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Ultimate defender in da house!!!

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With a TON of help from Chuckdatass, Mischiefz, and Commish I cleared my final hurdle CD NM well NM HC to be precise.

They built I guarded a crystal without losing defenses or dying or taking crystal damage I held my own nicely with there outstanding team!

I could NOT have done it with out them!
As proven at the end I held my own with ease till Moldy Oldy.

I was doing great at dodging his fire and lasers for well like the first 30 seconds then a shock wave hit me for 215k on a hero with 158k health dont know if it was Lag or just bad timing on my part but no math wiz needed to figure out the outcome of that one.

The resident A-Team proceeded to Exterminate that Creep with extreme precision!
They have outstanding timing and truly Excellent planning!
On that Note I can NOT resist.

Thanks again Guys!

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Thank you everyone!

Once again an extra special shout out to Chuckdatass, Mischiefz, and Commish you guys truly rock!

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