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Team carnage events week two sign up

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This pvp event will be monks and squires only. Find the smallest weapon u can get. Upgrade maximum 50 no towers are allowed u get two warnings then your out but wont be kicked but if u win it will not count. Difficulty medium. Place your.pick you must decide between yourselfs. Days will be monday tuseday and if u missed, wensday or thursday. Time 12-6 pm
Whoever wins the pvp of the one lobby will win the prize.
Hosts for next week:
sign up ends on sunday

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psn:iCauseMayham: I'm not in Carnage, but i will like to be, and if you can join this event without being in Carnage i want in it, but if you can't can i join carnage?

DPS:80 Tower: 58

DPS: 80 Tower: 71

DPS:72 Tower: 75

DPS: 16 Tower: 75

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