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Spanish Transalation WTF!!! URGENT ACTION NEEDED!

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First of all I think this translation should have been optional, since I was very used to the level names and GUI after 8 months of playing this game. Anyways, no big deal, its just a matter of getting used to.

But one think that I think deserves an important attention is the translation itself, there were some interpretation facts involved on the translation. I didn't have a chance to look at all the changes but one that really make me mad is the translation for the challenge "Zippy Terror", now since there is no real translation for Zippy this level could have been named "Terror Energico" which would be a sort of "Rush Terror" or even better "Terror Kamikaze", but no, this level is called "Como musulmanes"("AS ISLAMICS"), which is DISGUSTING!!! This obviously makes reference to terrorist groups that send "People" as kamikazes; this people are usually young and even Childrens!, that dedicate their life to kill other people. Now making fun of this is no near funny; Not to mention the fact that the ISLAMICS are being treated as ALL suicidal people which is not true.

I'm not near the Islam religion and do not share their traditions, but I do realize this is serious and should be treated as such.
I'm hoping this will be remediated INMEDIATELLY and the rest of the translations (Not only the spanish) should be reviewed by professional translators; as the way these translations are being made to save some bucks could result on loosing way more (You know what I mean)


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This is crazy...
I dont know how TE does the Translation, sometimes it seems like they are using google...xD
Lets hope they will change this soon,

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Wow ... having modified the french translation I'm also sad reading this. But maybe Ryo567's modifed files were for his personnal use at first and he forgot to change this ?
As my french modified translation was done for the whole french community I can swear there is nothing that could have any impact like this. There is nothing that have a link to religion, racism, insults or to copyrights.

But I am also surprised to see the translation have not been checked before beeing uploaded publicly.

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Trendy should at least have a spread sheet of the words in game that needs to translated and have the community do translating.

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Trendy should at least have a spread sheet of the words in game that needs to translated and have the community do translating.

that is a great idea
surely the community could very quickly get it done at no cost to trendy

ok we want a new map, it's got to be a big one for 6 players, with lots of trees. maybe like a forest and different snaking paths to the cores and shafts of lights hitting the ground and all kind of wildlife sounds.

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As Ryo567 didn't post his files on this forum I don't know if someone other than him checked his files
For me, my files have been done on november 2011 and posted on 3 differents sites so I can have some advices. I've done it publicly since the beggining.

Maybe you shall check the files before uploading, at least if it's a one man made translation.

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I'm a native Spanish speaker.
I can help if needed.
Feels good to give back something for this awesome game.

Sent from my GT-I9000B using Tapatalk 2

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that is great. if they posted the english list we can have members work on the different ones. maybe create a thread per language with a list of text that needs translating. members can work on it and a moderator can monitor progress and maintain a latest/final list as a first post everyone can work off for that language. this has added advantage that a group of members get to come to some agreement as to what the translation should be. so it don't run into problem. since some words in like spanish mean slightly different things in one spanish speaking country and in another spanish speaking country. and the same holds true for any language.

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Will fix immediately. Sorry, should have had the community check a fan-made Translation before incorporating it.
It would be nice and helpful to let other players re-read new translations. The new German one wasn't that bad (even it neither covered the main problems nor more than around 40% of the text) but there still are a few mistakes and some periphrasis wouldn't be necessary in German. It would be much easier to review a new translation BEFORE it is included (afterwards is always like being a smart-arse if there are only small mistakes made).

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i take it that DungeonDefenders-Translation-Project / INT is where the original english version is

if not where...

one thing to do is put the english text next to the spanish text and make sure they are saying the same thing

that way it's faster than starting from scratch

also there is like a lot of them, so i guess one can start from top to bottom or maybe from base game to dlcs

finally, proper names should be left alone, not translated.

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Take your time and please contact Ryo567 for the spanish files. It's the guy who done the spanish files modification that came with the 7.36 patch. (I understand a little spanish as I'm studying it, but I would prefer somenone other than me to check the files)
If someone want to help with the german files, please check here : http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?64294-German-Translation/
For the french files, contact me.

Don't forget we will pool the files here : https://github.com/smeeckaert/DungeonDefenders-Translation-Project

If you wants to work on ITA files or if you wants to add another language, please contact me also with a part of the work done.

