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Thoughts after Pax: Dungeon Defenders 2 PvP Needs Retooling...

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So I got my hands on DD2 at Pax East...

The good...

- DD2 plays like a moving painting. The Color sets are more precise now and the use of chiaroscuro is better implemented into the models. A huge step up from DD1 which looked like a melted Skittles bag most times.

- Oils and elixirs offer dynamic combat. Fights/ganks happens in waves now. Which is a good thing.

- Clean game play. Lag was never an issue.

- Clean animations. I feel DD2 is the first moba to nail animations. Alotta times in this genre developers embellish attack skills with glows, glares, blurs, etc. Making the player disoriented and lost as to who is attacking who with what. DD2's heroes skills are crisp. The Dev team deserves huge props for getting this right.

The What Needs to be changed...

Control and perspective of the hero.

The Remedy?

Make it a free-roam third person moba.

Please make the change Trendy!

Looking forward to seeing more from the dev team.

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So after playing it a bare handful of times, with 9 other people who are seeing it for pretty much their first time as well (all with varying levels of MOBA experience), you want to completely change the feel of the game?

Not to mention that what you played is nowhere near release stage, so lack of polish is something that shouldn't surprise anyone (Infact, I was expecting far LESS polish than the gameplay videos displayed).

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