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Extra map DU... how?

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So two friends and I played with the Jester on Aqua... and suddenly we noticed we had an extra 10 DU.

Later playing on Kings, with NO jesters... the same thing happened on one round. Suddenly we had 125 DU.

So... how does this happen? I thought it was the Wheel in Aqua but that isn't one of it's listed effects and nobody was playing Jester on Kings. Maybe presents? Anyone else see this?

I want! :)

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What is a tile effect? Never heard of it before, can't find anything on the Wiki or Google.

I am intrigued. :)

Also relieved.. I went through my screenshots, SURE I had taken one and couldn't find any with extra DU. Started to fear I was just seeing things. Glad to know it's a real effect!

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