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Yet another NEW CLASS thread: Elementalist.

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The basic concept of the Elementalist features the similar abilities of a monk , and a Huntress.
Not sure on a look or gender, but I have quite a few great ideas for their tower abilites.
Elementalists use two weapons at once.
Tome and Beaker.
Tome: This massive book of knowledge is the Elementalists guide to using their abilites. Only carries Hero Speed/ Hero HP/ Hero casting rate, and all tower stats.

Beaker: This glass container carries special liquids and concoctions; dealing specific elememtal damages. Only carries Hero attack, and elemental attributes (pretty much their specific elemental damage rates. The elements you use can be switched out during build phase, however when in combat phase you are stuck with the selected elemental attack. Only includes Fire/Lightning and poison attacks.
Ice Claymore, a small AoE trap, when activated, freezes all enemies (including ogres, but ogres remain mobile, but slowed) lowering their generic damage resistance.
Ice slick, creates a sheet of ice designed to inhibit correct enemy movement, when placed on an incline plane, it makes it near impossible for an enemy clime upwards. (Kobolds, dark elf warriors are immune)
Pryo-matic Pump, an alchemical contraption that sets enemies on fire when stepped on, effect stays on enemy, dealing intense damage over time. (can set non-affected enemies on fire with lowered efficiency, and damage.)
Aero-matic tunnel, a directional placement of a pressurized tube. Gusts of wind push enemies in the direction it faces, protecting nearby defenses. (Extremely effective against: Wyverns. Does not affect Ogres, instead slows them)
Stalagmite Circle* + , creates a field empowered by stone, when enemies activate this, giant spires of stone quickly rise up, impaling enemies in range. Also creating a blockage, must be attacked, and then the tower resets.

Sandstorm trap** + , generates a massive sandstorm, dealing low damage over time, enemies lose their current target, and become disoriented.

+Earth traps deal physical damage.
Note *: Option 1, for an earth themed trap/attack.
Note**: Option 2, for a different earth trap/attack.
I wasn't sure what kind of earth themed trap to use. So I listed two.

Confusion Verse
has a chance to confuse enemies, Percentage is based on the skills value. Enemies affected by this skill will attacked each other, or move in a different/elongated direction to their current destination.
Personnel encouragement, Boost abilities of All heroes in range, and summoned minions.

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dont think we need more classes.
also dont think we need more weapon types.

Apprentice is already elemental as elemental gets.

1st tower is a gas trap with more advantages because Ice is not an element in this game.

2nd tower doesnt seem promising. Gas is better.

3rd tower a super-buff inferno trap with actual afterburn

4th tower overpowered. and slow will be better than pushing away enemies. Gas is also similar but stuns them

5th tower like the spinning swords tower for squire. but, instead the center is open and the circle forces enemies to move to the sides causeing 2 lines of enemies rather than 1.

6th tower Pretty much darkness Trap + inferno trap.

Ability 1 sounds like initiates Enemy drain converted into an enrage aura instead.

Ability 2 Overpowered. Count's call to action + monks tower boost.

Just me. but, some nerfes / changes will need to be made if this actually does happen

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Balancing aside, I think we need more elemental towers. However, the problem with earth is that which resist would defend against it? Would ice be the same as lightning resistance-wise? What the apprentice doesn't have is something that deals poison damage, so that would be a good suggestion.

Interesting ideas nonetheless. Even if it probably won't get used, some ideas may stick in dev's heads and could be applied in the future.

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