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Insane for farming perfect kobolds?

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On release day I managed 2 runs (the first run through took forever!) and found 2 perfect tower kobolds and 4 very usable ones (2 extra controllers - 6 drops total) with multiple 500 stats before a lettered patch came out. 6 runs later, only 1 decently usable one for myself and 2 for a friend. All were run on insane - if the kobolds weren't patched then the ult 100's code must have messed with the drops. I feel insane dropping perfects is kinda imbalanced where NM should be doing it instead, but if NM isn't as it's reported above then it looks and feels like a nerf.

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Thought I'd drop some (mostly theoretical) info on Kobolds and Ultimate+, as there seems to be a lot of misinformation floating around.

Firstly, Kobolds:

1) Work like pet rocks for stat generation. This means two things; first, the can never be Mythical or higher (the existence of higher qualities will never affect them), second, stats are reduced to the max after generation.
2) If the stats are reduced after generation, then multipliers high enough to go above the cap actually matter. Higher multipliers = higher chance to go over the cap.
3) It's almost certain that NMHC has higher multipliers than NM, which is better than Insane HC and so on.
4) So higher difficulty should increase the chances of any gien stat being at the limit.

Next, Ultimate+:

Some tests in DDDK show that items given a higher quality than Ultimate, then ported to Open, don't become Ultimate+.
The actual flag for Ultimate+ is the equip's level requirement - it's not necessarily based on quality. By setting an equip's level requirement to 100 in DDDK, and then porting to Open, it became Ultimate+, which doesn't even exist in the current version of DDDK.

So the "+" tag is based on level requirement, which used to be set by the quality tag... but the quality tag for Ultimate+ is the same as Ultimate, so they're going a step further here.

Essentially there's two possibilities:
1) The equip level requirements are determined based on quality anyways, and done separately.
2) The equip level requirements are determined based on the amount of upgrades the item rolls.

Case 1 would mean two things:
a) Ultimate+ gear is, by quality, better than Ultimate gear
b) Ultimate+ gear's generation method reduces the band in which regular Ultimate gear spawns, from "everything above a certain point" to "everything between points a and b".

Case 2 would mean:
a) Ultimate+ gear is just Ultimate gear with over a minimum amount of upgrades
b) Ultimate gear's quality hasn't been reduced, but the upgrade potential has been increased at a cost of higher level reqs
c) Ultimate gear is slightly rarer because the RNG for bonus levels now has points at which it becomes Ultimate+93 and 100.

The unlikely case 3 is that Ultimate+ is entirely random, and the game just rolls dice to determine if an item gets +x levels and a higher level requirement.

A DDDK update anytime soon would clear that up. We can hopefully expect one when the map contest's winner gets added to the game.

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