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Halloween Hallows Event 11/2-11/4

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Starting on Friday 11/2-11/4, the map for Open Mode, Halloween Hallows will be posted up on the Steam Workshop.
Since the event has been stickied I'll update.

When : Friday November 2nd 12PM To 10PM EST to Sunday November 4th

Where : Halloween Hallows Map (Steam Workshop Link to come later)

Why: Halloweeeeeeen! [After Halloween but still Halloween.]

Level Requirements : Levels 50 and Up recommended, Nightmare Level 75+ recommended.

What to bring: Bring a character who doesn't use modded gear on Open. If you can, bring your best geared ranked character.

What to expect: Just come prepared for a challenge. Though I will drop a hint, you'll want to have good amount of health.

Difficulty: Nightmare, Hard Core for those of you who think can stick it out.

Teams: Yes Teams of 5 are allowed.

Rewards: Yes. There will be an event item for participating for this event, that you will get on ranked mode. You wont be disappointed. :demon:

Signups End Thursday November 1st 10PM EST.


How To Sign Up

Partner or Partners
Days (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday)

Event Hosts

SID: lxDreddxl

SID: Immortal-D

SID: [4K-Games] Darkpython

SID: Rawr!

SID: CaptBoxershorts

SID: Neptulon

SID: mustangpirate69(2)

SID: TitoDaddy

SID: barehugs

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The event is actually going to get bumped to next weekend, or possibly next week. The PC event team wanted to avoid an overlap with their current event going on, as well as get some time for a special item for the event setup.

It would have taken place around 6pm EDT though. So if some more people are interested still I will upload the map to the workshop and we can have a test run over the weekend.

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Any certain rules or limitations on chars/items?

Since it's on open, I'd prefer it if people brought over their Ranked characters. Also I'd hope that for the sake of the challenge they will refrain from using modded equipment. (Armor, Pets, Weapons, Accessories..etc) This is because I'd rather not have to balance the difficulty for people who have 10k+ in every single stat possible.

So in short the rules are:
No modded equipment (armor, weapons, accessories, pets)
Bring your characters from Ranked if possible.

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This sounds awesome, however can we get more details(ie. difficulty it will be on or special restrictions)

I will update the main post in a bit here.

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Sid: [4K-Games] Nekro Night
Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/NekroNight
Sid: [G-K4] Sneeze
Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/MoarNubstuffs
Sid: [4K-Games] FuZiion
Sid: [4K-G] Aoyoma
Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Aoyoma
Sid: c4sc4
Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/c4sc4
Day: Sunday

EDIT: Finished Everyone
Sorry for the late Fix. Internet was out for 3 days

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I love halloween! So sure, I'll join in on the fun!

SID: Archina
Steam Link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198015372036
Day: Saturday if possible. I can't go on Friday as I'm at work. Also My timezone is GMT so hosts might stand a better chance of getting in touch.

As for the team, I'll edit my post if any friends want to join me.

EDIT: Partners -

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