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for example in Arabia_Weapons

Crysknife of the Efreet -> Baratija del Efreet

is totally incorrect

Baratija is trinket or cheap good which is certainly not a Crysknife which is something from Dune

Efreet -> Efreet

is also not correct

an Effreet is in popular culture a Genie or in spanish Genio not Efreet

so it should be more like

Crysknife of the Efreet -> Crysknife de el Genio


Crysknife of the Efreet -> Crysknife del Genio

since Efreet is Genio and Crysknife is a fictitious object as far as i can tell has no translation.

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Please contact Ryo567 or another spanish talking guy to correct files that needs correction. It will certainly be quicker and safer if you work with somenone. ;)

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im Peruvian, i have fully understanding about spanish and high reading/writing english. I can help whit it, and yeah that "islamic" thing was very serious and racist. Hopefully got fixed.

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i was thinking also how to make it better, more consistent for each language we should make a list of words that we will always translate to the same thing

for example

for example the english word should always be translated to the word Crysknife

and the english word Efreet should always be translated to Genio

that provides consistency, it would be a nightmare is we call the same thing by different names when the english translated uses a single word

the lookup list should also make translating easier since after a translation is agreed to once and then it's almost search and replace.

the other benefit is members working on translations don't have to lookup the rarely used word again and again on the web to see wtf it is

i mean i didn't know what an Efreet was, i had to look it up and see it was a Genie when I had that i could translate to Genio.

maybe someone can argue what it may not be Genio but something else, but once we agree on what it it then it should be easy Efreet -> x, where x in this case is Genio

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i downloaded the files and "Como musulmanes" is in a number of places

Search "musulmanes" (4 hits in 3 files)
W:\dev\dd\ESN\DunDefPlayers.ESN (2 hits)
Line 452: AchievementEntries[25]=(AchievementName="Kiko Matamoros",AchievementDescription="Has completado el desaf Como musulmanes en dificultad normal")
Line 460: AchievementEntries[33]=(AchievementName="Koto Matamoros",AchievementDescription="Has completado el desaf Como musulmanes en dificultad demencial")
W:\dev\dd\ESN\UDKGame.ESN (1 hits)
Line 352: CampaignLevelEntries[19]=(LevelFriendlyName="Desaf: Como musulmanes",LevelDescription="Prepate para unas oleadas de Kobolds Kamikazes que se inmolar contra tu cristal. Crees que podr pararlos?")
W:\dev\dd\ESN\UDKGame_Mobile.ESN (1 hits)
Line 316: CampaignLevelEntries[12]=(LevelFriendlyName="Desaf: Como musulmanes",LevelDescription="Prepate para unas oleadas de Kobolds Kamikazes que se inmolar contra tu cristal. Crees que podr pararlos?")

i am now able to read the translation and i can see that it is extremely inappropriate and offensive and incorrect to use. i can't think how someone in their right mind would have translated it this way. Especially in a game rated E for Everyone. It surely needs to be replaced ASAP! before you make the news or get people really upset and hurt your sales and image or worse, like get yourself in legal trouble or banned in some countries or boycotted or worse.

also, i don't know if there are other offensive or inappropriate translation and it will take time for the community to go through the files. all this time while being exposed.

Terror in english is Terror in spanish

and Zippy is a proper name of the mob


Zippy Terror should be Zippy Terror

no need to have done anything else

i think Trendy meant to use Zippy as a proper name. one never translates proper names!

now if Zippy mean zippy like very fast the translation is to engico


Engico Terror does not sound as good as Zippy Terror in spanish!

or i guess

Terror de el Zippy


Terror del Zippy

but i don't think that is what the authors mean, they mean the name Zippy of those little mobs with red bombs on their back that walk around until they find you then light up and run at you until they blow up.

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I am just shocked and amazed by this whole thing. 1) That some sick person would even try to sneak this by; and 2) That Trendy trusts their community members this much to put it into the game like that.

Shame on whoever did this, obviously.

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ok here is how i would have translated

Complete/d can be complete, concluido, completar, completado, complet completa, completada, terminado, terminar, completada, realizar, acabar, acabado, afinar, cumplido, absoluto, pleno, entero

but we can eliminate a number of them and we have to keep in mind that spanish is sort of a sexist language, which has feminine and masculine versions of the same words depending if the person is male or female and most other words are masculine or feminine based on who society used to think the thing or action, ect was associated with. but where possible we should try to use translation that could apply to both male and/or female and if that is not possible then default to the one that sounds best.

