide which one to grab first for ourselves. Starter Defense Shard Bundle 5 Destruction, 5 Fortification, and 5 Defensive Critical Damage Shards Advanced Defense Shard Bundle 5 Deadly Strikes, 5 Defense Rate, and 5 Defensive Critical Strike Shards Starter Hero Shard Bundle 4 Speed Boost, 4 Construction, 4 Worm Scarf, and 4 Bulwark Shards Advanced Hero Shard Bundle 4 Critical Strike, 4 Inspiration, 4 Channel, and 4 Jackpot Shards Golden Destruction Bundle 11 Destruction Shards + 300,000g Golden Fortified Bundle 11 Fortification Shards + 300,000g Golden Damage Bundle 11 Defensive Critical Damage Shards + 300,000g Golden Speed Bundle 11 Defense Rate Shards + 300,000g Persistent Tower Option The excitement is real with this new quality of life update. With the Persistent Tower option, you can summon, upgrade, and sell towers by only activating each button once! We tested this out in Dungeon Defenders: Awakened and it’s been a huge success with the community. It was kind of a no-brainer for us to add it to DD2, as well. Can’t wait to hear how much you all love it! This option will be on by default, but for those players who want to maintain the original tower placement/upgrade/sell experience, there is a menu option in Options under Gameplay called “Persistent Tower Interaction” that you can uncheck. Balance Changes We love hearing from the community about the good AND the not-so-good because it helps us make Etheria as enjoyable as possible for as many defenders as possible. With this, we’ve been listening to your feedback and fixed a bunch of bugs and issues reported by our dedicated defenders, and added in some fun elemental combinations to keep the game new and exciting for defenders of all levels. We also toned a few things down that were a bit too strong from overwhelming player feedback. General Maps Onslaught The Draken Lord no longer appears in Onslaught. Mods “Anti-” Mods Damage has been reduced by 23%. Controller Servo Damage reduced by 16%. Shocking Revelations Is now "Stunning Revelations" Now deals Magical Damage instead of Storm Damage. Damage has been increased by 200%. Now stuns for 2 seconds. You can now include servos while using this mod. Shards Draining Strikes Damage reduced by 75%. Is now Multiplicative instead of Additive. Pets Pet damage now scales off Gear Score. Rebalanced ALL pets! Upgrades have been buffed. NEW Crystalline Betsy Pet! Can be found in The Wyvern Den Prime Incursion Elemental Combos Fire and Oil Elemental Combo Now melts enemy armor, increasing the damage they take from all sources by 25% Ice and Earth Elemental Combos No longer require crushing damage. Hitting a frozen enemy with earth damage increases the earth damage dealt and also stuns them for 2.5 seconds Heroes Abyss Lord Shards Fiery Brimstone Damage increased by 200%. Adept Defenses Hailstorm Tower Reduced the animation to have higher damage uptime. Barbarian Abilities Siphon Stance Base healing value reduced by 50%. Dryad Defenses Harpy Tower Reduced the animation to have higher damage uptime. Hornet’s Nest Increased the number of hornets on a single enemy to 6 from 3. Huntress Abilities Piercing Shot Cast animation time reduced by 35%. Defenses Explosive Trap Reduced damage dropoff by 35%. Geyser Trap Radius increased to 800 from 400. Shards Explosive Surprise Damage radius updated to reflect Geyser Trap buff. Lavamancer Shards NEW Lava Warrior Shard Lava Warrior Shard generates lava charges on successful melee attacks. Series EV-2 Defenses Buff Beam Increased the collision radius by 100%. Reflect Beam Damage done reduced by 80%. DU cost per node is now 10. Shards NEW Boosted Beam Shard! Increases the damage boost by the Buff Beam. Squire Shards Unholy Fire Damage increased by 81% and now scales off of armor. Bug Fixes Exploits We have fixed several game-breaking exploits to make the DD2 world a better place. Like a lot of them. Like building way more than you should, getting too many hyper shards, upgrading exploits, and more. Fixed an issue where Grave Infection and Frostfire Remnants were stacking. Fixed an issue where players could kill other players in Hubs. Fixed an issue where locked mods could be moved to other weapons. General Removed Gilding for Hyper Shards. Fixed an issue where Grave Infection was dealing too much damage and dealing a second set of 1 damage ticks. Fixed an issue where the Shackled mod did not work on normal Assassins. Fixed a bug where the Geyser trap’s VFX was not scaling properly. Fixed an issue where Ancient Power no longer resets Hyper Shard progression. Fixed an issue where defenders could not play Floor 480. Fixed an issue where Harpy Tower would continue to fire after being stunned. Fixed a collision issue with Material Conversion Vendor. Fixed Ascension Monk’s Boost percentage. Fixed an issue where Oil Geysers were slowing Friendly players. Fixed an issue with the shard shop persisting tooltips when the page changes. Fixed a performance issue when using items with passives. Social Defenders To stay up-to-date on the latest news from Chromatic Games and the Dungeon Defenders franchise, follow us on all our social channels: Discord Twitter Facebook Instagram Twitch Forums For Etheria! Chromatic Games
