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Trading bugs / glitches?

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Has anyone seen any trading glitches or bugs? Today I was trading in my tavern with 2 different people.

I sold one person an accessory for three (1 billion) gems. I had him on steam, and everything. We both accepted, however neither one of us got our items. I felt bad so i ran the dungeon him, However i was wondering the whole time were our items went.

I went to a new person, who i gave a pawn shot to for 500m. He didnt get the item and I didn't receive his 500mil Mana gem.

Has anyone else had anything similar to this? I've relogged in dungeon defenders, and im positive im just not misplacing it. The trade also was 100% for sure went through. We tested it again to make sure. I traded him a random item, and he traded me a random item, however neither of us received the item.

Thanks ahead of time, I'm very skeptical of trading now. What if i was trading a cube for several items, or other way around. Would've resulted in a huge profit loss on both sides.

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The trade bug exists. Happens to a lot of people.

Try confirming one at a time, at least 2 seconds apart.

You only gave people less than an hour to respond. Please be a little more patient in the future :)

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