AchievementEntries[25]=(AchievementName="Speed Freak",AchievementDescription="Completed Zippy Terror on at least Medium Difficulty")

AchievementEntries[25]=(AchievementName="Monstruo de la velocidad",AchievementDescription="Concluido el Zippy Terror al menos Mediano Dificultad")

if you wanted a short version (which i prefer)

AchievementEntries[25]=(AchievementName="Velocidad Monstruo",AchievementDescription="Concluido el Zippy Terror al menos Mediano Dificultad")

comments please any better suggestions.

also this adds to translation list

Zippy -> Zippy
terror -> terror
completed -> concluido
Medium Difficulty -> Mediano Dificultad
difficulty -> dificultad
on at least -> al menos

which is not always going to work, but should work most times and it adds consistency

so when you see in english Medium Difficulty you should always use Mediano Dificultad in spanish, unless it really breaks things

again if we agree to the translation (mapping)

is now we know that for each mob we need a name

and for each difficulty we need a translation

and then all the text for that difficulty will have the same word and it almost search and replace

so what do we have for difficulties

Easy -> Fil
Medium -> Mediano
Hard -> Duro
Insane -> Insano
Nightmare -> Pesadilla

maybe we should translate replace Medium as Normal (same word in english/spanish)

and we should translate the list of mobs

Dark Elf Archer -> Oscuro Elfo Arquero
Dark Elf Mage -> Oscuro Elfo Mago
Wyvern -> Wyvern
Spider -> Ara
Djinn -> Djinn
Goblin - > Duende
Orc -> Orco
Kobold -> Duende (or Gnomo)
Dark Elf Warrior -> Oscuro Elfo Guerrero
Skeleton -> Esqueleto
Sharken -> Sharken (since proper name)
Boss -> Jefe
Ogre -> Ogre (or Ogro)
Mini-Ogre -> Mini-Ogre (same for both or Mini-Ogro)
Demon Lord -> Dios Demonio
Goblin Mech -> Duende Mecanismos
Ancient Dragon -> Antiguo Drag
Spider Queen -> Reina Ara
Genie King -> Rey Genio
Kraken -> Crujido (Kraken is proper name)
Mega Snowman -> Mega Muco de Nieve
Mega Turkey -> Mega Pavo (or Mega Guajolote)
Mega Cupid -> Mega Cupido
Goblin Airship -> Aeronave Glolin

of i forgot Zippy is not their name, although that is what i call them, they are Kobold so it should have been in spanish Kobold

Terror Kobold (terror is terror in both english and spanish)

or more formal

Terror de Kobold

we don't use del or de el since it's a proper name and we dont say "of the Jeremy" we say "of Jeremy" we say del (masculine) / de el (masculine) or de ella (feminine) or de la (feminine) when we mean like a thing like house->casa, de la cases since house is like associated with feminine (hey i didn't come up with this spanish is a sexist language)

if not proper name then kobold is duende or diablillo or trasgo or gnomo

which would be Terror Gnomo (since they look like gnomes to me! and not like diablo)

also is Sharken and Kraken formal names is so they should not be translated

also for the mob names i was not 100% since they are like words and things i don't normally use. so it will take some googling to comfirm that that is indeed the creature we see, but it should be fairly close since i did so some checking to make sure it was the likely, maybe some mistake

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Depeer Well (once known as "Pozo profundo")is now "Hasta el Fondo" ("to the/into the deep"?Really?). When "Hasta el fondo" is read by a spanish speaker, it sounds like a cheap Porn Movie. Yeah, a Porn Movie. Probably involving donkeys. So, the spent time on changing already loosely well translated titles using new confusing terms to the player, instead of translating The whole Eternia DLC, the Mobs, or even the explanations on certain characters abilities or their presentation during the character creation (The summoner is still presented in english).
And i Agree proper names shouldn't be translated (I think that is a pretty basic translation rule).
I think there is plenty of people willing to help. Its not Trendy Fault, because I believe they didnt feel like the game needed a translation. It was more like incorporating the work of somebody else to the whole community, for the benefit of all of us. It's just the incorporation came a bit late, and being far from perfect, the complaints are understandable.

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