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DunDef Digest 7/25/12 Discussion Thread

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Our Gift to You

The Jester is approaching.

We're two weeks away from her arrival, so we figured now would be the perfect time to talk about her towers. She has three tower types, each one a different size of Present: Small (1 DU), Medium (2 DUs) and Large (3 DUs). The higher-quality Presents are more likely to yield high-end rewards. That can include a random powerful Tower given to you for less DUs than normal (whatever the DUs of the original Present), loot, mana or various long-lasting explosion and gas effects. Stay tuned next week for an in-depth look at her abilities and arsenal.

In other Jester pack news, Etherian Gameland is rechristened. Meet The King’s Game. Experience this gravity-defying living chessboard, along with the Jester, four new weapons and a male Jester costume on August 8.

But wait, we haven’t even revealed the best part about this pack. You’ll be getting all of this for the low, low price of free. Free. One more time: Free.

Console News Update

Our development team blacksmiths are forging away at the console patch. Here’s the quick patch list so far:

- Insane+ difficulty mode: Details below
- New Level Cap: 90!
- PS3 freezing issues (including the DLC freezing issues) resolved
- Aquanos XP earning fixed
- Shards III pets & weapons added

In Insane+, you’ll encounter enemies with 5x Enemy HP (including Bosses) and 4x Enemy Damage. You’ll earn 3x the amount of XP. Dropped loot can generate up to twice as powerful in almost all stat types. Loot can have level 90 requirements, too. To access the new difficulty mode, choose "Next Difficulty" with Insane selected, and it changes to Insane+. As a reminder, this is provided for free in the patch.

We’re aiming to release the patch and Shards IV DLC to Microsoft and Sony by the end of the month. To those curious if the Crystalline Dimension will be coming to consoles, the answer is a resounding yes. Both the Crystalline Dimension and the new Boss Rush mode will be available for you to play. We’ll have more details soon.

But that’s not all. We have an extra treat for our console fans this week.

Trendy Friday Fun: Insane+ Sneak Peek

This Friday, get a sneak peek at the new console difficulty! From 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. EDT, we’re tackling the new difficulty mode on our Twitch channel. And it’s up to you to vote for the maps we’ll be playing on! Our voting polls will go live sometime Thursday on our Facebook page and in the Console Discussion forums. Be sure to vote in both!

Meet the Trendy Team: Josh Isom

In the latest installment of the Meet The Trendy Team series, intern Matt Arnold interviews Josh Isom, community manager at Trendy Entertainment, about his experience at Trendy, how he began working in the gaming industry, and more.

Hey, Josh. Can you tell me about yourself?

Sure! My name is Josh Isom. I’m 21 years old. I’m a journalism senior at the University of Florida. I love NBC Thursdays. I have a major crush on Ruth Wilson. I wish people were nicer to each other. I believe video games are a near-perfect platform for storytelling. (I still think books are better.) I wish I could live in Murakami’s version of our world. I’m saddened by the portrayal of women in video games. I can’t remember the last time I went a week without eating fast food. I would let Matt Damon do terrible things to me.

How long have you been the community manager at Trendy Entertainment?

I’ve been a community manager here for seven months, but I’ve been with the company doing community management support for a year. When our former (and sexier) community manager, Justin Danford, left to chase other pursuits in January, Jeremy and Phil asked if I wanted to join the team and get paid and everything. I’m totally making bank now, as you can tell by my ‘98 Chevy Malibu. 13-inch spinnas, y’all.

Is this your first job in the gaming industry?

Yep! I went to college to become a video game journalist, but somewhere along the way that changed. I’m very grateful to be given this opportunity. I’ve never had a job so challenging or fulfilling before.

How long have you been playing video games? What are your all-time favorite games?

I’ve had a video game system in my house since I was born. I don’t remember the first time I played a game, but the earliest memory in my life was calling someone a b**** in DuckTales on the NES. Good times.

