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DD: Second Wave Removed from Google Play Store [Update: 1/10/13]

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This is an option that I thought was obvious to all Android developers that upload there apps on to Google Play.


The page says at one point "Google Play hosts your application's expansion files at no additional cost. When possible, Google Play will download these files whenever it installs or updates your app.".

However I am happy Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave is available on Humble Bundle. (With some online play glitches)

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Second Wave will not be coming back to the Google Play Store. Read this week's Digest for more information.

You do realize that there is more than one app store for the Android OS, right? I've got both Play and the Amazon droid store...So maybe explore some other app stores before throwing your hands up?

(Feeling a lil abandoned)

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Does this affect the ability to play the game? Because I am getting a problem starting it up.

game starts then crashes immediately. On my Galaxy Note 2 I get the error:

"Unfortunately, Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave has stopped.

Sometimes the game goes into the video intro but then shows a perpetual black screen from then on.

Any way to get some support?

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