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Team etheria pvp tournament!!!!

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TEAM ETHERIA welcomes you to our first pvp tournament. Only serious players apply. Entry requirements are as follows:
1. Lvl 70 req. Players or higher
2. Must have legitimate Event pet for entry fee!
3. Mic please!
4. Can use any player any weapon of choice as long as they meet req. 1.

Upon entering each player drops pet we play event and reentering the tavern I will pick up pets and give them to winner. Players may drop out at the completion of each round no sooner. For those that wish to go on we ask you put all winnings up for next round. Top Dog takes it all! This is a enter at your own risk tournament we are asking you stay professional( no crying to mommy in the background that the bad man on t.v. is giving you a spanking).

Tournament begins next Friday night ( 8/3/12) starting at 7 central.. Sign-up here for invite from:

Hope to see you there.

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Acceptable pets for entry fee:
Laser robot
Sgt. Jumbo
Kryt Jr.
The Mentor
A 'lil Carnage

We ask that when you sign-up you put not only PSN name but pet you will be entering. Thank you. Other pets may be considered.

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legit...this sounds not

Check under the name I have been part of this community for a long time. I am well know even by most host but I am simply a means of transfer. I have one of every pet which is all I need. Dupes are to be settled amongst players. This is my first event hoping for good turnout so please keep negativity to yourself.

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Shirley got banned lmao

Anyway, GL dealyn, u r obsessed wit pvp heh

Had to start with pvp of course, but promise to do regular maps especially after patch. You will not be waging your own pets in future events. You have to admit it makes people play harder and thats what i like to see. Future maps will be just for fun but this one was meant for sport.

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