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    DEFENDERS, We’ve been talking a lot about what’s to come in Dungeon Defenders: Awakened future, teasing at various bits here and there, and by making this sentence even longer, we’re still teasing more just putting off the inevitable of what’s coming your way. Real quick, let’s talk about how Ramsters came to exist. Hamster and ram? That doesn’t even make any sense! Oh wait, you probably wanted to talk about the first thing. Okay, time to talk about the first thing. Let’s get into it. Episodes Now what the heck are Episodes? Well in short, they’re our FREE major content updates, but MCU was already taken (you may have heard of it), so Episodes it is! We covered the “in short”, so now it’s time to describe the “in long”. An Episode continues the story of our heroes adventure but it also does a lot of other things, specifically they ADD A LOT OF NEW CONTENT. But what is “content”, where does it come from, and does it truly exist? To answer in reverse order, yes it exists, we make it, and that first one is too philosophical, and we’re sure you want to get right to the good stuff.So let’s talk about what you can expect. New Maps In each episode of Dungeon Defenders Awakened you’ll be receiving four new maps that increase in difficulty off the base campaign. We’re following a formula for the new maps where we provide a brand new map as well as recreate three fan favorite maps. Maybe we’re going to show off the first one later on in this post (spoiler: we are). New Enemy With each episode, there will be a new enemy that comes into the fray. The new enemy will be similar to the nightmare enemies, bringing in new mechanics that you’ll need to thwart in order to achieve victory. New Boss The last map of each episode contains a brand spankin’ new boss. These are similar to the previous bosses, requiring more active hero combat to take them down. They will be thematic to the content that we’re releasing, as well provide unique and thematic loot. New Heroes Yes, that’s correct, PLURAL. Each episode contains two heroes, with one hero being a throwback to a previous hero, and the other being a completely brand new hero. These heroes are meant to stand on their own and feel wholly unique from one another. New Gear We’ll be providing a slew of new gear that continues to follow previous item progression. There’s also a ton of fun stuff we’ll be adding (that we’ll get into in the coming weeks), that we’ll continue to build off of. Stay tuned for more info! New Features This is going to be super nebulous, but there’s a lot of stuff we’re looking to add that really makes your journeys in Etheria a lot more exciting. More to hunt, more to do, more to conquer, more more more more more! Quality of Life, Overhauls, and Polish We’re going to be addressing a lot of systems in the game that were put into a “good enough” state for our release, and getting them into a “great enough” state, if that’s a thing. For our first episode, this means overhauling the inventory and item tooltips (which we’ll be showing off in the coming weeks). Bug Fixes, Balance, Etc. This is the stuff you normally see in patches, but of course it’ll be included in our Episodes as well. We’ll continue to get out patches to address these things. Supporter Packs With each episode, we will be offering a supporter pack that players can purchase. These things offer cosmetic only items that apply to weapons and accessory slots. Since the episodes are free, we’re offering this as players have asked us for additional ways to support our development, and we thought this would be the most fair way to do so. Episode 1 We’re going to be showing off pieces of the episode over time, and what better time than right after explaining what’s in an episode?! How about a piece of the first episode? Sounds like a good idea to us, so without further ado, here is the first map of Episode 1: The Mill. The Mill The Mill is the first stop the heroes make upon leaving the castle to continue their journey. They enter a bright and vibrant forest that used to be used to provide lumber and materials for building the castle and nearby towns. Though it seems calm and peaceful, an army of enemies awaits to prevent our heroes from pushing onward with their journey. If you squint REALLY hard you’ll notice that this map is a remake of a fan favorite, and highly requested map, Mistymire. We made a couple of changes to make building defenses feel better, as well as modified some lanes to make things play