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The best hero for DPS

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What is the best hero for DPS?
I know that the monk was pretty good because he has good boosts, but I'm not sure who is the best now.

Thanks :)

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Generally, the 3 best IMO are, in no particular order:
1. DPS/Boost Monk
2. Jester
3. Barb

DPS/Boost monk obviously, because of the boosts. Coupled with a seahorse, this is a hard class to beat.
Jester because it has the highest health and damage "boost" out of any other character.
Barbarian because of the amazing damage that it can deal, especially coupled with a prop cat. Barbs imo should use nothing but cats.

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I use Huntress. Huntress does awesome on Tavern campaign because she can turn invisible and kill Turkey with no issues. The Highest DPS I have seen is a Melee Monk with Seahorse and hero boost.

It really depends on taste and skill. EV can do major damage with her ability, but it don't match Hawk Strike. If I had an order it would be.

1) Monk
2) Barb
3) Jester

I picked Jester 3rd because Jester has insane upgrade and repair speed. I would pick barb though for certain maps over Jester. Monk seems to be able to hold his own in all map situations. A melee monk can be devastating. Something I never made, but have seen in action.


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