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Several Chars a must? no need for apprentice anymore?

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I have been playing for about 100 Hours now and have a main lvl 80 apprentice, with some ok stats.
But because of the lack of open good games (or lots of kicks during connection process) i have started lvlving up a summoner and ev to help me out on solo games. But of course their equipment is not very good, no myst etc. (about 100-200 stats for towers).

I dont have s squire yet but everywhere i go, everyone just wants squires with 2000+ to build or monks or high summoners, even though i have about 1000+ points for towers with my apprentice and my towers can do quite good i think.

I can do magus NM Survival up to about 15/17 but no hardcore etc. for long.

Whats your guys advice to proceed?
Try to get apprentice up to lvl 90 (have all dlcs, location advice?), or push one of the other chars?
Do i really need to also create a squire and monk to have a good chance building up in solo games?
or a designatet close combat dd?

And aquanos i cannot solo lvl good myself because there is too much mana "lost".

I would be very happy for any advice or help and also if someone could maybe help me ingame.

Thx @ all

P.S. I can go into crystal but only on medium. Propaply because I finished the campaign on medium. How will difficulty be changed in the "warp portal" if i finish it on easy or hard?

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To get far in nightmare multiple chars are a must, the more chars you have the better. When it comes down to it, apprentice is still a good character to have, fireballs can be just as good or even better than harpoons in most situations, magic bariers and magic missles can also have several uses in nightmare builds.

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NM, at the very minimum really requires 3 builders

A squire or apprentice
Aura monk

EV and summoner are good to have, and you will find yourself many times wishing you have a squire if you have only an app (and the other way round ofc).

The only reason I dont use mage towers very much, is that I like to see what I'm doing. If/when trendy makes the projectiles less eye bleedingly over the top (which is also a major FPS issue on my machine), I will have no issues with them.


Levels mean nothing past 74.

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I myself dont use my squire at all.
the first thing i would do is level both ev and summoner to 74
Ether by Glitter, Aqua , Sky city on insane. I would do the same for a hunter and 2 monks. One with aura stats and one with Hero Stats.

So now you have
80 App,
74 EV
74 Summoner
74 Monk X2
74 Hunter

Now stat wise i would say the Monk and the Summoner are the most important. With the aura monk make sure you have plenty of range.

the app also needs pretty decent stats, The hunter however is not so important, You will mainly use it for gasstraps so that the Shakens wont push your walls, and things get clogged.

In your situation i would run Insane Aqua Survival for a good seahorse and some mediocre drops.
And insane sky city for a decent monk wrench. Now after you have done that you are more then ready for misty on nightmare. Just run the map and loot all the chests it bound to have some decent drops.
And if you can beat the spider queen you could start farming survival on this map.

You are playing solo so you will need most of the chars with the squire as exeption harpoons are overrated :P.

Some general hints.
Use str drain,shock and slow aura's on your monk.
Since you have the summoner you wont need many towers and aura's generaly deal with wyverns So focus on aura's traps and walls (unless you use minion walls)
Place walls and minions on buffbeams
Place gasstraps well away from your wall but inside your shock and STR drain aura.
When you Struggle with the difficulty Get on your DPS char (monk) and focus on clearing clogs and killing ogres instead of staying on your builder. Hero and tower boost are awesome

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Ok, Understand.

Leveling the ones to 74 is no problem, getting decent equipment propably more. But then maybe on nightmare some may fall down...
I mean power leveling the others to 74 is just a time issue.
So i will try to get used to the other cahrs and then improve their equipment with some myth stuff i can find...
and then insane survival runs.

So the seahorse is the pet of your advice? I have some neat dragons and a giraffe.
But if seahorse is better i will better try to get one.


And i am still open to more advise.
Or then addings on steam/ invites for playing.
seergaming is my name there too...

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Well there are plenty of awesome pets.
The seahorse seems to have a tonn of dps tho and even on insane you can find one with more as 200 upgrades.
The main reason for this being that once you have it on a monk and hero boost you will kill the ogres pretty fast. and on nightmare there are alot of ogres

I also like a Djinlet but only for the first few rounds for some extra mana
a Monkey is fun and pretty decent but dps wise it loses to a seahorse.

If you need some starting myths you could always try to join a monster fest The gear that drops on the map is not that great and usualy the people are prettie leanient about letting someone with low stats stay ( if you do it on your summoner i guess you could phase shift and be impossible to be killed) usualy peopel who run monster fest want you to help upgrade and to not die. If you dont have myths this could be a place to look. Ask if it is okay to pick up some gear seeing as there is so much of it, however the best gear is gained as reward for compleating the challange

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I think aura monk, huntress and EV are the minimum you need besides your apprentice to be able to finish most of the survivals. DPS monk (not initiate) and summoner really make life easier, so those are nice to have too. For power leveling, try servants quarters survival nm hc. Gives 2-4m xp per wave solo, with 4 -players can go up to 5m per wave but the mob count goes up to 4400. Good luck with the progression :)

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And aquanos i cannot solo lvl good myself because there is too much mana "lost".

Get a genie or djinlet. This helps get quick mana for upgrade. Personally, I prefer genie because you can stay safely away from the mob behind barrier (you are not exposed to DEW...).

Having a dps monk with good tower boost (dmg x2 at 700, x3 at 2800) can also helps a lot compensate for missing upgrade. Very useful to help cleaning-up clogs.

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Apprentice isn't useless in Nightmare, I still use Lightning Towers but I'm probably biased to them since they're my favorite tower in the game. A harpoon and fireball combo is a good way to save 1 du as well!

But like others have said, yes, you will need multiple builders for survival. I have a full caste of everyone but like everyone says, you're gonna need at least a squire for harpoon spam, monk for auras, and in my opinion an EV for buff beams and reflects.

A trapper isn't really essential but gas traps work a lot better than they should especially when you have a fireball tower decongesting them, and thus I would say a trapper is a huge benefit to have. Inferno traps are nice to synergize with elec auras and proxies are pretty awesome in the right spots too. I would also consider the Summoner critical to a crew too to counter both spiders and Chopper ogres. The best counter to choppers I've found is a lot of archers + an ensnare aura. Makes them a non-issue!

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