out more smoothly. During the last wave, this map will also introduce our new enemy for the Episode. We’re wanting to make sure that as you play through the maps of each episode, you’re introduced to a new enemy over time while taking on potentially new mechanics depending on your game mode. What’s Next? We’re going to continue to reveal more and more about Episode 1 over time, with the goal of revealing something new at the end of the week, every week. If we run into any issues, we’ll let you know, but everything is coming together, so it’s time to start showing off some of our hard work. We hope you enjoy it! Social Defenders To stay up-to-date on the latest news from Chromatic Games and the Dungeon Defenders franchise, follow us on all our social channels: Discord Twitter Facebook Instagram Twitch Forums For Etheria! Chromatic Games
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    Hey Darkdante, After looking into this, we're able to confirm that cheating did occur and the hacker flag was appropriate. There were 10,016 stat points allocated to a hero that should've only been allowed to have 26 stat points, so 9,995 more than possible. That's only possible from cheating.
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    Oh boy it's been a while since I've been on here, why is my profile picture shrek? Doesn't matter. I'm excited. RIP 2019 Christmas 2019-2021
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    On item tooltips "Split IPWR" will show a item power score for Hero Vs Defense oriented stats as highlighted in the picture below:
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    Xbox Codes are in the process of being sent as we speak, so check your emails shortly as may take a few minutes to arrive in your inbox though :)
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    I genuinely have to say that I really like this map! It's very vibrant which is a great refresher from the old maps which are slightly single-toned (in colors). I'm getting Alice in Wonderland vibes and I dig it! Also am I hallucinating or am I'm seeing mushroom people... Also, also, dope humor with this post too!
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    Good bye reflect beam era, welcome back Hornet nest Nerfs are fair enought, but I expected buffs in exchange. Most of the towers are unusable and we have to rely in defenses that cant be destroyed by a random ranged or explosive flying moob
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    It is very nice that DD2 will get another update after so long :)
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    Got a couple questions. Working my way though chaos 2 and it's almost impossible to find a group on ps4. Is it always like this and how do you progress. 0 groups and not strong enough to solo II. I can solo chaos 1 but don't get any upgrades. Secondly, being flooded with new gear constantly. Do you redo shards and upgrade every new item every time? Groups in expedition are rare and groups in onslaught are non existing. Looked at some guides and most are based around getting a group..any tips would be appreciated
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    the screenshot shows the newly available all heroes bundle but what does this mean? , i fear no future heroes will come, i already own all the heroes, but still, should i buy this IF any future heroes will be released? i have this gut feeling i should just to ensure myself i get access to em, but then again, im realy affraid ill be wasting lots o money on it
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    I regulairly buy gems when i have the dd2 shivers so ita np for me ^^ besides, been playing since the mystic got released ofc i want ez access to all thats to come :rofl: Still i know what you mean, it just applies to almost every1 else but me and some others who dont mind spending some money XD
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    makes sence, but if its like all the others then its like 2k gems if im not mistaken, then paying 3k insteaf of 2 does seem enticing if it includes any future hero interesting, i gota keep it in mind
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    Hey ive been grinding for the new and improved stunning revelations and cant seem to find it i have been grinding chaos 7 with all four hero slots slected as ev2's and havent found it in about 4 hours
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    It's not out yet. Won't be until you see the hub with no winter. When it is, ensure you have EV2 in your party, as that will increase the odds of her drops. But having said that- it's still all luck based. There is no magic stage or chaos level it comes from, so just keep playing. It will likely drop when you stop looking for it. Shocking Rev seemed to be a rare drop. Barely ever saw it.
