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(Team Carnage) event sign up week 1

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We are hosting a event on Monday if your interested post your Psn name we are hosting 1pm to 4pm cst

Hosts: shotdown01 BMXBRO85 DarkAssassin103

We are adding more hosts now but we are doing pvp events and reg map events

If you have any questions ask shotdown01 or LORD-OF-FIRE0406

official list
shotdown01 DarkAssassin103
____________________________ __________________________________

Filiwaiian xxdddragonxx infinete AMONKEY890
tyreik_123 DrFernandoBBS ImALaZyBum2
MR-GIOVI shemwell99 J-O-N-N
NiNjA_shAnka REBELWADE12 ktiss13
mw3atmyhouse blue_tiger321
zeus2143 Flameingpheonix
o-huang DEALYN422
bugs-son-dj da_dragon_82
tyexclusive urgunnad1e
extintion84 KILLiNG1MACHiNE

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