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Faking a smile isn't that hard
It's easy if you do it right
All you have to do is
Rehearse it every night
Remind yourself of good times
Before you felt the pain
Find your happy place
And get out of the rain
Lie to yourself
And all your friends
All you have to do is
Close your eyes and pretend
Tell yourself your beautiful
Kill off all the hate
Make yourself happy
Before you meet your fate
So show that stunning smile
Even if it's fake
Blush and giggle and love
Before you finally break
But if it was that easy
Would you still be so sad
If lying worked that well
Would your depression be this bad?

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i only have one comment (Hope the image is OK with Selah lol)
Ahahah! yes, yes it is! I am glad you liked it enough to use it. xD

That baby is so cute!

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