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Value of Items: Survey

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Back up we go, have about half as many responses as we want, keep up the good work ;)

The problem with value surveys, is that it doesn't take into consideration wants. Perfect example, I bought Art's triple cap diamond for 14 cubes. I bought BlankVista's about 2 weeks later for 18 ish. I sold BlankVista's last Friday for 60. Why, because I had 2 people bidding on it like crazy. Was it worth 60? No. That is besides the point. Another perf example, the infamous 40 cube dragon. Was it worth that, absolutely not. However, I wanted it for the gorgeous blue color, Death wasn't going to let me have it no matter what the cost. A third example, Bare has an ult++ clava on auction right now. CO is 17 cubes? Is it worth this, NO!!. Why? Because it isn't worth paying 17 cubes in order to gain a couple 100 points in stats that aren't needed anyways. However, I bet it ends up going over 20 in the end.

Its truthfully more for self-interest than anything, want to see how people think the "Economy" has fluctuated in the past 2 months. Outside of that i will share the results :P

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