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Take a look at DD_Forest1 before uploading on the Github project. It seems to have changed yesterday (13/05 at 9:04 AM [french hour]).
Steam doesn't seem to have registered any DunDef file download, a little strange but why not as it's really little : only a few text files.

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We have had several translation passes on German and no one can seem to get it right. Localization files are open in your games directory. If you have the latest version of the game and want to do German translations, we are more then welcome to add it to the game and toss you some DLC along with it.

We are adding a recently completed French translation to the main game as well.

Translations for the configuration tool will have to be done at a later time.

Yeah thats really nice to say. Its impossible to change the launcher Buttons from the localization files, also I did the whole translation till Cliff City. Only thing I asked for was beeing on the Betateam, which I did not since the Betateamcoordinator didnt think I fit into his Betateam.

Beeing superclose to english was not the intention.

P.S.: Everflame mit "Ewige/s Flamme/Feuer" ersetzten wo isn da das Problem?

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