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Community Set Challenges. Testing the Skills of a Real Defender

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Hey guys, How's it going?

I had an Idea. Sets of Community Set Challenges. Where we, the community post ideas, on different Difficult Challenges to appeal to a bored Defender, and give a new pace to just defending your Crystal.
With Different Tiers of Challenges, (As I think of Tier names) and the challenges are made up by you.
These challenges can be based on Pure Skill. Luck. Or Both.

Here's an Idea that I had myself.

[Tier] Grand-Champion of Etheria and the Overworld
[Length] Extremely Long-Farming Kings Long.
[SoL] Skill and Luck
[Name] Crystalline Venture

You start with your current gear to farm. You have Level 90 characters max to use gear for. You have 4 Different runs of Maps to gather gear to Solo NMHC Crystalline Dimension. Your maps are to the limits of the game. From NMHC Akatiti To Kings Game NMHCMM. You must use the gear you farm yourself to complete this challenge. You may use 1 character or 4 characters to farm your map. That Will be your choice. You may NOT purchase gear from AFK Shops or other players through the forums. This is a 100% Solo challenge. This challenge includes Builders and Dps (Dps is a maybe) You can have up to 4 Tower builders and 2 Dps. It's your choice of your Builders and Dps.

Additional options: NuzLocke: When a character dies. It is dead. That Character must be deleted, or put into retirement. Along with his/her Gear. You may no longer you use this gear for your other players.

If you find that you are lacking in gear, you may rerun a map for gear. But you must delete one of your characters, I.E Builder Making it so 3 Builders, 2 Dps. You may do this once.

Once you gather your gear, but you find that your gear is not good enough to finish the challenge, you must get rid of your gear and restart the challenge, farming the maps again.

Add-on: Co-Op Mode. Same rules apply to everything, just less gear to go around. Good Luck.

That was my first idea to start this thread. And It may continue to grow. These will be difficult challenges made for players that are sitting end game without doing anything, i.e Ultimate Defender, 100% Completion.

Here's a Template for adding a challenge Suggestion:



That's what I have for now, i will continue to see how this goes!

I'll see you guys, On the next one.


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Well it's weekend, right ? So... Let's do this Challenge!
I'll try this cause it sound like extremely fun ^^
I will not do The Nuzlocke (I never liked that on Pokemon (lol))
This will be Fun :D
[[3719,hashtags]] [[1565,hashtags]]

Will edit my post when i created my own challenge!

EDIT: I'm not a Ultimate Defender yet, but i'm too lazy to do Sky O' Hate and War of the Djinn -_-

EDIT2: My Challenge:

[Tier] : Mid Tier, with Trans Sets
[Length] : Very Long, Farming Lot's off Stuff*
[SoL] : Skill and Luck
[Name] : The Rise of The DPS-EV

You start with your current gear to start. Your maps are to the limits of the game.You create a Level 0 EV and Get him up to level 90-100 (Your Choice)
After that the Farming Begins:
You have 4 Different runs of Maps to gather gear to Build the Perfect DPS-EV. If you have choosen one map, Your are allowed to play the map on Campaign AND on SV, which counts as one.*

Goal: The Ev is at Level 90-100, does wear a Supreme Set (OFC Dps)
and have 1 Stat Stick and one Main DPS Weapon, a Good Dps Pet and Good Acc's

Sorry for any Spelling Mistake and
Grammar :)

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