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Ultimate+ and Ultimate++ Weapons. I have 1 and My Friend 3 .

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I am Really thinking about this alot.
Today and a Few days ago HEAPS OF PEOPLE are asking to buy my Ultra+.
I dont want to sell it at all cause it makes me feel good Collecting something so new and so awsome in the

Here is a Screen Shot before i go into detail on Subject:


BTW the Image didnt work as it was cut off. lol, when Pasted into [img.] format on Site.

The highest Offer someone said to me was like 100 Trillion what ever that is. a few days ago.
Cause i said no so many times he quit.

My friend has a Ultimate++ Kaboomstick which is level 1 and Instead of just Saying Ultra KaboomStick it
says Ultra++ KaboomStick.
No one has seen his but i have.

I Really am Thinks about value of this item and Honestly i dont know if what i have being told is true or

I have being told Values to their Normal Price is x100 Ultra, x200 Ultra+, x500 Ultra++.

But Seriously.
That seems Too Cheap to sell.
Yes The newer Weapons have Higher Upgrades but what is the point if someone just wants to buy it for
CRAZY Prices.

Few guys Telling me That it is Impossible to get Good Ultras or higher.
So i think they are Crazy.

Out of 3 NM HC Runs i did i got this.
Sky City Waves 15-20
Survivel Obviously.

My friend has done Quite a Few MM Runs and got a total of 3 Banked up.
I might Take a Photo of it when i see him and Post here.

Id ask what people think first.
Is it worth parting and what they would say selling something like that is worth?

Honestly i dont want to part with it cause IT IS SO EPICLY AWESOME!
Yeah someone gonna come and say "Hey my Steam saw it Better!"
But Honestly IDC atleast i got something that is worth more than steam.

This Weapon makes me feel Good to the Heart.
Which is Funny... And Embarrassing to say out loud.

The only think i was thinking was that weapons rare right now to get so i was thinking.
100B cause some guys got me Convinced so far...
ESPECIALLY when that guy said 100 Trillion.
So many guys come my shop it is REDONKULAS. (lol)
It is about 100 dmg a Upgrade.
2843 - 3016 = 173.
I am going to look up Steam saw cause i think that is 300 Dmg a Upgrade.
Other than that this is AWSOME!

I Expect that when people complain about dmg upgrades on Weapons like this they will be x1 which is
same upgrade as Steam saw which might be 300 and the ++ Ultras to be x1.5 which is 450 a upgrade.
That is what might happen if People Complain.
So if anything id wait and see.
the Odds are so likely to happen too, Depending IF the Upgrades are Going to be Higher than the
Standard ultras or they will be same max but with better Stat Buffs on them.
Basicaly everytime you upgrade something it is What ever the Item is valued too quality wise.

Thanks for trying to understand.
and Helping out if you do.

Here is anotherone i got the day after i posted Akititi NM HC solo with friend:

BTW that is Dum saying worth 1B.
all the stuff i seens is like 10-50B so that is just dum what you said.
Yeah cause youd buy it that price and Try and tell me worthless.

But yeah some Crazy People say Crazy things. Hope your not one and i dont wana know!

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We already know almost everything there is to know about Ultimate++, yes it comes with higher than normal stats and yes it has higher number of upgrades than any other ultimate.

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lawl, 100 trillion? 100billion? i'm sorry, but i don't think that thing is worth more than 1bil. And yes- we already know how crazy high they can spawn :)

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Lol, some Ult(non-plus) saws have better stats not counting the damage. Trading it for 100b is more that great deal.
And Ult+/++ weapons are not that rare. Try ult++ armor.

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