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Survival mode Questions

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Its working whit no glitches and frezee?
How much its take?
How much take an girrafe run?
In What Difficulty is better to play?
In What map is the best to run?
im on wave 14 on forge and foundys.

This is my first try to get into 20+ waves

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Yes, it's working, but I've never observed glitches and freezing in survival at all so i can't tell you if it's gone for you. If you have a low spec machine, you can expect it won't have changed much.

Survival length has been significantly reduced- both the base number of enemies and how much more there are with more people has been decreased.

How long depends entirely on the map and what wave you start at. Several patches ago the ability to start on any wave you've completed previously (with additional starting mana so you can build a complete setup) was added. So if you have appropriate stats, you can start on a higher wave and save a significant amount of time.

The best difficulty to play is the hardest one you can play to wave 20+. Playing survival on a low difficulty won't generate good rewards no matter how far you get.

What map is best for you depends on your stats, so I can't tell you without knowing what builders you have with what stats. For people only beginning in survival, Magus Quarters or Alchemical Laboratory is a good place to start.

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