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    I have to say that a majority of your DD2 time will be solo. While it's a multiplayer game, very often groups are either hard to find, or you end up with 1-2 people who have no idea what they are doing and are a detriment to winning. But, don't worry. You can solo basically everything in the game. As to Chaos2, C2 is all about Cyborcs, which means don't use traps, nodes or auras. You need towers that hit from a distance. Ensure each has a destruction shard from C1. Cannonball towers are good, since squire is a base hero you have access to. Use a spike blockade to keep lanes from getting overrun. You can also build def is weird places where enemies will not target them, so experiment with placing. You can also- just play more. As you keep leveling up, you get stronger and stronger. Swap out gear and relics for better versions. Don't bother leveling up these itmes yet though, as you will be swapping gear constantly until C7. Look for good MODs though, like anti-mele or power. One last tip- gear score mule. Take one hero, who you don't have to play with or not, and ensure you put every high level gear score on tgem. Gear score controls when the next chaos level opens, and C3 is much easier IMO than C2, as no annoying Cyborcs (use auras on C3). Hope that helps.
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    Can you please look into stopping people from abusing this function. I've gone into many games and earned my keep and been kicked from the game, just as there's a handful of enemies left, on wave 25, or just as i'm about to collect the chest upon completion. It's actually infuriating, and lots of people are doing it, and some are even kicking people as soon as they join a match. There's a solo mode and friends only option, if you don't want anyone joining. I've joined early on, or mid game in survival matches, and pulled my weight, saving many folk from doom, only to be booted before wave 25 ends or before I get the chest, yet these people happily accept the help, for several rounds. It's not an internet problem, as it happens to others too, and far too often on the last wave, so no coincidence there. In this case, the game should recognise that people have participated for several rounds and should be immune from kicking after completing a set number. If they haven't been kicked after 3-5 rounds, then the host obviously has no problem with the player. You can also disable the kick function until at least 30 seconds after a wave has finished, and completely disable it after wave 25 has started, along with all other functions that will remove a player on round 25, again, until at least 30 seconds after the round has ended, solving the problem. I'm absolutely fed up of doing survival, only to be kicked just as the wave is ending, or immediately after it has ended, as i'm heading to the chest. People abusing the function need to be punished IMO and banned for a few hours, a treatment they truly earn when they regularly boot people on the last wave, without good cause and purely to infuriate others out of spite.
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    I am big fan of these nerfs. Noobs cannot easy climb anymore. Good JOB. New meta will begin and people need to be creative now.
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    Thank you for this info! We're working on this issue - we know it's annoying for many defenders.
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    We're working on an updated Roadmap! We'll let the community know once it's available to the public.
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    Thanks for the answer! I'm happy it'll be doable in any form and now can enjoy leveling through the harder content with my family on the Xbox without having to worry about this!
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    Thanks for the feedback here! I noted these in our community request list :)
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    DEFENDERS, Last week we ran into a few more bugs and community reports that we needed to address since our Xbox launch. Here’s a patch for Xbox and PC defenders that brings back the Monkey King’s damage, mana on Alchemical Labs, and a few other improvements that will make sure your focus stays on defendin’ Etheria. Let’s get to it: Content Corrected scaling for Baby Phoenix pet’s attack animation. Kept being reborn and having to grow up quick. Now it’ll stay the same size. Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where the Monkey King pet did not damage enemies. Fixed an issue where mana was not dropping on early waves in Alchemical Lab. Fixed an issue where color sliders were not appearing as a selection when editing costumes using gamepad. Fixed an issue where old nameplates were appearing in game. Fixed an issue where clients’ enemy nameplates were falling through the terrain. Fixed an issue where skeletons' elemental immunities weren’t applied after resurrection. Fixed an issue where enemies were stuck when trying to find a path to defenses below them. Fixed an issue where pings on certain surfaces did not appear where intended. Fixed an issue where previously focused entries were still selected when navigating up the hero list. Xbox Only Fixed an issue where some aura nameplates were not showing up. Adjusted FPS cap to 60. Social Defenders To stay up-to-date on the latest news from Chromatic Games and the Dungeon Defenders franchise, follow us on all our social channels: Discord Twitter Facebook Instagram Twitch Forums For Etheria! Chromatic Games
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    You should have receieved a email with these codes, Check your spam folders, if you cannot find the email you'll need to email Support@Chromatic.Games Follow these steps, if you don't have the title then you will need to contact Support@Chromatic.Games to add that added. These have not yet been added to the game
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    Yup, but won't stop me from begging for it to be added! You're spot on - i want the complete shark outfit. Great job digging up info. You rock! At one point, i asked them to make the Orca (ship from Jaws) with the yellow floating things. I thought that would pair well with the shark theme LOL
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    Interesting, I thought what made the Megadon exclusive was its green color as that signifies the Xbox branding. Though yeah, since I have no idea what actually transpired on the exclusivity deal between TE and Microsoft at that time, I guess it's possible that the pet model in its entirety could have been handed as part of the deal. If this is so, yeah, maybe we do need a redesign. The road to a complete shark set continues! EDIT - I've asked on the stream for more clarity on this and turns out CG doesn't want to try blur/skirt the lines of the exclusivity with recolors or a slight model change and end up being rude to their partners which is absolutely understandable. Lawlta said he mentioned this back then and I guess I failed to fully understand what that means.
