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Copyrighted by me, Onion Knight. Do not distribute or modify any part of this Book(s) for yourself, or public use.

Onion Knight; 2013

Warning: PG 13+ Some strong language below, read at your own caution.

(This is going off of my older, unfinished book. I will get to finishing the older one soon, as this will be an introduction of sorts to the next book in the series. Whether or not I will post the whole thing is still undecided, but until then, enjoy this.

I may post 1 chapter from my older book, but I'll see how people like my writings. If this kicks off, I'll start doing short stories, or a novel dedicated to the OT people in these forums. Any kind of criticism is welcome, as it helps me improve my writings. And any of kind of warm, thought provoking comments too. Or just comment as you please.

Most of my books will be fiction, only some exceptions apply.



It was a typical day in Rukos, the suns were up high in the sky signaling that it was about mid-day. It was getting fairly warm out, but the breeze that did blow kept me fairly cool. Oh, where are my manners, I almost forgot to introduce myself. My name is Jurok, I'm only 20, but I feel older than I actually am. And today isn't where this all started, this happened years ago with me being only 16...

The light could barely illuminate the small dwelling, and revealed a figure lumped over in a recliner. The television was on, tuned into channel 5. A man stood there, with a blank gaze on his face. He appeared nervous, but for what? Within that time frame, it turned back off.

The figure stretched and yawned, and got up. He was thin, and about five foot eight. He had shaggy hair, of which nearly passed down his eyes. Jurok, the man that just got up, walked to the bathroom. His alarm read 4:00 AM, but why was he up so early? It would be answered soon.

" Work, sleep, work. That's all I do, everyday. My bosses don't even treat with me respect, they expect me to go get them coffee everyday, to take out their garbage bins, and clean up in the work room." His soft voice slightly echoed through his bathroom. He was brushing his teeth, getting ready for work. That is, until the television flared to life on full volume.

" In Breaking News, the Nekoturo epidemic has seen some more light. Cases in the far West report sighting's of creatures, each slightly different, but still in the same form. It has been advised that everyone stay inside until further notice." The television hissed, and then turned off.

" I really need to take that into the shop to get it fixed. Damn thing has been doing that this past year." Jurok gruffed, sighing as he got out of the bathroom.

His footsteps were generally silent, this time being no different, as he walked through his living room. Walking by the fairly large window he has set up, a shadow catches his eye. It disappears before he could see what it was, but Jurok decides to keep an eye out for anything strange again.

In the far off distance, barely hearable, he hears something.

" ...Order... Reckoning... Glory... Death..."

" Wise Master," The sound of an older gentleman can be heard, as if he was right next to Jurok. " raise your minions, help us bring this Purgatory down, and help us raise the walls of your commands! You command us Father, lead us into war and we shall follow, for we are your almighty servants! We will die for you, for you to become the ruling Lord."

Jurok crouches, and hides beneath view from his window.

" Father Jethro," A booming, but weak sounding voice says, " that will not be necessary. You see, I am in control already, any more power and I might end up killing everyone, including you and your family."

" Master, what about the other-"

" Shush, they are none of my concern at this moment. In fact, they're probably off into the Forest right now, searching for me."

The voices get louder.

" Master, what about-"

" Jethro, shush. There's something still here..."

Chapter 1 - The Unforgiving

" My time dims near, my love. The light that gives us life is coming to an end. Quiet, don't waste your breath. I want to spend our last moments together..."

" My love," Her soft voice cut through the silence, " I do too, but..."

" What's the matter? Hurry, for we've not much time left." He placed his hand on hers.

" I need to tell you... I'm preg-"

" My god..." Jurok closed the book shut, weeping softly. He didn't know whether or not finish it, with only 2 more pages it would make more sense if he did. " That couple... They're last wishes, to be together, and her to get so near to telling him something important. " That's not fair!" He threw the book in a fit of rage, and stormed off into his bedroom. Many vulgar words could be heard coming from his bedroom, some too vulgar that they make the ears bleed.

A soft knocking is heard coming from the door. Intrigued by this, Jurok stops his little tempertantrom and answers it. This beautiful lady is standing there, holding flowers.

" Hey Jurok!" She beamed brightly.

" Oh, hey there Lucia." He said dumbfounded.

" I got these for you!" She brought her arm out and extended it towards him. Bright colored roses, all of different colors, shone brightly in the suns rays.

" Lucia, I don't know what you want me to say, but-"

" Shh." She put her finger to her lips, signaling him to be quiet. " Can I come in? I have something to tell you."

" Sure, anytime." He clumsily stood back and pointed to a chair. " What's the matter?"

" Um, I'm not sure how to tell you this Jurok. I've-"

" Lucia, I'm sorry for interrupting, but I need to tell you this. I love you. I know I know, I haven't told you ever. I apologize for that, and I wanted to make it up. I've reserved us two seats at the local theater to see 'The Gone'. It's next week, and I was wondering if you wanted to go?"

"...joined the D.D.S." She gave him a blank stare.

" The D.D.S!? Lucia, you're joking, right?"

" No..." Her gaze moved from his eyes, to the floor. Tears started falling, and she almost burst with sorrow.

" The Defensive Demoviliton Squad..." He spoke aloud quietly. " The only task force that actually recognizes threats to our race." He looked at her. " Why?"

" I-it called to me. I feel like I need to do something. I want to help people in need Jurok. This is what I want to do!" She started clenching her fist. " Is it that hard to understand!? Let me be happy for once!" She swung at him and hit him directly in the forehead. " I want to be happy!" And with that said, she stormed off slamming the door behind her.

Jurok lay on the ground, un-moving. His television still set to channel 5 as they broadcast the daily weather.

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Updates Section

4/11/2013: Started the prologue, hoping to get more done throughout the rest of this week.

4/12/2013: Finished the fairly short prologue, was hoping to attract readers attention so they would read more. Hope it worked, as I would like to start receiving feedback from the community.

Chapter 1 is started as well, I hope to see some feedback of some sorts on it, either what you did like or didn't like.

More Content to be released on: 4/16/13

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4/14/13: Sorry about not being able to post something today guys, I'll be sure to get working on some more of it. Some real life stuff came up so I couldn't do much at all. See you the 16th everyone. And does no one have a comment? Kind of surprises me...

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