I really love Dungeon Defenders. I honestly do. I feel awkward when I try to get my friends to play it because I feel like I’m pressuring them to play a game that I work on. Other than Dungeon Defenders, I love the Halo series. Halo was where I first experienced video game hype. My obsession for Reach news almost ruined my relationship with my girlfriend. I’ve learned to calm it down since then. (But Halo 4 is just around the corner. Eek!)

There’s a special place in my heart for The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. I challenge anyone to find a 1080p video of The Wind Waker and tell me that it’s not the most beautiful game ever made. It’s a living, breathing cartoon. Link’s eyes and the way they emote expression still makes me giddy.

As a community manager, what are some of your daily tasks?

Im in charge of many things: our official forums, Facebook page, Twitter account, our Steam forums, the IRC chatroom, live events on Twitch, community events, event rewards, lost player data and email support. I’m very grateful to have LauraWantsaCow and IceArrow on team, who help me tackle the workload. I couldn’t do a fourth of my daily tasks without their support, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how much I appreciate their efforts. I couldn’t ask for two stronger or more capable workers.

I’m also in charge of moderating the moderators. (Who watches the watchmen? Me. That’s who.) And I oversee the community-hosted events.

What are your favorite aspects of community management? Why?

I love that I get paid to have meaningful conversations about what I love most: video games. I love the freedom of my job. I love that I get to take the feedback from the community and turn it into something tangible in the game. I just wish I had more time in the day to do everything I want to do.

Based on what you’ve experienced so far, is community management what you expected it to be?

At first, no. During my first month as community manager, I had to break some pretty tough news to our console fans. I was pretty depressed about that for awhile.

But since then, it’s been almost exactly like I wanted it to be.

In the office, who do you coordinate with the most? What departments do you interact with on a daily/weekly basis?

I work with every department in the office -- marketing, development, QA, art, level design, corporate and, of course, the community team. It’s my job to be as knowledgeable about our game as possible. I take that job seriously. I work the closest with Phil, our marketing director, since our jobs have the most overlap.

How did the DunDef Digest come about? What sparked your idea to begin posting weekly updates for fans in form of this digest?

For the past decade, I’ve been reading the Bungie Weekly Update. I would run home from school on Fridays, start the dial-up process (the dreaded 56k!) and get a snack ready before diving into the update. It’s a ritual that made me a diehard Bungie fan, even when my love for Halo was hit-or-miss.

Back in October, while I was an intern I started the Forum Week in Review, where I gathered all of the biggest news and best forum posts and put them into one convenient location. I suggested that we take the idea and make it bigger, similar to the Bungie update where we revealed news through the update itself. That spawned the Dungeon Digest, which became the DunDef Digest. Our former (and sexier) community manager, Justin Danford, handled Digest duty until he left back in January.

When coming up with a community event, what process do you usually go through?

When creating a Trendy-hosted event, I think about how I would want to play the game if I didn’t have access to all the fun tools I have at my disposal. And when that fails, I look to the forums to see what people would want to play.

The last event, Raining Ogres, was inspired by a community member’s suggestion to make Ogres rain from the sky like in Raining Goblins. Unfortunately, that idea didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted it to, so I thought it’d be fun to troll people by letting our hosts spawn Ogres all over the place. Turns out, the game can’t handle 200+ Ogres spawning at once. Who knew?

As for the community-hosted events, we leave that entirely up to the creative collective of the community. To help bring people to their events, we create unique items for them to give out. It’s time-consuming, but I hope the community appreciates the effort.

How do you come up with new event weapons and items? Do members from the community contribute?

Event weapons and items spawn from the community. Laura and I make sure that these items won’t break the balance of the game before delivering them to the hosts.

Can you tell me anything about Trendy Entertainment’s next project?

Absolutely. Not.

I will say that my stomach starts to flip and my inner geek gets excited when I hear about it.

What have been some of your favorite moments while working at Trendy?