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    Good Stuff we still have a pretty good community on Ps4 just beware the eating of the Sourdough Toe conversations.......
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    Yeah, but it's an Xbox exclusive pet, so they can't use it on other consoles. 😥 That's why i got to beg for a redesign... Great find though! Man i wish i could get that one.
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    Ancient mines survival hardcore. And once you beat Alchemical lab, you can afk farm on magus quarters pure strategy, wave 1-25 then 23-25 few times, that would be enough to farm gear to be able to complete nm campaign. https://builds.dundef.com/?build/834-magus-quarters-pure-strategy-afk/ I managed to completed alch lab with this setup. https://builds.dundef.com/?build/2019-normal-or-hardcore-rifted-solo/
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    Oh Yeeeaaaaah! The waiting has finally paid off! Really and absolutely looking toward these new stuffs! New heroes, maps, shard, mods and even tower skins, something that I've waiting for years! Damn! Also, a normal hub!? I can finally screenshot those costumes in normal lighting! While I wasn't around during his time, it's good to see Ol' Peepers being back! Could this be a slight hint on Dragonfall Carnival returning? Man, I really appreciate this, CG! I've been digging around DD2 concept in google images - And I've found a certain blue shark pet that probably seems to be done, rigging and all. All CG now needs to to is to implement them in-game!
  34. 1 point
    After reviewing the patch notes this morning, am very excited to get back into the game with some of the fixes you guys have put in place. Thanks for turning this around so quickly. We have been experiencing another major issue however, which is a weapon problem. My buddy (client) using EV-A upgraded his weapon in the Tavern, but after loading into a map, his weapon was "reset" to the default weapon and his upgraded weapon was nowhere to be found. After finishing the map and returning to the Tavern, his weapon (upgraded) was back and he was able to equip. Starting another map caused the same issue.
  35. 1 point
    Sooooo... I went back and tried again and you need the '-' in the code, I thought that I tried that but apparently this time it liked it. All codes worked for me except the 'KS Skin Squire' but I' assuming that code was replaced by the 'KS Skin Squire (Fix)' and that code worked! Thanks for your help.
