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[PS3] The Miracle at Magus Sign-Up 7/27 - 7/28

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Welcome to PS3 Community Events Sign-up Thread !

Please read the rules below.

Event Rules
Event Host Imposters
Sign-up Format

Event Hosts will not tolerate any type of harassment or abuse from the participants. They hold the right to remove you from the Event if a problem arises. If a player has a problem with any Event Host please contact either Dredd or TitoDaddy.
Only players who have signed up in this thread are eligible to participate in the event.
Players must sign-up by 11:59pm EST Friday night.
There is no level requirement, so bring your best character!
Players must show up in our Google Doc/chat room between 12pm - 10pm EST, Saturday - Sunday to be guaranteed a spot. This would give transparency to everyone who is currently running, who's been rewarded, who was their host, etc. Players who show up to the chat room, but are unable to be hosted before they need to leave, have to make alternate arrangements with a host to participate at a different time.

Event items that are given out to the community are not to be traded/sold/bought on these forums. Any and all users who are caught trading/selling/buying event items will be immediately disqualified from the events and will receive a forum warning either from Dredd or TitoDaddy. A repeat violation with this rule will render a punitive action. This is for your safety.
Running the event on more than 1 account is prohibited. Creating an alt account to gain multiple event items is a ban-worthy offense.

These last two (2) rules are the most important rules that users need to follow. You have been WARNED!

Event Host Imposters
*** If you encounter a user who engages in deception under an assumed name of one of our Event Hosts to gain item/s - please do not initiate a trade and simply leave. Please be advised, Trendy Entertainment and any of our Event Hosts will never ask you for your items or any of your event items back. ***

Please use the format below to sign-up for the Event.

Sign-up Format:
Please format your post in the following manner:
Additional requests:[/QUOTE]

PSN ID - this should be the same as how you show up on the PS3 to other players (your most current name)
Additional requests - There are 2 types of requests you can make:

  • Alternate time - If our time slots will not work for you, you may request a specific time (1.5 hour window minimum) to be hosted. If we are able to accommodate, a host will contact you via forum PM. Requests can be any time from 12pm EST Saturaday - 10pm EST Sunday.

For any new players who are not familiar with how the events are run (or any older players who need refreshing), please read the following:
Read the rules and follow the "Sign-up format" to get signed up for the event.

Visit the Google Doc and enter chat room when you are ready to participate in the event. Upon entering, please type something along the lines of "PSN TitoDaddy, I am ready to play." Please note that we only guarantee availability of event hosts from 12-10pm EST on the dates in the title of this thread.

When a host is ready, they will either invite people to join their game or type in the chat that they are available to run people through the event. If you are playing by yourself, you will be grouped with other players that are available to play.

Join the game and have fun and try hard! It is suggested you take a couple minutes to plan teamwork with your teammates.

After you beat the map or lose, the event host will give you instructions to either restart the map or claim your prizes. Please follow their instructions as to when you can join them to get your reward.

Q: Who can participate in the event?
A: Anyone who's PSID/Dungeon Defenders account is in good standing and is not trying to join the event with more than one account. It does not matter if you are a new or veteran player to Dungeon Defenders.
Q: What do we get for participating in the event?
A: You get a really unique Event item to use. This item is custom created by the event team and Trendy and cannot be found anywhere else in the game!
Q: Does Trendy make the events?
A: While Trendy does provide the rewards, the PS3 community event team is completely volunteer based and we create and host the events in our own time.

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Psn shekeone69 12 pm est
And can I sign up my buddy nomoyum420 and my dad beerbasher666
and be invited at the same time
Did you guys find your hosts yet?

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PSN: PSjoh

Saturday (whenever you have space)

3pm - 11pm

EDIT: Probably wont be able to play sunday

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id: Nakhal
saturday plzzzz can i start first, from 12 to 3 i'll be on...... tnx alot trendy :) we still love u

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