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[BUG]Tavernkeeper Overpowered Weapons!

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Hello everybody,
Recently I bought the game on Humble Bundle, and activated the key on steam. After like 3 characters lvl 70+, I've found and received some itens from my friends, then I could make a AFK Shop.
After i returned to play, i visited the tavernkeeper's shop, and there's a lot of overpowered weapons like +849 All Stats and an absurd attack power and giant DPS! So I get into some lobbies trying to figure out what had happened to my items then I was denounced by many players, so I decided to come here asking what to do, I do not wanna be banned without having used illegal programs!

Im searching from the print screens from this weapons!I sold them all to the tavernkeeper for 2 billion in total

Thanks in advance
Eduardo Matheus :huntress: :monk: :jester: :series:

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Just make sure there is no hacked gear in your shop, item box, or equipped by any of your characters and you will be fine.

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