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open afk shop bug

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i open afk shop
in my shop has 242 item on sell/not for sell

but my frd A come in my shop, he just can see 19x/250 my shop
so i call frd B come to test

but frd B can't see my shop in shop list,so he use steam frd come in
but my shop not auto show on,he just run to chick E to see my shop
frd B only can see 18x/250

but i see my shop item 242/250

1.why other player come in my shop,my shop can't auto open?
2.why 2diff player see my shop item not same as me?
3.why my shop now show on in shop list?

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This is an issue we're looking into to see why it happens. As for why your shop doesn't show up in the list is likely due to the fact that the list is fully populated with 50 shops up for sale in your region. So it may take a bit before your afk shop gets pushed to the main list for your region. Also if your friends are in a different region they will see the shops closer to their location first before seeing further away ones.

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