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Anyone willing to help ?

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Hi there, I'm posting here because the trading and grouping section is actually only for trading (or so it seems).

I'm asking for help because I would like to "finish" this game for two reasons : I love it and I could have done it "by myself".

I'd been playing for a long time (almost since release) with 3 friends of mine and we almost got Ultimate Defender : only two things missing that are NM survival on City in the Cliffs and NM Crystalline Dimension.
EDIT : CitC is done, CD remains !

We could have done those two things by ourselves (we had a strategy on CitC involving blocking squires with pets protecting pathways and just needed some training on CD) in spite of our quite low-mid gear.

So why am I asking for help ? Well my friends are now far too attracted to D3 and Dota 2 to consider playing DD again and being 4 players was the one and only thing allowing us to get through hard map with our gear.

I know I'm now missing some other achievements (birthday and spook maps) but will probably be able to handle it with the one of my friends I have a chance to lure back into the game^^ But that's not the challenge I want to be done right now.

So what am I looking for exactly ? A person or a group of people with both gear, experience and altruism willing to help me out finishing this game and feeling ready for the next DLC(s?) and the next game.

I'll only give some details about me and the state of my account, if you're not interested you don't need to read any further and thanks for reading :)

IG :

I play a countess.
Hero : 2100/1300/500/800
Abilities : 500 Joust 500 CtA
Tower : 500/700/600/200
Resists : 90/74/74/74 (NM)
23k damage 100% block blade I don't remember the name ^^
10k damage horsea (max rate max projectiles)

I do have alts (mostly tower alts) but their stats are most likely far under the ones of people I'm looking for^^

You must understand I haven't played for quite a while (last time was short after when King's game was released).

ID Steam : Lyho


No need to go into much details unless you ask for it.
Most important thing you need to know is that I'm French, I think I won't have any particular problem communicating in English but it could potentially be an issue due to time difference although I have a quite flexible time schedule and don't mind staying up late/very late.

I think I can understand and execute instructions quite effectively which means I should not be a completely dead weight (or so I hope).

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Well, I'd be willing to help. Only thing is that you're gonna have to ask for when you do want it. =P I tend to be really lazy unless asked. Oh, and before I forget, I do tend to not talk with people I have added, don't take it as if I dislike/don't want to talk with people. I just can't find a good reason to ambush someone out of nowhere with a random conversations, which I usually tend to do towards good friends.

As for hours I can play, I think it'd be somewhat late if you're European, but if it's EST, I'm on from, I think 5~6 pm or later.

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I just realized I completely forgot to give my SteamID. Sorry about that.

If asking for it is the only problem I think I can deal with it.

Thank you very much for you quick answer :)

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I also need Crystalline Dimension. A friend is gonna help me with Sky City (once she figures out how to finish the map) and Crystalline Dimension soon, when she gets on I can see if you can tag along, and if she can help you with the other map too. Even if she can't, I might be enough to help, my lowest tower stats are 900, and my highest tower stats are over 2k. Although my res is at about 40-70% so that could be a problem.

My best characters are my Squire, DPS Countess, and Summoner, although my Monk and Apprentice (well my old one, been working on a new one but I still have gears on my old one) are decent as well.

If you still need Crystalline Dimension, my IGN is Count Duckula.

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I have yet to do CD but I am willing to give it a shot. I should be able to help with the other things you need as well.

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Thank you guys, thanks to Balmune CitC is now ancient story and I'm only left with CD.

However it looks like although reaching the Old One shouldn't be problem we found ourselves not being that professional against him while training in the old one open mode map : need more training I guess. I never fought him but on easy-hard so I was shocked by how brutal he was^^

I'm ready to try with any of you, I'll probably ask you sooner or later, don't hesitate to ask me too !

And if anyone here has tips for the Old One fight that would probably be a great source of help too !

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