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I'm enjoying it. Not as much as I enjoyed the first and second though. I guess it's because the newness is over. The addition of weapon customization is rather nice but overall not enough of a reason to say the game has improved all that much. I earned my platinum trophies in the first 2 but I really don't see that happening with this one.

I haven't tried the co-op campaign yet though. I hear it's pretty good. I'll tap into that once I finish up the solo campaign.

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I have seen all 3 games played but not actualy played them.

My brother has all 3 and i have watched him play them.

Honestly the 3rd one looks like more of the same with little added.

Not aweful he is having fun but he has been grumbling at the lack of new stuff.

The PS3 version has a playable demo and odds are the 360 version dose as well.

The PC version requires Origin so that's a no go.

Origin's privacy policy while refined from its older even more invasive nature is still unacceptable to both my brother and I.

If you have a 360 or PS3 try the demo free demos are a good thing.

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