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SUPER Events - The Summit Week 3 Sign Up (31Aug-2Sep)

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Welcome to, Etheria's [COLOR="[[505,hashtags]]"]SUPER Events [SIZE=7]![/COLOR][/SIZE]

Defenders of Etheria,

On behalf of our Event Coordinator, Classic22 and the rest of the team, it is my pleasure to welcome you to TE's, [PS3] Etheria's Super Events! This is a landmark event, as we bring you a solid, unified team with great skills that will provide you fun, fair events.

These events are sponsored by Trendy Entertainment LLC. From the bottom of our hearts, we are truly grateful for a wonderful opportunity and for the unyielding support from the amazing people at TE! Without their support, there will be no events, no community.

Moving forward, we have a great line-up of keynote defenders:

- TitoDaddy
- Twinmethod
- CaptBoxershorts
- Gashen-Sai
- xNOxONEx
- Lk-Valentine54
- Coyotewolfdog
- Siimon_Sama
- Jkpopfever
- Yayit_

We have a full agenda during the next several weeks, so please take a few moment to read through the information below. We look forward to meet and spending time with you at the events at what promises to be a most stimulating and enjoyable event!

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our Event Coordinator, Classic22.

Kind regards,

Event List Manager
Etheria's SUPER Events

[SIZE=5][SIZE=5]IMPORTANT UPDATE:[/SIZE] Please read information below for changes.

For our succeeding events, we will be using a google spreadsheet to monitor the progress of each individual. When you sign up, your name will be allocated to a host and when the sign up is closed, you will all be divided up and placed on >>>this<<< spreadsheet.

The way it works is simple, all hosts will log into the spreadsheet, and once you will be invited a maximum of two times, failure to join the second invite will mean forfeiting the event. If you pass the event, your name will turn a different colour and you will receive an invite from Gashen-Sai to collect your item. The only person to hold event items will be Gashen-Sai and Classic22 until further notice. This will put to bed any discussions that hosts are giving away free items to their friends.

If you do not complete the event, you will show up on the list as so, don't be disheartened, there is always next week.

Please see an explanation of the colours below;

Missed One Invite

Missed Two Invites

In Game Currently

Awaiting Item

Finished Event, Did not Complete (NR)

Collected Item

Not Hosting this day

Any questions and queries can be directed to our Event Coordinator, Classic22. There will be a feedback thread open every week, please use it or PM only Classic22. If you create a thread about not getting into the events, or any other issue, it will be deleted immediately. Signing up to the events is an automatic acceptance of all our terms and conditions.

Please be advised, we will only accomodate a maximum of 240 participants a week until further notice. We will continue to accommodate 75 participants every Friday. Signing up for Friday will not guarantee your entry. You will have to post an alternate event day incase you don't get posted for our Friday's event.

Friday's list will be first post, first serve basis.

Standard hosting days and times are as follows:

Hosting Times
Friday: 6pm - 11:00pm CST
Saturday: 10am - 4:00pm CST
Sunday: 10am - 4:00pm CST

Please post only your PSN name below and include the day you would like to join the event - either FRIDAY, SATURDAY or SUNDAY.

If you would like to attempt to join our Friday event, please include your alternate event day either Saturday or Sunday incase you did not get picked for our Friday's event.

You will NOT be allocated a time, only the day.

PSN: TitoDaddy
Friday or Sunday

Our Event Coordinator, Classic22, will close this sign-up thread on Thursday at 5:00pm PST or when we finally reach 240 participants, whichever comes first. So please make sure you sign up by then.

We will create a new sign-up thread every Sunday night for your chance to sign up again for our upcoming event.

We will post the official list of participants on the link below with their designated hosts.


[SIZE=5]Strictly NO groups, NO posting for friends and, NO double posting.

Please visit Etheria's SUPER Events' main thread below, as it is updated every week.
Click >>> [COLOR="[[309,hashtags]]"]Etheria's[/COLOR] SUPER Events

Also, feel free to discuss the current or upcoming event ***HERE***


- Unless otherwise stated, event items will be allowed.
- Respect the host, they do this for free.
- Abuse will not be tolerated, you will be banned from these events. This includes vulgar language.
- Play as a team, even if you don't know the other people, the host reserves the right to disqualify anyone who does not play with teamwork.
- Absolutely no AFK.
- One event item per person, you will only be invited once per event.
- In the event of a glitch/lag/freeze, the host will decide whether to award the event item. If one was not awarded, the host may offer a second try. The host has the right to not award the event item in circumstances like poor sportsmanship or rule violations.
- Have fun!

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The official list will be/is provided in the original post twice. Expect it to be updated free sign up has closed.

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