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Winter Wonderland random issues the last days, help!!

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Well, since the last days im having some strange issues when doing winter wonderland campaing nmhc, before i always made it with success 100/100 of the times, but now im having troubles, i even cant do it again!!!, and the irony here its now im stronger and i can build and upgrade everything a lot faster than before (due to experience in the map), and randomly now i cant finish it, maybe some secret tweak improved the ww difficulty in the last days?.

Now, the problems im having are the following:

Im using the build that let the north-west and south crystals alone, only with auras, traps and buff beam of course.
PD: I don't upgrade the north-west gas traps, i only up to full the buff beam and auras.

In the last days i cant beat the map anymore!!! im talking about the last 2 days, due to a problem that never happened me before, always and i mean ALWAYS!!, a random ogre go directly to focus my south alone crystal two shooting it, but that happens every time strictly only in the bosses wave and only when the huntress and apprentice antiheroes left, i mean like trolling me when i almost end the map.

Other problem less common but that before never happened to me, its sometimes a random djjin sells my north-west buff beam through the wall!!!, i don't know if its a bug, or the djjins can desummon through walls??

Im desperate!!!, because i cant do the map again because that ogre focusing my crsytal i cant understand why..... im building the same build, im faster upgrading, my builders are a little stronger than before, and i know the map better, so... why :'(

I finished the map before this like around 20 times always with success, now i have 10 attempts without success randomly because that ogre.

PD: I do the map always with 1 hero because i have no extra controls.

I will thank you so much guys if someone can tell me what is happening, or if i need to improve something im missing that changed from before, thanks in advance, and sorry for the long story.

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Hmm. I had the same problem when i traced it back it was because my gas trap stuck out of my aura's northwest. Somehow that triggers some really weird stuff. After i just lose some gear for building (gas aura <2.5k) everything went fine again :). Also make sure to have all 3 afk's southwest!

If that doesn't work you have to change your build...

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For the djinn part you may need to sentralize the buff beam a little more. Try to keep it in the corner without touching the walls, that way I don't think the djinn's are able to desummon. At least not through the walls.

For the ogre part that sounds really weird. Main issue I can think of is "time spent = rate of failure". If you're playing completely solo with just 1 alt the boss wave will take long, and the longer it last the higher the chance of something happening gets. Try letting pubs in, but be sure to explain to them that they should make sure never to get ogre aggro when crossing from east to west. You can also make a LFM (looking for more) thread to get people from the forum to join you DPS.

Also, you don't need controllers for extra alts. Just use an emulator.

Hope any of this helps you. Good luck!

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