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Item spawning RNG knows what stats you want...

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I know this isn't true, but hot damn ult++ really make you think it's rigged to screw you.

Like honestly, how many items you see with massive casting rate and run speed or that silly Ability #1? And then how many do you see with super high in a single tower stat, but useless for towers? Or it has great this and that but negative hero attack or tower attack.

I hate to think of how many amazing armour I've found that ONLY have negative tower attack, while all other 3 tower stats > 250....

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I kinda like it, its kinda funny but it encourages you to try and find better.

Like "oh damn, this would have been a great piece if it werent for (Negatives, no TA or HA, etc), oh well... but it if spawned with such stats, then it means than an actually good piece of armor like this must exist! I will find it!"

In all honestly, the RNG is this game isnt THAT bad as people make it out to be. Or at least it has been reasonably kind with me, mostly.

Then again I am apparently a pretty lucky guy, or so I have been told a fair few times by people O_o

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