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Meet The Trendy Team - Rodrigo Lizarraga

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In this second Meet The Trendy Team interview, our community intern, Matt Arnold, speaks with Rodrigo Lizarraga, multimedia designer at Trendy Entertainment, about his job, electronic music and more.

Hey, Rodrigo. First off, can you tell us about yourself?
"Hi! My name is Rodrigo Lizarraga, multimedia designer here at Trendy, and I like turtles."

Is this your first job in the gaming industry?
"No, I worked as a UI/graphic designer at Ignition Studios."

What brought you to Trendy?
"I used to work with Jeremy [Stieglitz] and a few others at Ignition. They needed a graphic designer again for this new company, Trendy Entertainment, and contacted me. Been here ... two years now!"

When it comes to working as a multimedia designer, what are some of your daily tasks?
"The fun part about my job is that I get to dip my hand in all sorts of things. I work on nearly every single piece of marketing material that we pump out for Dungeon Defenders. One day I'll be doing assets for Xbox Live, Steam or PSN; another day I'll be working on the trailer for our latest DLC. Currently, I am working on the in-game 2D cinematics for the fourth Eternia Shard DLC!"

Any hobbies you enjoy doing while not at work?
"I DJ around town a lot. It's a fun hobby, a good creative outlet, and I get paid to do it!"

I noticed that you do graphics-related work for local clubs and electronic artists on the side. How does your passion for electronic music manifest itself in these projects?
"I'm a pretty hardcore EDM snob, and the type/style of music that the artist plays helps inspire how I visually design for them."

What computer programs do you typically use for your work?
"I wouldn't have a job without the entire Adobe suite of products. Mostly Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere. <3 Adobe."

Finally, based on your experiences while working at Trendy, what advice do you have for those interested in becoming multimedia designers in the gaming industry?
"The key is to be a jack of all trades when it comes to this kind of job. I know the Adobe product line better than my own name!"

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