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I like the Halloween Challenge.

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Am I the only one that actually reads all the comments? First people whine about wasting 3-5 hours in survival then failing, now you're QQing about failing on this event?

"It doesn't require any skills, just run around and dps while spamhealing the towers. Isn't that like the same encounter on Insane Summit or TTR? DPSing while keepin' an eye on the defense.

"It's bad that you just need to have one slip and it all goes down the drain."
Isn't that making the encounter even harder? Less room for failing often means harder in my experience. The frustrationscale is something you will have to learn to handle, stress, pressure as well as raging is something that's included on the daily basis when it comes to onlinegaming, timeconsuming? BAH! You havn't spent your time farming and grinding in games like Ragnarok Online, EVE and what not.

I got no issues with this map what so ever at this moment. It's still new and there's plenty of tactics to try out, give it time, if it's still to timeconsuming in a week, then we might talk.

Except that Insane Summit and TTR don't require an hour of your time. The time consumption part of the map isn't going to go away, there is always going to be a solid hour to an hour and a half of time you need to set aside to doing this map. No piss breaks, no time for anything else.

You might think that's fun, but not a whole lot of people are going to have the same opinion.

And farming and grinding aren't even similar to this, unless you're trying to talk hours lost by losing gear or equipment or something relevant in those terms, in which case I am familiar with and those sorts of systems are alright for the games they're in.

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woot..I'm doing soloing it on Insane after Hard...no good rewards except the costume.

For those having trouble with it, I'm not sure what to say 170 DU make this WAY too easy imho.

It does require some skills sometime except you can AFK 90% of it.

Sadly, I don't think I have the patience to redo this 3 times with each characters for the Costumes.

I personally think Waves should be cut in half.

That way would make more sense and wouldn't really make it easier if only more bearable.

At least with Waves cut in half you'd easily be able complete it within one hour.

Can you post the weapon you got from doing it on insane? I'd like to know whether or not insane is worth it over hard, other than for the costume.

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I had a blast.

Did it on EASY, with 4 people, from lvl 26 I got to 38 by the end. The last wave granted me like 5 levels lol.

It took over 2 hours, forgot to check the ending time but it did.

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Now I am seeing supporters of this map, but I am a bit curious.

You completed it in under an hour.. on hard? Easy? etc. Post your screenshots with your times, your gear, your set up, etc. If you are afk 90% of the time you are probably playing it on easy mode. Not sure if I would call it fun to afk for 50 minutes (if I could).

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