I love our company gatherings. We went to the midnight premiere of The Avengers as a team. Like Danny said in a previous Meet the Team interview, I wish we went out to lunch more often like we used to. Fun story: As soon as Danny completed his interview, I coordinated another team lunch. Once the team starts to wind down on current projects, it’ll be easier to get the gatherings going again.

What advice can you give to someone interested in pursuing a community management position in the gaming industry?

Find a major that focuses on writing. (Except English. Most English majors can’t use a comma properly, and it’s frustrating.) A community manager’s main task is writing. If you can’t communicate properly, nobody is going to hire you. Journalism is a great major for this. It teaches the most important rule of communicative writing: accuracy. People rely on you for accurate information. You cannot afford to be wrong. Plus, journalism teaches concise writing. Short, simple sentences are the clearest way of sharing information.

Community managers need to be the biggest contributor to a community, so find a community that you’re interested in and participate. Write positive articles based on that community or find exemplary members to interview. These are perfect for a portfolio.

Practice your social media management. Start a community blog and develop a Facebook and Twitter following for it.

Most importantly, develop positive relationships. This is the most critical part of community management. People need to like you, they need to be able to interact with you, and they need to feel valued by you. This is a great rule for life in general. Like Conan O’Brien said, “Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get, but if you work really hard, and you’re kind, amazing things will happen.”

Community Calendar

Check out the Community Calendar for all upcoming events on PC, 360 and PS3. If you’d like to host a livestream, giveaway or event of your own, click the Add Event button on the right-hand side!


7/25 - 7/29 -- Ice's Delicious Livestream Event
7/26 - 7/27 -- [Trendy Sponsored] The Toxic Empire Saga Events (Win Captain Isom, the awesome unicorn pet seen above!)


7/27 -- Trendy Friday Fun: Insane+ Sneak Peek!
7/28 -- [Trendy Sponsored] Meanwhile at The Legion of Doom Events


7/27 -- Trendy Friday Fun: Insane+ Sneak Peek!
7/27 to 7/29 -- [Trendy Sponsored] Etheria’s Super Events

Creations of the Week

Have something neat you'd like to share? Send it cool to contest[at]trendyent.com with the subject "DunDef Screenshot"! Be sure to include your forum username or Steam username in the email. Our favorites will appear in future Digests!

Photos courtesy of MiniMinhMo

Courtesy of euromikeym1

Until next time,

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What weapons will the jester use, as i would love to use one instead of my monk for dps

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I am very excited to see insane+ Friday!
3x the XP :D

Question: will we get more patch notes any time soon? Within the next week in console discussion? Or will we get more updates in next weeks digest?

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Please, I will give you my monies just give us the patch. Here take it, I'm throwing it at my computer, TAKE IT!

I hope I won't be playing CS GO before the patch comes out.

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Im a little disapointed about Jester towers i think she should have chess peice towers not crappy pressents
She better eb a good DPS ie 2 pets+Weapon and no pet nerf on them!:)

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Wow, free. You don't owe these people anymore. You've already given them everything.

"Not everything..."

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I think a note is missing: Pro mode added to consoles ;D

I agree. If it is not added, I will not play this game ever again. And I'm not alone, my wife, my brother and everyone I play this game with agrees.

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Freezing issues being fixed! Thanks Trendy! Once I see that Patch go up and it fixes all the freezing, I will definitely be buying the Shards III and IV DLC.

Any news if we are going to get a Pro Mode or Invest All button for upgrading? Sucks having to sit there for half an hour to upgrade one item.

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Well sure, PC has nightmare, but there's also no clear stepping stone from Insane to NM. They are not equal by any means. I was just curious if this meant the inclusion of a possible stepping stone into NM.

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[QUOTE]But wait, we havent even revealed the best part about this pack. Youll be getting all of this for the low, low price of free. Free. One more time: Free.[/QUOTE]

Doth mine eyes deceive me?

Great digest all around, I enjoyed the Meet The Trendy Team. :)

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