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    DEFENDERS, Things are getting exciting here at Chromatic Games! With the official launch of Dungeon Defenders: Awakened on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, we’re celebrating with even more good news—a Day 1 Update with LOTS of exciting changes to both Xbox and PC (this will appear as 1.2.1 on Xbox, but it’s actually Update 1.3). Last week we teased some of the additions, revisions, and fixes included in this latest update in our Update 1.3 Preview post. Now that it’s here, let’s break down what you can expect to see in Etheria after you’re all updated. Content Tutorial We’ve updated the tutorial! With the addition of new tasks and tooltips, any player can enter the Deeper Well to brush up on their defending skills. Even the most experienced defenders can reap the benefits of a new tutorial, too. Everyone who makes it to the end of the new tutorial is rewarded with the exclusive Summoner’s Hood mask to show off their mastery of the basics! You’ll also notice there’s a new objective tracker part of the tutorial. Expect to see this throughout the entire game in future updates! Massacre Additions After completing the tutorial, defenders can now test their skills in the new Massacre levels within Pure Strategy and Mix Mode. These new difficulties introduce immunity-granting Siren enemies to the game modes, and defenders are handily rewarded for their successes. Here are the new loot details: Quality of item drops was adjusted in Pure Strategy to be equal to Survival mode. Quality of item drops was increased in Mix Mode at Massacre difficulty. Performance Enemy Counts To improve performance for all defenders across all platforms, we felt reducing the number of enemies on all maps in Survival, Mix Mode, and Pure Strategy would do the job. We specifically focused on lowering the amount of our weakest enemies first—goblins, archers, and wyverns—because they were jamming up the lanes and unnecessarily dragging out the time it took to complete waves. After we were happy with the improved performance from those changes, we moved on to lowering the enemy counts in Survival Mode. With fewer enemies, we also adjusted wave schedules, which should result in dramatically faster wave times. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect to see in the improved Etheria: 70% reduction in enemy counts for Wyverns, Archers, and Goblins on all maps. 50% reduction in enemy counts for Orcs, Mages, Warriors, Kobolds, and Spiders on all maps. Adjusted wave schedules to decrease wave lengths. Did you think you were going to get away with fewer enemies without any catches?? Of course you didn’t. We wanted to make sure the difficulty levels remained relatively the same even with the reduction in enemy counts, so active enemies are now beefier, meaning each enemy’s HP has been increased to compensate for the smaller crowds. With such a big change, we’re going to monitor the community feedback to make sure players are happy with the new balance. Nameplates Nameplates are looking nifty now. We added missing nameplates above some enemies, heroes, and crystals, as well as cleaned up the general display of nameplates in game. Players should see a significant difference in the quality of the displays with this change and have a much easier time keeping track of enemy HP, a necessary feature to accompany the increased HP of enemies. Cleaning these had some nice performance gains for all platforms, so on top of looking great, they are also helping make the game run better! Damage Numbers Get ready for some new and improved damage numbers during combat! Last week we showed you what changes were to come in this area, and now they’re finally here. Players should notice clearer and more consistent displays of damage numbers when attacking, and fusion hits on Rifted enemies will stand out with larger number displays. Like nameplates, we hit some optimizations here as well, so your performance is better while it’s also easier to read damage numbers than before. Limited Login Event - St. Patrick’s Day Reward! While today is already a super special day for us at Chromatic with the official launch of DDA on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, we haven’t forgotten it’s also St. Patrick’s Day. To celebrate, we’re giving out a special green-themed goody to players who download Update 1.3 and log in to DDA by Monday, March 22. This special gift will be available for PC players today through Monday, while Xbox players will receive the patch with this cosmetic in a few days. We’ll make sure to let the Xbox defenders know when they should expect their gift! Steam Trading Cards You read that right - we’ve got Steam trading cards for Dungeon Defenders: Awakened now. Because we’re feeling generous today, here’s a sneak peak of a couple of the cards you’ll be able to collect: Bug Fixes Along with all of the exciting changes mentioned already, we also fixed a whole bunch of bugs that were bothering players (or helping them a little too much…). Here’s are the fixes defenders can see in the game. General Adjusted mask positions to better fit heroes. Fixed an issue where Steam Family Share accounts could play Online. Fixed an issue where “WASD” keys still functioned as movement inputs even when replaced. Fixed an issue where multiple players simultaneously swapping in heroes with Gem boosts allowed them to stack. Fixed an issue where accessories didn’t fade out when cameras switched to first person while players were backed up against a wall. Enemies Fixed an issue where enemies were stuck in Magus Quarters. Fixed an issue where enemies were stuck