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All hacked

Hacked, unfortunately

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could you check this one pls
i guess its Ult ++ btw.

"Picture removed by author" please re-post with working link
Pls check those 5 items for me. THANKS!

All hacked
item check on both please
thank you

Links appear to be broken, please re-post
Item Check please, Thanks in advance

Ill edit this in a few, not 100% sure yet
Please Check neg. Resistances

Completely fine

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What the ****ing heck? Seller told me that too. I use/have some ult+ and ult++ items for a while and I was still thinkin: Ult: 90, Ult+:93, Ult++:100
Well seems like I was just too dumb...

I must be the last one in this game, who has builders with 5000 stats and still didnt figured out the levelrequirements :D
Nvm my last comment though^^


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Hello der ma peeps. Could i please get this checked out? Thank ya kindly.

It's fine, I got it from akatiti.

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