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What should I do with this?

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Yesterday, I played my first NMHC Spooktacular 2, and got some nice stuff. Myth Plate helm, Sup Leather helm,2 myth imps, 1 trans imp, a 53 huntress guardian, a frankenstien mask, and finally a 93 Ult monk boxing glove. It's not that good and has terrible ranged stats (-5k or something projectile speed). Although, it has a base of 11k melee ( -45 knockback :( which would kind of be the whole purpose).

In short, I'm wondering what to do with this weapon. Should I go all melee (I think it would end up around 45k, 178 dmg per up), or should I up the projectile speed and upgrade ranged. btw it has 248 upgrades, so I don't really know how it got the 93 title.

EDIT: Here's the link, lawl I forgot the most important part.

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