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Dungeon Defenders 2 GAMEPLAY VIDEO!

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Discussed my feelings about PvP in another thread in detail...


Overall the PvP is actually quite solid believe it or not. That being said I strongly feel they need to change the movement/control mechanics into more of a third person based shooter if they want to obtain traction with the public or DD1 fans in any meaningful way.

Imagine DD1 third person platforming combined with elements of Dota. Money.

Make it happen Trendy.

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This is not Dungeon Defenders. This is nothing like Dungeon Defenders.

People play Dungeon Defenders because they like the whole tower strategy killing mobs etc..... That is what the people who play this game like and want. I dont see the point of this MOBA or whatever it is. I dont even know what MOBA is....

I hope this is like a silly added on extra that u are neither required to play and has no relation to the actual game. I certainly wouldnt be interested if the rest of the game was like this.

I am a dungeon defenders fan, this dont like very dungeon defendersish to me!

This is just the PVP mode of Dungeon Defenders. There will be a regular campaign, just like you were accustomed to. The stated goal of this is to give us something to do between content patches. I believe the MOBA is going to be relevant to the plot, although I doubt it will require you to actually play it to get plot info. That said, try it. The PAX demo was a lot of fun. It is a very different feel from traditional DD gameplay, but it's something fresh and new.

The MOBA genre started with DoTA, a Warcraft 3 mod. Basically, you have a map with several lanes in it. The map is symmetrical, and each lane is defended by several turrets. Each team has a base on the opposite side of the map, and your goal is to kill the enemy base. To do so, you break through the enemy towers, get to their base, and destroy it. Throughout the game, you have RPG elements thrown in, where your character levels up and can put points into abilities and purchase items to help defeat your foes.

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