in Endless Spires. Fixed an issue where enemies were getting stuck in the Throne Room. Fixed an issue where Sirens would not attack heroes. Fixed an issue where Skeletons would not show they had full health when resurrected by themselves. Gameplay Fixed an issue where defenses were able to be placed above the spawn door in Glitterhelm Caverns. Fixed an issue where defenses were able to be placed near the bottom of Lava Mines. Fixed an issue where some tooltips would not appear after cancelling the placement of multiple defenses. Fixed an issue where the inferno trap was not affecting enemies. Fixed an issue where leaving and rejoining a match to let players place multiple Fusion defenses wasn’t working properly. Fixed an issue where the Gem pet boost flickered on and off periodically. Fixed an issue where traps with Use Scale after swapping would have a very small scale. Known Issues Some players are crashing on Xbox, we're currently investigating the issue. Some clients on Xbox are having issues healing. We're currently investigating this issue. Using gamepad, players are having issues selecting the pet and bracer slot. On gamepad, when pressing R3 (right joystick), your character's attribute allocation can get reset. What’s Next? While we’ll be monitoring this release and update, addressing any issues that may arise, we’re currently hard at work on getting our other ports for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation out the door to many eager Defenders. That’s not all, as we’re also getting a ton of work done on brand new content, including heroes, maps, enemies, and so much more! We’ll be getting word out soon to give all Defenders insight into what’s coming for DDA, and maybe a tease or two along the way. Social Defenders To get reliable updates on all things DDA, make sure to follow us on all our social platforms: Discord Twitter Facebook Instagram Twitch Forums For Etheria! Chromatic Games
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    Split screen was not functional on PC and only for 2 players, it was not meant to be used at any stage and was completely disabled around Early access. They have not explained how split screen will work for any platform. In the first game you could either have all 4 players on one account or load in separate accounts on console, whereas on PC you could only split screen on the same account without using a third party app. For DD2 you could log into 2 accounts at the same time and split screen on console which again didnt function the same on PC (no official split screen support). Consoles being more flexible I'd imagine you would be able to have the 4 accounts logged in for each screen and it might work out that is the only way to do so.
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    To answer your other question, you can contact support by emailing support@chromatic.games
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    Hello, I have noticed a couple of bugs on the Xbox and I'm not sure if this is the right place to post them. I also posted these on #bug-report-dda room on Discord. UI In inventory on the stats page, the highlighted stat is slightly increased, when moving to ‘reset stats’ button the outer border shifts slightly. In inventory on the equipment menu if you have the helmet or chest plate selected then move down to select the gloves or boots the selection jumps to the accessories section. In inventory, you press RT to move to stats but you cannot press LT to move back to Item Box, instead you have to use RT again. - not sure if that is intended. In inventory when applying a filter it seems that keywords do not get applied or saved when confirming the search. The search checkboxes will apply but not keywords in the search box. In the inventory when inspecting an item that is not equipped you are not able to press x to equip the item, instead you need to ‘press a’, then ‘a’ again to select equip. In the inspect screen it looks like you should be able to press ‘x’ to equip from there. In inventory pressing the left stick to change, sort will reset the stats for the selected character - I think that this one was already documented. In the inventory when inspecting an item then pressing ‘a’ to bring up the item menu you have to press ‘y’ twice to get the inspection screen to open again. In the inventory on the equipment side, you are not able to access the bottom two accessories. - I think that this one was already documented. Using a keyboard on the Xbox works but the key icons do not show up. Unless you know what key does what you need to hunt around until you find the right key. Gameplay On The Throne Room, the mobs from the side spawns seem to have a pathing issue they move back and forth like they don't know what path they should take. No boss cinematics. - I think that this one was already documented. When you back up to a wall the summoners mask accessory doesn't fully go away and blocks a large portion of the screen On Endless Spires some mobs get stuck on the stairs coming from the bottom spawns, it happens on both sides.
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    Thank you all for your helpful feedback here, I know it's frustrating experiencing these bugs. We're aware of these issues and are working on fixes right now to get a hotfix or patch out to you all as soon as possible.
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    Cross save will be going out once we can get it approved through a special certification process through Microsoft, There's no need to add it as an Idea on the roadmap as we already know many people want this feature and it will soon enough.
