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Long List of Suggestions/Improvements

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Here's some of my ideas for improving the game


1. Add an items count for each folder and update every time an item is sold/moved. Possible placement for the count is at the end of folder name in brackets or bottom right corner of the folder icon. This would save a lot of time while browsing excessive amounts of folders that contain nothing.

2. Allow special characters in shop names/shop folders, at the very least some basic ones like &, +. This would clarify naming while keeping the character limit low.

3. Allow the shopkeeper to look at/price and move the blacked out items. This is less of a problem now with the tokens, since it takes a bit longer to cap out for this to happen, but once you're full it still happens.

4. When starting a shop with unlocked floor which has items on the floor, warn the shopkeeper with a popup message box. This should help those who forget to check their settings, before opening up shop.

5. Re-do the shops server list menu to make full use of the space available. The server menu for shops was nice back when it was released but it has many limitations and could be improved greatly with slight modifications. The current system has many inconveniences, short titles, no special characters, no history of shops visited.


My proposal for a better shop server list includes getting rid of irrelevant information and adding information on what items are being sold in the shop. The shopkeeper can select which items are being sold during the creation of the shop or from within the shop, some of the options could be all the different classes/armor/weapons/pets/accessories/collectibles. The different backgrounds would be set by how long ago you visited the shop and also the ability to favorite the shop so you can easily identify shops you liked.

The mock-up is crude and my photoshop skills are hardly good but i think it gets the point across, there should also probably be a legend for the different colors to explain them, or perhaps using one color with varied intensities from hot to cold or along those lines.

The search filters should probably also be either adjusted or removed entirely as they currently serve no purpose.

6. When trading mana tokens for items, the mana tokens of the same value should stack. This would reduce the number of trades that have to be done for high end items and reduce potential scams.


1. When nightmare mode is selected by the host, the tavern dummies are changed into nightmare mode, hero resistances are also shown like inside a nightmare game. Tower stats should reflect the map which is selected (I believe theres a difference between umf and other nm maps?).

2. Any client connected to the host should be able to see the name of the game from their esc menu. This would help find the host's game easier if they need to reconnect or something, would be also good if you could see the name when playing a level too.


1. When building buff beams visually indicate the defences that would get boosted by highlighting them red or something similar. This would reduce the amount of times you need to rebuild beams, because they weren't reaching the towers.

2. Allow all towers to be able to be built on top of the edges of buff beams, this can already be done in reverse order. Removes the need to rebuild buff beams if a defense is moved.

3. Show more information on tower stats when pressing E. Maybe it's just me but I'd like to see more stats on towers, like damage done, range of tower, damage taken, number of times repaired, I believe those stats are already tracked since their shown at the end of level, would be nice to see them on individual towers so one could improve his builds.


1. As an advanced feature allow a person to list the tower upgrades/repairs importance from most important to least important, one list for upgrades one for repairs. Currently gas traps are extremely high on priorities for upgrades/repairs.

2. (Allready in game ignore) Allow a cycle option/bind for selection of towers for repair/upgrades instead of manually moving the mouse over the tower, easier to upgrade/repair overlapping auras/traps that you want. This is very important as it is currently extremely difficult to upgrade specific auras, and almost impossible to select a proton beam over a trap.


1. Increase the mana pool to 5000 or enough to open mana chests without wasting mana when starting from higher waves for build phase.

2. Make a unified mana pool when swapping characters during survivor. This along with suggestion 1 would greatly improve building in survivor, it would eliminate the need to drop mana and reduce lost mana.

3. Add an option for extra long waves, where the mob counts are 50% or higher, perhaps user adjustable. Why? Because after the nerf to mob counts survivors have become much shorter but so are the chances of getting loot, you need to redo survivor twice or more now for the same amount of loot.

4. Add the ability to lock defences so they cant be sold by people other than host. Anti griefing measure, I haven't had this problem personally but I don't play much on pub games, and I'm sure many people would love this option.


1. Make armor set bonuses more obvious to newer players, I've seen it mentioned that there might be an updated tutorial coming. This should be one of the top priorities for new comers.

2. Make a different icon for copter ogres on the map. Simple to recognize when a crystal might be in danger.

3. Players who leave or get kicked from a game drop the mana they currently have. This should have been in-game from the start, countless times a player join pickups some chests and leaves. You were just half way through starting a build, now you don't have enough mana to finish the build... restart :(

4. Switching from public to private games should be possible from within tavern/game, along with changing the game title. I don't want to quit a game with people just to rename a game appropriately for whatever we want to do next. The people playing either get lost or cant reconnect or find another game.

5. More characters per page on character selection there's an excellent suggestion with a great mockup allready made over at http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?72738-Make-this-happen-please-)&highlight=swap would love to see it come into the game!

If you've actually read them all and agree then please support the thread, as without any support nothing ever changes.


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Strongly agreed with all of your suggestions, especially the ones on shops and tavern.

I love your server list mockup. Always being able to see the host name from the server list would help a ton when you have to browse through 20+ shops, all named 'Trans+Sup+Ult WAPA' or something similar, and end up visiting the same shop several times. It would also help find people that you know sell good stuff later.

Switching the tavern dummies, towers and resistances (and hero HP) to Nightmare mode when Nightmare is selected would be awesome too, I have thought about it myself several times. Currently when I want to upgrade armor, I start Deeper Well survival, clear one wave and upgrade at the forge, just to make sure that I get the NM resistances the way I want (I tend to prioritize Generic, Fire and Poison over Lightning). And when I want to test the effects of towers, buffs or pets, I launch Ogre Crush and use the first lonely ogre as the 'dummy.' Enabling the NM stats in tavern would make all those tasks much easier.

Another suggestion, make the tavern dummies be affected by weakening debuffs (Spider Minion, Enemy Drain, I think Donkey pet as well?).

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Your #2 in upgrade/repair is already in game iirc but I forget the bind... other than that, strongly agreed, needs to be in game.

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Your #2 in upgrade/repair is already in game iirc but I forget the bind... other than that, strongly agreed, needs to be in game.

To cycle for repair/upgrades you press E will either doing repair or upgrade.

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There's already a visual indicator for buff beams. If you'd pay attention you'd know.

Yeah, but it only appears after you have summoned the beam. The thread starter suggested that the indicator should be visible WHILE summoning the beam, so that you don't have to sell and rebuild the beam if it turns out a tower didn't get buffed.

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