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The Legend of Selda Event Sign up thread 9/21-9/23

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Hello everyone and welcome to the Legend of Selda Event sign up thread. Here is what you will need to know for the upcoming event 9/21-9/23 and how to sign up.

Events start from 10am-10pm EST

1. Players must sign up for the event by 9 pm EST Thursday night (9/20) to participate in Friday's, Saturday's, and Sunday's event.

2. Players must post there SID, SID link, and what day you would like to run the event (Either Friday, Saturday or Sunday). Also if a player has a teammate, please post there SID and SID link in your post.

3. Players will now get the chance to see which host they will be assigned to.

4. Players will now get the chance to see where they are positioned in the sign up thread (Whether you are first, last, etc).


1. There will be 2 hosts for each group, one Clink and the other Selda. Only hosts can play as Clink and/or Selda.

2. Clink and Selda are the main heroes of these events and as such players must protect them at all costs.

3. Clink and Selda have 2 forms.

A. Clink and Selda's first form is there human form and as such they can attack, repair, build, etc.

B. If Clink and/or Selda die they will return in the next build phase in there Bunny forms. In this form Clink and/or Selda cannot attack, build, or hold any type of pets but they can still repair and upgrade. If Clink or Selda die in there Bunny form then the event is over but if Clink or Selda survive the wave then they will return to there human form in the next build phase.

4. There will be level requirements for each event which you can check out below. Players cannot play as a character that exceeds over the level requirements or is below them so keep that in mind.

5. There are a total of 9 events/Dungeons.

6. No mods.

7. No respec'd heroes. You must create a new hero and try and keep that hero at the level requirements. You are allowed to level up during the events and if a player happens to go pass the level requirements during the event then that is fine just as long as you enter the event within the level requirements.

8. These events will be played on open but the reward will be handed out on a ranked server.


Dungeon 1- Throne Room on easy HC. Level Req. 1-10.

Event Item- Minish Hat




Saturday's Hosts

[4K-Games] DarkPython

Hosts for Sunday

[4K-Games] DarkPython

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If anyone has any questions at all about events PM me ill try to answer the as best i can:)
I deal with mostly sign ups so if you get a PM from me it will probably be me just asking you to change something in your sign up
good luck to you all and i hope you all have a great time in the Legend of Selda
-UltimateJorts Community Director of Dungeon Defenders PC events

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