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    I can at least answer for the ragdoll setting. When enemies die, they can do one of two things: Ragdoll: Their body becomes limp, dynamically interacting with the map. Most simply fall to the floor, but some defenses like explosive traps might send them flying or pin them to walls (like harpoons). Death animation: The body plays a specific static death animation that does not interact with terrain. Ragdoll max limit determines how many dead enemies go limp and interact with the map. Setting this lower can improve performance, but you won't see as many enemy ragdolls. Setting this higher might come at a performance cost, but you'll see more enemies go flying or get pinned to walls when they die.
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    Rift mode survival maps now take roughly 50% longer to complete due to the mobs spawn rate adjustments. players are actually clearing regular survival faster than rift mode now. my average clear time for glitterhelm massacre hardcore rift mode from wave 23-25 pre-patch was about 7 mins flat. post patch it takes about 10.5 mins to clear, a drastic increase. other maps are yielding similar results. the 30-40 viewers in anthem td's stream were reporting the same issue in rift mode survival as well.
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    So I was just doing the tutorial and leveled up. I was looking at the rune powers available and noticed if I have stats toggled they adjust upwards for HP and do not re-adjust HP downwards for Vitality in the HP info. The attribute point will remove from 0-2 & 2-0 but the HP value goes up and remains and stacks if you remove and replace the 2 points. Example, If i move 2 points to vitality to see how much hp I would get, the HP value will go up accordingly (stats toggled on) but if I decide to move those points elsewhere to see what stats would be, the raised HP remains and if I decide to move it back to Vitality it will raise HP up again stacked on top of what it already was raised after the previous raise. Example: I moved 2 points (without confirming) into and out of and back into Vitality a few times and now my stats say I went from somewhere around 80hp at starting to now showing HP 450. This is quite confusing to a new player as if I hadn't actually noticed what my original hp was and that this was stacking; I was just moving points around to see, I'd think I was going to get +370 HP for investing those 2 runes into Vitality. I have not commited the points to see if this will actually give me the "bugged" amount of HP. Sorry if this was the wrong area to post, I did not see a tech support section.
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    Xbox Codes should be able to be redeemed now :)
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    Dear Friends Thank you for your fast reply and explanation. I play Dungeon Defenders series from the release date of the first one with over 500h. We played with my whole family in 4 players local coop mode. Please test Dungeon Defenders: Awakened on XSX, maybe there will be a little horse power to handle 4K@60, I really hope so. Local coop mode is MUST HAVE, I don't want even to think, that you will not add this mode. It would be shame, especially that it's working on the first Dungeon Defenders. Also I would like to see all: Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards, I mean Part 1-4. There were great DLC for the first Dungeon Defenders. I hope you will add this as one of the DLC. I have already bought Dungeon Defenders: Awakened in preorder from Microsoft Store, so please don't disappoint us. Thank you. I really hope so, that Chromatic Games will use the power of XSX and will optimize Dungeon Defenders: Awakened to 4K@60, if Ubisoft could optimize their Assassin's Creed: Valhalla :D Sincerely
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    i failed to realise when this ended and did not post anything in hope of a better time! hope this is fine. Thank you for the contest Uber! http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198042317861
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    DDA has a combination of both - cloud save and local save so you can play offline if you wish to. There are some anti cheat mechanisms in to catch cheating while playing online - or switching form a local save to play online. They are allot more proactive with banning that they were during the 360 days so there should be less chance of running into a cheater.
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    As much as I and many others would like to see more in DD2, CG's focus is on DDA atm and since we have heard nothing about any support for DD2 at this time I don't think we will see any changes in at least the next six months. As far as the suggestions you made, the campaign was split in half and the latter half was turned into adventures and the overall campaign is more of a tutorial about how the game series works rather than providing any significant challenge. Mods do leave something to be desired but I think they should first balance the mods correctly before branching out into any potential they may have. As far as rare loot, I think we have enough rarity of loot and I would rather see something more unique than rare. The lore/story is already there but each start of the lore was cut off before being finished most likely due to the investors wanting to move onto something else rather than finalize a story. We have many branches that can stand on their own giving a great story, they just need to take the time to flesh it all out. All in all, you aren't alone but it's a matter of getting attention more so than making suggestions right now.
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    RIP end game, gone but not forgotten. Cool hat though.
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